Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy Remastered

  • Now that the GTA Trilogy has been announced with a trailer, what are your thoughts about it? Personally I am glad these three excellent games are receiving a proper upgrade-no more of that mobile port rubbish they pulled with San Andreas and its transition to Xbox 360. It'll take more than a visual boost to make me care, I want to see overhauled targeting and missions that do away with strict time limits. Here's the trailer:

    Youtube Video

  • Really excited for this, as long as there's not like fatal problems like performance issues or buggy/unpolishedness then it's probably a near day one buy for me. I'm particularly curious about the improved controls and such. The graphics look great to me, especially San Andreas, but I'm most excited for Vice City because I never really played much of that one.

  • GTA 4 and 5 suck ass so the fact that they included this in Xbox Game pass is literally the only they will get me to play this.

    are these as juvenille as 4 & 5 were? i refuse to buy the game outright on any platform until i try it out myself first.

  • @yoshi Could you define juvenile when it comes to GTA? Personally I think GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas were about sandbox destruction and mayhem and there's not so much dumbness in them. GTA 3 you had Claude who is silent and goes on missions for a range of characters who aren't annoying or attention-grabbing. Although in Vice City Tommy Vercetti is voiced by Ray Liotta, the game has an emphasis on destruction unlike any other game in the series and Tommy takes no shit. San Andreas can get a bit silly and stupid, so perhaps that one might not be to your liking, but only you know for sure.

  • Good that's coming for Game Pass cause I wouldn't touch it otherwise. I think 4 was the only one that I would buy if they did a proper job.

  • @phbz said in Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy Remastered:

    Good that's coming for Game Pass cause I wouldn't touch it otherwise.

    pretty much my thoughts

  • I'm excited to play these games again in a new light. They're some of my favorite games ever.

    @yoshi I'd say they are even more juvenille.

  • Groundbreaking video games that deserve a revisit in my mind. I’m of the opinion that these aren’t necessary remasters because they are playable on so many platforms at this point, but I’ve had issues with them on PC so I welcome modern hardware and controls to the original 3D trilogy.

    I didn’t know about Game Pass so that makes it an easier pill to swallow because I don’t think I want to revisit these games for full price. I really look forward to checking out Liberty City and Vice City again.

  • @dipset Reminds me that Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories aren't getting the same treatment :(

  • @jdincinerator Yeah, that's a shame. VCS in particular is really great.

  • They're looking good. Honestly, Rockstar did more work on the visuals than I was expecting. Also the quality of life updates like map waypoints, quick mission restarts and updated controls is nice.

    I haven't played these games in a long time so I'm interested in replaying them again.

  • @dipset
    Just a heads up only San Andras is getting a solo release via Game pass. PSNow is also getting a solo release of GTA3 around the same time.

  • You'd think that with GTA 3 getting a PS NOW release and San Andreas getting a Game Pass release-Nintendo would get Vice City, just a shame they don't have a games-based subscription service.

  • @jdincinerator
    I've been joking about that on reddit. Like imagine a week before release "hey if you got NSO+ play GTA:VC for free"

  • San Andreas is only Gamepass for Xbox not PC.

  • Also forgot to post this about this ''definitive versions: After seeing the ''Definitive Edition'' of Mafia I can't help but despise Rockstar's greedy and lazy attempt of a cash grab much more than I would already had. They have all the resources to make each game up do DATE but no! Just little effort, people will buy it anyway unfortunately.

  • @scotty

    But what does “up to date” mean? Personally, I’m happy it looks like PS2. I just want better controls. Maybe a better mini-map. Otherwise, leave the games untouched (imo).

  • I'm curious if GTA III has a map screen now.

  • @dipset

    At least 8th gen. Like Mafia I mentioned above. These games are way too old for just little touches here and there.

  • @scotty

    It’d be nice but Mafia was a full blown remake. And we know R* wouldn’t half ass a remake. Then where do you draw the line? Remake GTA 3 or do them all? Then would a faithful remake be enough or would a re-imagining be better? Then would an reimagining undermine the integrity of the original?

    Many what ifs

    I’d love that but I can live without it too.