Best GTA Missions, Characters, Radio Stations And Moments

  • I've been a huge GTA fan for as long as GTA has existed and there have been so many stellar moments in the franchise. Watching GTA leap from 2D to 3D in GTA 3 was absolutely incredible, it felt like something I had never played before, and since then GTA has become my favourite videogame franchise of all time as it has grown formidably as an industry powerhouse and juggernaut. GTA to me is the Dwayne Johnson of videogames. Anyway what missions, characters, radio stations and general moments do you love most from the GTA series?

  • Three Leaf Clover from GTA IV is probably my favorite GTA mission ever. I haven't played IV in a long time, but it still sticks in my head better than most things I seen. I still think about running through the subway tunnels, trying to escape the cops chasing you and your partners in crime.

    Flying to out of map areas are also quite memorable for me. For example, visiting Liberty City for that one mission in GTA SA, or revisiting Ludendorff as Michael in GTA V. It just feels nice to see those areas, in a fan service-y way, but also in a way that makes the game's world feel bigger than it already is.

    Shoutout to GTA Chinatown Wars for having cool unique things gameplay wise. Having a minigame for stealing cars is pretty neat, and I legitimately got addicted to the drug dealing system to the point that I didn't even progress much through the main story.

    I also remember spending a lot of time browsing the in-game internet in the GTA IV internet cafe. I guess it was a very relatable experience for me, I used to do the same thing back then since I didn't have a good internet access in my home back then, and would visit a cafe every now and then to play online games or just do school homework.