What if Bethesda announces their new game as Pokemon?

  • @Haru17 You googled it, yet you don't understand it. A meme is cultural idea that is perpetrated throughout society by means of imitation.

    First, Bethesda making a buggy mess is not an idea. It is real, gamers hate it, and we criticize it. They are known for their lack of polish.

    Secondly, criticism is not imitation. It is the feedback of the individual who played the games. I played all of the Elder Scrolls (Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim), all of the Fallouts they worked on (3 and 4), so I know what I'm talking about when I criticize their work. Ever since they went 3D with Morrowind, they have consistently had the same issues in every release.

    The Allies know what I'm talking about as they joke about Bethesda taking on Pokemon with examples, and I took their discussion and let fans get involved in the joke. There is no meme going on, just one ongoing discussion on a joke.

  • @Whoaness In terms of understanding, you should understand that memes can be based in truth. In fact, most memes are, as that makes them resonate with people (hence the emulation).

    In the case of Beth games, "bugginess" certainly is one. When I completed (and I mean completed) Skyrim, I didn't see any quest-breaking bugs. I didn't see any backwards dragons or rocket-club giants or arrows to the knee. I heard about them online. To say that Bethesda bugs aren't exacerbate by memes is crazy. I see posts to that effect on the front page of reddit every other week.

    So when you talk about "War never changes" and grittiness and Todd Howard quotes, then come back and say you've nothing to do with memes, that's... that's bullshit, man.

  • @Haru17 Okay, you're just lying at this point. No point continuing this conversation.

  • @DeweyDTruman said in What if Bethesda announces their new game as Pokemon?:

    Catching pokemon is a dialog choice


    And now I've got this image in my head of somebody just throwing pokeballs incessantly like in pokemon go or whatever, but through a VATS system.

    I think that's how the Pokemon Mods for Skyrim work. A lot of mods just function through the dialog wheel, so your take could be very accurate lol.

  • @Art said in What if Bethesda announces their new game as Pokemon?:

    I don't think the world is ready for a Pokemon game that glitchy.

    I'm late to the party but Pokemon Go proved the world IS ready for a glitchy Pokemon game. Personally, I love Bethesda glitches. Sure, they break immersion but once I saw a dragon flying backwards in the sky, my life was made complete.

  • https://www.finder.com.au/bethesda-nintendo-nx

    At this point I'd consider it a matter of when not if.

  • @TOPHATANT123 That's Bethesda Softworks, not Bethesda Game Studios specifically.

  • @Haru17

    Hey man he's just joking around. Most people who criticize Bethesda games are actually fans of them. I can't stand how something as simple as walking in their games feels choppy like the ground is full of potholes, but I appreciate the fun dialogue, great music, and spontaneity.

    This is a fun thread man. No need for hostility.

  • OT:

    In my Bethesda Polemon title, there is a major plot twist if you have good karma where you can offer Team Rocket your allegiance in which the leader quests you with doing what you have to do to steal the Pokemon from your companions in your party and hand them over to him.

    Then your own Pokemon turn on you for doing something evil and you can either tame them into submission or VATS them into oblivion.