Worst Cinema Experiences

  • Visiting the cinema should be a special and all-encompassing experience, where we can sit in front of a monolithic screen and watch a film play out in front of us in pristine visual quality, whilst our ears indulge in the rapturous notes of astounding cinematic audio. However, it's all too easy for that undeniable one-of-a-kind pleasure to unlace thanks to the blatant interruptions and ignorance of others.

    One of my personal pet peeves about going to the cinema is seeing audience members whipping out their phones during the screening, sapping the immersion of the film as they attempt to suck the enthusiasm right out of me like they do when they suck on their drinking straws slurping a Pepsi.

    Alas food and drink is another pet peeve of going to the cinema for me-if you want to eat go grab something before or after the showing, I don't necessarily take kindly to the rustle of Doritos packets or the litany of subtle sounds emanating from bloated pot-bellied porkies as they gorge down the second half of their overpriced mustard-slathered hotdog. To be honest it isn't really their fault it's the cinema's constant encouragement to go join the lobby line in hopes of expanding their beltlines.

    In terms of personal worst cinema experiences I don't have many, but I do remember some kid throwing popcorn or something at me when watching Revenge of the Sith in 2005 and I've been in packed cinemas where groups of girls speak loudly and won't shut up, but I'm sure you have many more interesting stories than I-so share away.

  • The price is offensive at this point. As far as I understand, UK, US, and Canada are all heavily monopolized with mega corporations owning the theatre market (a UK company bought the Canadian company right before the Covid-19 pandemic, so even less competition).

    I barely went to the theatre throughout most of my 20s due to the prices. I saw some movies I was really interested in like First Reformed, Birdman, Creed, and a small handful of them from 2013-2018 when I was a starving student, but that was few and far between. When I lived downtown, I could pre-drink, walk to a club with my friends, and dance and drink or listen to live music for cheaper than going to the movie theatre.


    But looks can be deceiving. You will barely find any "Standard" showtimes anymore. There is usually about 2-3 Standard showings of any given movie per day, at ridiculous times. Otherwise, you gotta pony up for "VIP" or "IMAX" or "IMAX 3D VIP SUPER ULTRA FUCK YOU GIMME MONEY"


    Tag on taxes, $6.50 subway roundtrip (or $20 Uber), popcorn or a beer. Fuck that shit. It goes A LOT more expensive than $17.50 normally too. And if the movie sucks, well screw me I guess.


    Like WTF is "ScreenX" that's a new one I haven't even seen before. There is also "Ultra AVX" "D-Box" and a few other dumb expensive tickets, yet, seemingly never a "Standard" / "Regular" showtime at a reasonable hour or price.


    Entertainment / TV / Networks / Streaming companies all seem to think their services or experiences are valuable enough to warrant me spending absorbent fees. Crave TV (Bell Media, Showtime, HBO streaming package here) is set to go up 50% in February, 2022.

    I have better ways to spend my time and money than shell out all of this money. I generally bootleg everything now (I work in TV and have no qualms with doing this) so I've already sort of spoken with my wallet when I cancelled all of these services, but generally speaking, unless it's TIFF or Hot Doc's or a really great film that I need to see, I'll just stay home nowadays.

    To me, its rarely a good enough movie to warrant the price, trip, time.

    Silver lining, I have a few really good local cinemas that show all sorts of stuff and it's a pretty good time. I saw Mandy on Halloween in 2018 at a local theatre that did an amazing event. The venue atmosphere is untouchable on days like that. But 99% of the time, my experience at the theatre is some lame ass chomping on popcorn and I can almost audibly hear their eye rolling at more esoteric movies like Green Knight. People and their attitudes at the movies just bother me these days.

  • @dipset This all reminds me of my feelings about and behaviour towards Nintendo - particularly regarding their retro content.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    Honestly, I know the spirit of the OP was more about specific cinema experiences but your response about Nintendo kinda leads me to my overall attitude of just over consuming media and art and it’s starting to feel like an expensive waste of time.

    The more the price goes up, the easier it is for my brain’s mental gymnastics to stop working and say to myself, hmmmm… maybe I’ll want that $600 for a family vacation more than a Pro Controller, an online subscription, and 40 hours sunk into Zelda.

    My values jump all over the place throughout the years but this pandemic has made me go back to my mode of not wanting to waste time on bullshit like bad movies, trash TV, and endless video games in my free time.

    I already got a new hockey stick and sharpened my blades for winter. Looking forward to spending my time in 2022 a lot more active and less expensive or wasteful of time or energy.

    So circling back to the bad cinema experiences; I think it’s all connected for me. I find I’m spending energy on a mediocre evening when I go out when I could be doing something more engaging with my partner or friends.

  • @dipset I was on the fence but your comment convinced me to finally cancel my pre-order of SMT V on the grounds I will likely never play and definitely never finish it.

    I think, living in Vancouver (and I assume Toronto), it's really easy to convince yourself that insane prices are just the cost of doing business but then it's also easier to reach a breaking point and realize you don't actually need any of these things to live.

    Fuck, sorry @JDINCINERATOR. People who eat pizza in the theatre. Much like transit, I feel like there's an unwritten rule some people are not privy to that no open air food should be eaten in a theatre.

  • All About Steve. Majority of the reviews are so positive. But I couldn't stand watching it after 30min. I was about to close it by 15min. But still I held on to myself for 15min more just to understand why are the audience reviews positive. But it seems that it's easier to write a paper than watching the complete movie.

  • Alas! I don't want to recall that; however, I went to see Avengers: Endgame (2019), and the film was going to begin when it unexpectedly cut off. We were all sitting in obscurity for 15 minutes before some lady came in saying we wanted to leave due to fire. It might have been perilous on the off chance that that lady hadn't come in since nobody heard the alerts until we were out of the film and cleared a couple of roads away. Generally got a discount in the end yet irritating and pathetic experience.