The First Year of PS5 and Xbox Series

  • In a couple weeks, it will be a full year since the PS5 and Xbox Series Consoles released. For those of you who are lucky enough to be able to obtain these consoles, how do you feel about them? Feel free to share your thoughts about your experience with the console that you own, the things that you like/dislike, your overall satisfaction, your expectations for the future, etc.

    I've only got the PS5 since like 2-3 months ago, and I personally love it. I did have a couple issues when I first started to set it up, but after updating it to the latest firmware, it ran pretty much without a hitch.

    I mostly used it to play PS4 BC games, and I'm certainly grateful that it works just fine, but I do wish that Sony is as proactive/generous as Microsoft in improving old titles with the new console's power. There's been a couple of big games with performance updates that I'm very happy with, such as TLOU Part II and Ghost of Tsushima, but having older games like Infamous Second Son, Bloodborne, and The Last Guardian getting updates would make it even better, and also they would make those games more relevant at least temporarily.

    The PS5 exclusive games that I have played so far are Astro's Playroom, Demon's Souls, and Deathloop, and I had a blast with all of them, especially DS. I'm especially impressed by how meaningful the Dual Sense features are in the games that do use them, especially Adaptive Triggers. Playing CoD Black Ops Cold War with it was a blast. Hopefully I can get around to the other exclusives that I missed, such as Ratchet and Returnal.

    I also love how clean and easy-to-use the UI is, it's certainly the most elegant PlayStation UI yet. Some of my previous complaints are already addressed in a recent patch, such as unclear PS4/PS5 version of games. There's certainly more that they could improve, such as having folders or themes for the menu UI, and maybe adding some sort of Quick Resume-esque feature since Xbox did that so well. Also, I hope they keep improving the 3D Audio feature, I think the recent TV Speaker update is actually pretty good for some games, and there's certainly potential in this feature.

    I don't have an Xbox yet but I do plan to get a decent PC/laptop so I can play their exclusives and try out Game Pass. Microsoft have taken big steps forward in the past few years, and I think it will be only a matter of time until their investment in their studios can truly shine.

  • Xbox Series X has great backwards compatibility otherwise i rarely touch my Xbox Series X or PS5. the exclusives suck and literally the only upcoming exclusive that interests me is Halo Infinite

  • I've had my PS5 since launch and I'll be getting a Xbox Series X this month. I still use my PC the most but the PS5 is a close second with the Switch third.

    So far the PS5 has been great. It's everything I wanted the PS4 and PS4 Pro to be. Almost every PS5 game I've played has offered better visuals and 60fps gameplay. Which was the biggest reason why I did most of my gaming on PC the last 10 years. And fortunately I haven't experienced any hardware issues yet. So it gets an A+ from me.

  • PS5 has been great so far, minus a freak incident on account of mother nature frying my PS5 and several other things in my house (which the warranty took care of) I've had no issues with it. So far the exclusives are a little lacking with Ratchet & Clank being the only major title that is exclusive at this time.

    Have grown to like duelsense more then I thought I would, between the extra dimensions of rumble, the surprisingly good quality speaker built into the controller, and the triggers having resistance everything kinda clicks into place. Although depending on the game I do turn off the adaptive triggers usally during multiplayer stuff.

    3D Audio via TV speakers is also rather surprising although there are times where I question if it's working as intended. Granted I've only tested it in one room and on one TV so I don't know how much that might be effecting it.

  • I own a PS5. It's a nice piece of equipement and I really like the DualSense but overall it is really underwhelming. The visual upgrades from the PS4 to the PS5 aren't such a big deal. It's by far the most insignificant generation jump ever. I really don't recommend buying one unless you don't have a PS4. It really doesn't offer many exclusive games. Demon's Souls remake is good but it isn't much different from the PS3 version in terms of gameplay. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is alright but nothing special. Ratchet hasn't been truly great for a long time imo.

    I don't own a Series X. I have an Xbox One X and have zero reason at the moment to buy a Series X because it suffers from the same problems as the PS5. No exclusives and the graphical enhancements are insignificant.

  • Wow I was just thinking of starting a post like this and someone's already done it. As for my feelings here they are:

    Xbox Series X

    My brother bought an Xbox Series X on its release, I witnessed him setting it up and I was curious and a little excited to check it out to see the power the Series X possessed. I was given the opportunity to try Assassins Creed: Valhalla and I was impressed by how smooth and organic the game felt in comparison to the Xbox One, a sleeker and more buttery performance and some of those visual flourishes were outstanding. Unfortunately the library of exclusive games was threadbare, but the majesty of playing a Series X wasn't lost, even though the lack of games to call its own does reduce its appeal. I will be blunt and say if you weren't won over by the Xbox One then the Series will not change your mind, unless performance and graphic upgrades are really that important to you. It's at least nice to play some Xbox One games and see how transformative those experiences are on the Series X such as Forza Horizon 4 and Gears of War 5.


    I didn't get a PS5 at launch because I wasn't impressed with the true exclusives it had. Only Demon's Souls and Godfall (at the time) were only available on PS5, so I decided to wait until March this year whilst playing the newer games like Bugsnax and Spider-Man: Miles Morales on PS5 in the meantime. Then March arrived, I wanted to capitalize on buying Destruction All-Stars on PS5 while it was free on PS+, so I decided to grab a disc-less PS5 from Ebay which cost £100 more than it should, but man I didn't care one iota because I was primed on knabbing a PS5-so I did.

    As for my thoughts on PS5? Utterly fabulous really. So much has been done to make the PS5 a sublime console to own and its power is unquestionable. Having access to almost the entire library of PS4 games makes the PS5 a true successor and the way the PS5 controller feels and looks makes me believe it's the only controller that should fit in my grubby hands. Thanks to the help of my Seagate external hard drive, I've managed to install a plethora of games on my PS5, though I wish that PS5 games could be backed up on an external as well, otherwise deleting and installing new games will keep perpetuating as a dire reality. The UI is top notch and its great that splash screens are retained and they take up the whole screen too.

    The first game I tried on PS5 was Destruction All-Stars-and it wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be. Causing vehicular mayhem encased in an arena is all well and good, but without different venues and exciting ideas it wears out its welcome pretty soon. I bought a PS5 for this game and for it to turn up a bit of a dud sucks. I played through Maquette as well as that had recently come to PS5 at the time as well and I enjoyed its soundtrack and its story was alright.

    My favourite PS5 game is Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart because it's a reminder that next-gen has arrived and you'll know that when you play it, it's an astonishing looking and playing game. Gotta give props to Astro's Playroom as it's the best love letter I've seen in videogames-a free entrée that is packed with passion leaking out of itself. I've also played through Spider-Man Remastered and Miles Morales back-to-back as well, and they are both so amazing that neither of them deserve words to describe how must-have they are.

    Other notable games that deserve mentioning include Demon's Souls, Godfall, Returnal and Deathloop.

    I understand that Demon's Souls was lauded and loved by the PS community upon launch but there's one heinous flaw that I can't forgive about it-I suck at Souls' games. Yes this flaw is quite crippling but without a good hand for playing these kinds of games then unfortunately Demon's Souls has to clumped in with other PS5 games I have unflattering things to say about.

    Godfall I bought months after release and when it was on sale. It's decidedly average, the combat packs a punch but its world and character are pretty stale. I was hugely put off by Godfall's trailer but thankfully the game has done something to aid me in forgiving it.

    Returnal is pretty cool, but even though I quite like Housemarque for their awesome PS4 debutant Resogun, Returnal is hard to get into, most-likely because of its roguelike nature. Yet regardless of my preferences, Returnal's luscious environments blossom with a natural allure, making them as unpredictable as the hostile creature encounters.

    Deathloop I haven't played a lot of but I thought it really put on a show when it was announced. It's loaded with charisma and F-bombs and I believe Arkane have done a great job with it, I just haven't warmed up to it yet.

  • I’ve had it since March 2021 but I really haven’t played too too much in that time. I’d still say that PS5 is what I wished the PS4 Pro was. There really is so much PS4 DNA in the PS5 that it’s hard not to just imagine it’s an updated PS4.

    My biggest takeaway is how much faster the UI and game loading is. I can hop in and out of games efficiently and loading up your friends list or chat isn’t a slow chugging process.

    For MONTHS I had the infamous Rest Mode issue and thankfully it seems to have been patched out but that was beyond frustrating.

    Idk, it’s a PlayStation so I take comfort in that stamp of quality for hardware and software but I haven’t played enough next gen games to really dig in. Knowing that it literally comes with a Best Of PS4 is an awesome feature and kinda makes me wish I skipped the PS4 gen altogether and focused more on being a good student from 2014-2017 and caught up later but it is what it is.

    Honest review of 3D audio—I can’t even tell if it’s working. With headphones on Demon’s Souls the audio is incredible but through my 3 speaker stereo system… it sounds about the same as PS4…

  • I was rather reluctant to buy into this generation, mostly due to the new RRP on AAA games. I did cave last week though and have a PS5 coming to me this week =)
    I'll let you know my thoughts after a week of play.

  • @sheria Awesome, I hope you'll enjoy it

  • @bam541 Thanks :)
    It's still really difficult to get one here in the UK but thanks to some time off in the morning and constant refreshing I managed to snag a bundle with an extra controller and Ratchet & Clank.
    I plan to pop into town and buy Demons Souls, Deathloop and Tormented Souls once it arrives.

  • It's a weird gen, in a good way. The transition to the SX was super smooth. Feels more like upgrading a PC, nothing really changes but everything is better.

    There's this perfect storm of; returning to Portugal exactly as Covid happened, more free time, Gamepass and then the SX releasing that landed me in gaming heaven.

  • PS Blog: The PS5 Turns 1 Today


    No shade towards anybody putting hours into those Top 10 games, but it's obviously an extremely vanilla list. Then I see Demon's Souls at #9! Nice!

    My buddy's girlfriend found him a PS5 in the wild yesterday and he immediately downloaded Demon's Souls so I know a lot of people played it to see a true next-gen game, but I really think it stood out as an amazing game by 2020/2021 standards. It's crazy to think the Bluepoint remaster looks significantly better and more atmospheric with better overall presentation than From Software's next-gen game, Elden Ring.

    Honestly, and I know this is such a "big corporate" thing to suggest, but I wouldn't be mad if Sony just said to Bluepoint, "here's the keys, go make Demon's Souls 2 or Bloodborne 2". Yeah, it'll feel sour that a massive corporation is just profiting off of something they didn't directly make, but I feel like Bluepoint has the chops.

  • PS5 was a letdown and I don't see it's going to be as beloved as previous generations with Jim Ryan's new greedy and antipathetic ideas about brand's future. Like I said before: As an exclusive lover and a big fan of Playstation, this year was the end for me in a way. Specifically Days Gone PC announcement was the reason but Death Stranding's/GoT's/Horzion 2's weird and stupid kind of deals between versions etc. didn't help either. Oh and then there is that event where we waited for a year to watch and it was just lame as hell. I still will be there on day one for GoW, Spidey, new IPs but I don't have any sympathy for the brand anymore.

    Again and again: If you are going on this route you should be as clear as day and not act shady.

  • @scotty

    The dumb variation of SKU's is definitely a bit shady, but in the end, life is too short for me to fret about corporate nonsense so long as it's something I can avoid. I only buy games that I want to play nowadays so in the end, I only care about the quality of the game. The cross-buy or lack thereof isn't a deal breaker for me. Sony, M$, Nintendo, and everybody else just takes turns nickel and diming and I just try to ignore it nowadays.

    Personally, I think it's waaaaay too early to call PS5 a let down. We're only 365 days in and it's been a solid first year relative to other console gen's.

  • @dipset

    There are better ways to ask for money and still not become this greedy. I was a big fan besides quality games and they lost me in that aspect.

    Letdown part comes from the ongoing change in the company's policies and I don't think they will backtrack from that change.

  • Got a Series X to pickup tomorrow after work. Will give impressions when I get it.

    Also did not resort to a scalper.

    Edit: it arrived today

    Edit 2: Console is home and downloading games

  • Well, after about 2 weeks with my PS5 I'd say it's a bit of a mixed bag. I think my only real issue is kind of what I expected it to be, in that it just doesn't really feel like a new console generation, at least comparing it to how it used to be. I had the same issue with the PS4 though to be honest so I guess things will never be like they used to with regards getting a new, more powerful console; due to diminishing returns I guess.
    On the positive side though I really love the "crispness" of everything and It's kind of highlighted just how much of a waste of money my PS4 Pro was. I have four games so far but I've yet to try R&C. So far though, I honestly think my favourite experience with the console has simply been revisiting Death Stranding, it's just that beautiful, now even more so ^.^

  • @sheria

    I hear everything you're saying and agree for the most part, but when I played PS5 for the first time, I felt like the next-gen factor was a bit undersold. Between Astro's Playroom, Demon's Souls, and playing BFV on PS5, I couldn't believe how smooth and buttery the experience was. On top of that Demon's Souls has such an amazing presentation with an additional layer of atmosphere brought with a lot of love and attention to the audio design.

    So all this to say, I actually felt the leap from PS4 Pro to PS5 much more than I felt the leap from PS3 to PS4. I agree that PS4 Pro was a waste of $500 and I should've just waited 2 years for the PS5. But even from the Pro >> 5, I feel so much more satisfied with PS5.

    But I hear you, it is an iteration of a pre-existing device so the leap feels less impactful, but it's still a satisfying improvement in my opinion.

  • I guess I like the rush of the pre-order craze because I had zero interest in getting either but then jumped into the pre-orders day of and managed to get one of each. The Xbox I sold to a friend before it had even arrived. The PS5 another friend wanted and then changed his mind so I kept it.

    I'm not sure if anything has changed but I remember the UI felt super barebones and beta to me. I was pretty disappointed with the launch lineup but was fortunately in the middle of Borderlands 3 so got to play the PS5 version of that a lot. Save transfers didn't work properly and it stopped tracking my progress. I didn't see any games that interested me so that was when I decided to sell it. While I would say the price isn't justified, once I went back to Borderlands on PS4, I really saw the difference. The load times and frame rate on PS5 are insane. I have barely played Borderlands since. Still doesn't justify the PS5 price to me but super impressive stuff.

  • Maybe being a basically 2000s kid kinda made me less caring for generation jumps. I certainly understand people who feels that way, but I dunno. I'm just happy that I get to replace my sluggish old console with a faster new one. That being said, having 60 FPS games being the norm automatically makes this gen at least a bigger jump than the PS3-PS4 jump for me, and the DualSense certainly helped that. I also appreciate the immediacy and user friendlyness of the new consoles, although that's not really exclusive to these consoles.