The First Year of PS5 and Xbox Series

  • @dipset said in The First Year of PS5 and Xbox Series:


    I hear everything you're saying and agree for the most part, but when I played PS5 for the first time, I felt like the next-gen factor was a bit undersold. Between Astro's Playroom, Demon's Souls, and playing BFV on PS5, I couldn't believe how smooth and buttery the experience was. On top of that Demon's Souls has such an amazing presentation with an additional layer of atmosphere brought with a lot of love and attention to the audio design.

    So all this to say, I actually felt the leap from PS4 Pro to PS5 much more than I felt the leap from PS3 to PS4. I agree that PS4 Pro was a waste of $500 and I should've just waited 2 years for the PS5. But even from the Pro >> 5, I feel so much more satisfied with PS5.

    But I hear you, it is an iteration of a pre-existing device so the leap feels less impactful, but it's still a satisfying improvement in my opinion.

    For me a smoother experience is not enough for a next gen jump. It's more like what the PS4 Pro should have been.

    I do think the jump from PS3 and PS4 was also not that big at first. I'm sure after some years things will get better for ps5 and Xbox series X.