Thankful For Games in 2021

  • Hello Allies,

    What's something video game related that you are thankful for this year?

    Here's what I'm thankful for:

    • E3 returning this year. I was a little worried when it started with new Overwatch 2 skins, but we did eventually get Elden Ring.

    • WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain. Some of the best laughs I had all year. I hope we see more Defaulte Giga.

    • Psychonauts 2. This game is a masterpiece that everyone should experience.

    • Early 2022 is currently stacked with new game releases.

    • The Switch OLED. Because the real Switch Pro is the friends we made along the way. 😉

    • The Easy Allies and the EZA community. Happy Holidays!

  • Limited Run Games: having a lot of great titles and making them less of a pain to get. Nowadays you always have a month time to purschase a game.

    Guilty Gear Strive: it's just an amazing fighting game and probably my goty.

    Some excellent remasters that introduced me to new franchises like Nier and Shin Megami Tensei.

    Bowser's Fury: it's really one of the best Mario experiences.

    Video gaming in general being very good nowadays.

  • Thankful for Nintendo finally giving Metroid the attention it deserves

  • E3 returning and the allies also being in the studio for it is definitely something I'm grateful for. Their reactions to the Xbox and Nintendo show especially made me felt like things could be "normal" again, and it was quite uplifting.

    I'm not too far into it but Kena: Bridge of Spirits being an Naughty Dog-esque jack of all trades is something that really surprised me. I feel like outside of ND games and God of War 2018, and Jedi Fallen Order, there's not many games that nail this kind of mixture of various gameplay styles. Uncharted-esque platforming, Souls-style combat, level design reminiscent of classic 3D platformers, and so on. Not to mention the Asian culture inspired setting and music! It's soothing my soul, it's like they made this game for me specifically.

    I'm also thankful for the Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island expansion. An amazing DLC for a masterclass game.

    The Sonic Anniversary Orchestra thing is awesome, I can't believe that we got that for free. More companies should do this for their franchise, and I don't mind paying for them.

    Lastly, I'm grateful that I was lucky enough to get a PS5 this year, lol. I was anxious that I would have to wait till next year for it.

    P.S. forgot to add that the Skyward Sword HD remaster is a godsent. I've literally wanted to play it for years. Glad it's on the Switch, and it being a very fun game.

  • Starting a little before the Christmas Holiday in 2020, my friends and I linked up a lot in Halo 3 through Discord when they added cross play. It really brought us together and frequently. We played for 3 hours late last night. It’s just been fun, nostalgic like we’re back in middle school, and it ultimately kept communication during the pandemic.

    It’s by far my most played game of 2021 and I really don’t see us slowing down next year either. It’s been some of the most fun I’ve had gaming since I was little.

  • @bam541 said in Thankful For Games in 2021:

    The Sonic Anniversary Orchestra thing is awesome, I can't believe that we got that for free. More companies should do this for their franchise, and I don't mind paying for them.

    Ace Attorney also had one this year. Although it was like $40.

  • I'm thankful after all these years we finally getting mainline SMT on console.

  • I'm thankful for this community, for Easy Allies, for this year's dedication towards platformers, for the exciting new experiences we've been getting and seeing the brunt of the technical horsepower of the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Most of all I am thankful that we can all share our enthusiasm for videogames-which is one of the most beautiful and purest things on this planet.

  • @neocweeny
    Speaking of Limited Run, if you didn't know they have some kind of deal with Bestbuy. So while you might miss out on the big collectors edition of something (I really wanted that set with Quake that had a nine inch nail) Bestbuys near you might have the standard versions.

  • @dmcmaster I don't have BestBuy near me. I don't live in the US XD

    Quake is still available though on LimitedRun

  • @neocweeny
    Well shit, guess I know what I'm buying this weekend.

  • Great Ace Attourney and its sequel finally getting translated and released in the West.
    All that is left is translate Investigations 2 and release the rest on current consoles.

  • Another thing I'm really thankful for in games is more accessibility options. Most beneficial for me are the options that help reduce motion sickness. Any game that has settings to turn off camera shake, head bob, weapon sway, and play at 60fps - has my thanks.

  • I'm grateful for RE franchise still going strong. They've been one of my favourite TPS/action-adventure games for last two years. They are just enough scary that can make you nervous but you still want to continue for the fun gameplay and overall stressed felling is good in a way.
    Another thing is I was able to snag a PS5 at the beginning of spring while it was a hard thing to catch.

    Yeah, that's it I guess. It was the ''real'' year where we felt the consequences of pandemic in gaming with all those delays.

    Other than that I'm greatful because years ends so we can move a little closer to Spider-Man 2.