Most Underappreciated Games Of The Past Decade

  • 2011: The King of Fighters XIII
    One of the best fighting games from the HD era.

    2012: Pandora's Tower
    Great action RPG with great dungeon design and atmosphere

    2014: The Evil Within
    People are very critical about the first game but I loved it. Best successor there is to RE4.

    2015: Contradiction: Spot the Liar
    FMV adventure game. It's cheesy but it's actually really good and with a lot of effort put into the perfomances.

    2017: Puyo Puyo Tetris
    This cross over works so good. Well thought out game modes and also has a surprisingly good single player.

    2018: Yoku's Island Express
    Metroidvania meets pinball and it works surprisingly well.

    2020: Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2
    By far the best in the series and never hear anybody talk about it. Great and challenging level design

  • 2020: 13 Sentines

  • @jdincinerator said in Most Underappreciated Games Of The Past Decade:

    I believe in mainstream spheres these games aren't as celebrated and it took awards and critic appraisals to help them get recognized-otherwise they probably wouldn't have much success

    That's basically every game that doesn't carry a legacy behind it or burst out the door with a multimillion dollar marketing campaign.

    Without critical attention or awards those games would likely linger unheralded.

    But they didn't...

    Also what is your list?

    I wasn't going to do one, because it seemed like too much work for someone with a memory like mine, and I was right:

    2011: Ms. Splosion Man
    2012: Legend of Grimrock
    2013: HarmoKnight (2012 JP)
    2014: Sayonara Umihara Kawase (2013 JP, Yumi's Odd Odyssey on 3DS at the time but play the PC version now)
    2015: Grow Home
    2016: Paper Mario: Color Splash
    2017: Snake Pass
    2018: Onrush
    2019: Yoshi's Crafted World
    2020: Noita (2019 EA)
    2021: Fuga: Melodies of Steel

    For the obviously recognizable entries on there, they're underappreciated for other reasons. Mostly problems dealing with series legacy in a way detrimental to the entry but more the fault of the ones leading up to it mixed with fan desires than any problem with the actual entry itself. I think the most questionable thing I listed was Snake Pass, which got lots of buzz for the originality but that didn't lead to a new trend in the industry or anything, so when I compared it to other stuff that year it really felt like the one that should still be appreciated and remembered more. Oh, also some games came out the year before in Japan, but figured long as it wasn't a huge gap between Japanese and Worldwide Release, we'd count the Worldwide one.

    Mario Party 10 also almost made the list, because people treat that game horribly despite having multiple cool sidemodes that make it worthwhile. Bowser Party is awesome. Don't @ me.

  • @mbun I Will l second Yoshi's Crafter World for 2019. For some reason I thought it was 2018.

    I don't really get the hate for it. Maybe Woolly World is a little bit better but Crafted World is still great.

  • @mbun Grow Home is awesome. The climbing mechanics felt novel at the time and it's not too big in scope (unlike the sequel, which I don't care for at all). I totally second this.

    Anyway, I just thought of more underappreciated games.

    2012: Sleeping Dogs. If this was actually appreciated enough, it would have been a franchise with at least three games rn. Still one of the most unique open world games out there.
    2013: The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. With a bit more polish this would have been a great game, but it's still fun to play despite AI shortcomings and such.

  • Metroid Other M. it gets so much shit even to this day. it's nowhere near as bad as people make it out to be.

    i actually like the game, it's no Super Metroid or Metroid Prime. but if you just enjoy it for what it is it's still a fun little game

  • From just last year No Straight Roads

    This is such a hidden gem and I swear it's destined to become something like the first Psychonauts. Flawed but fun game bursting with style, character, humor and awesome music.......probably gonna take 15 years before a sequel happens.

    Although the game finally came to steam recently, and with a kickass new trailer.
    Youtube Video

  • I hate to that "one" but just before I think of my list: are we talking underappreciated with regards to its critical reception? or underappreciated in that they were simply overlooked?

  • Hmmmm I don't really have too many takes on the matter because I do play a lot of mainstream games. I'll try.

    2011 - The Witcher 2

    I actually don't think this game gets enough credit for being both technically groundbreaking (i.e. one of the first games to have futureproof settings to allow it to grow visually with consumer hardware market) but also for it's all round RPG experience. It is versatility as an action-RPG with dialogue driven gameplay was still pretty novel at the time and nobody has since done this type of cinematic choice-driven dialogue as well as either CDPR or Bioware in the ME series. Fallout 4 misses the mark for example. The choices you make are both political and apolitical, consequential and miniscule. It's really a classic RPG that doesn't seem to get classic recognition.

    2012 - The Darkness 2

    Following up Starbreeze in a sequel is tough. This game did a good job. I think it's a pretty great game.

    2013 - God of War: Ascension

    People talk about this game like it's horrible when it's actually significantly above average.
    The story isn't great but it's honestly a good-great game. GOWIII was such a high that it's hard to follow it up after such an epic conclusion.

    2014 - Broforce

    Top 5 couch co-op games I've ever played. A joy from start to finish. Addictive, fun, hilarious.

    2015 - Batman: Arkham Knight

    Again, people talk about this like it's such a disappointment. It's better than Arkham City, don't @ me. Combat is perfectly snappy and crunchy and the movement is tightened up in the way it should've been in the first place.

    2016 - Titanfall 2

    I know this game gets it's flowers, but many people haven't played it. I've told my friends it'll be the most satisfying 4 hour playthrough of their lives, but none of my friends have touched it. Idk what went wrong with marketing this game, but it's a classic FPS.

    2017 - GT Sport

    Bad launch, great support. I picked it up in 2018 and haven't looked back. Should've waited a bit longer to fill the content out more, but Sport Mode is god-tier.

    2018 - Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    Bethesda RPG model of first person immersion, great acting, and storytelling. Simple tasks are extremely fun and addicting (like poaching boars and selling the meat for profit, aka, 4 hours of life I'll never get back). You literally play as an average joe and I couldn't be happier about that decision.

    2019 - The Outer Worlds

    More games like TOW please. Small colony in space with a handful of planets to explore. A self-contained plotline that doesn't go into outlandishly epic territory. It almost feels like if Mass Effect was a TV series, TOW is a bottle episode. Honestly one of the best RPGs I've ever played and the freedom to do literally whatever you want is beyond innovative.

    2020 - n/a - I don't think I played anything that doesn't get it's shine.

    2021 - n/a barely played anything.

  • @sheria said in Most Underappreciated Games Of The Past Decade:

    I hate to that "one" but just before I think of my list: are we talking underappreciated with regards to its critical reception? or underappreciated in that they were simply overlooked?

    I used a mixture of both for my list because it can mean both underrated or overlooked.

  • @neocweeny said:

    I don't really get the hate for it. Maybe Woolly World is a little bit better but Crafted World is still great.

    I think it is people feeling fatigued after Kirby's Epic Yarn into Yoshi's Woolly World into Yoshi's Crafted World "feeling" like all the same thing from the name and trailers, when Crafted World is actually way different from Epic Yarn / Woolly World. The only thing I'd say Woolly World has up on Crafted World is the Soundtrack, because Nintendo hired THREE main composers for it for whatever reason, so the Woolly World Soundtrack goes unnecessarily hard with lots of memorable tracks. Meanwhile Crafted World does the thing where they take one main theme and tweak it a bunch, which thankfully isn't done as poorly as Yoshi's New Island, but it isn't ideal either.

    Soundtrack aside, Crafted World is hands down the better game. The level design in Woolly World is nothing short of manic, due to some levels being designed for single player, some levels designed for coop, and some levels even designed for amiibo partner play. All of these are shoved into the same campaign without any labeling. There's no right way to play it without knowing the whole game and tackling each one differently. Crafted World's general level design does not suffer from this problem, and you can play the whole thing single or multiplayer just fine, and there's a bunch of levels full of a bunch of variety.

    @DMCMaster I like the music, but seeing the gameplay pushed me away immediately. I still listen to the music sometimes though.

    @Sheria I look at it as games either with a poor reputation that don't really deserve it or games that were mostly overlooked, even if the handful of reviews they did get were very positive ones. It isn't as simple as just an indie game, because an indie can be something like Hades that was a ton of people's GOTY or something like Celeste that is beloved by a crazy large amount of people, has a ton of merchandise, and is brought up constantly. But if it is a really quality niche game that was talked more widely about for a week or two at release and nobody really mentions it anymore, despite uniqueness or something the industry as a whole could learn from it, I think it fits. Likewise, I think games that were built to be huge deals but didn't carve out a playerbase and died off earlier than anticipated despite being quality games also fit.

  • @mbun
    I can admit the gameplay is probably the biggest sore spot on NSR, at least till you start playing out of sync with the stage music. Which I know sounds weird at first but actually fits with the whole musical revolution theme thru out. Also fuck the DK West rap battles and the weird tempest thing it does.