The EZA Community Top 20 Best of 2007!

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    #5: BioShock - 23 points


    #1: 2 (JDINCINERATOR, Crepe)
    #2: 1 (DemonPirate)
    #3: 1 (Sentinel Beach)
    #4: 1 (Shoulderguy)
    HM: 4 (brunojoey, ffff0, kindiman, Phbz)


    Release date: NA: August 21, PAL: August 24
    Developer: 2K Boston, 2K Australia
    Publisher: 2K Games
    Genre: First-person shooter
    Platform(s): PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, OS X, iOS, Nintendo Switch


    GT Review

  • BioShock has so much personality and atmosphere, with interesting characters and unique environments. While the mix of melee, guns and plasmids make for fun combat. I thought this game looked incredible at the time and I would love to see a new BioShock on PS5 and Series X hardware.

  • A few of us have had the occasional Bioshock conversation in our Fantasy Critic Discord, and I think we all agree that it's a great game and series. For me, I wasn't into the arena twitchy games like Halo 3 and COD4 all that much in 2007. I was cool with them, but I much preferred stealth games or action games more calculated gameplay than shoot shoot shoot.

    Bioshock blew me away seeing it on G4 Tech TV all the time and GameTrailers had so many off camera previews of it before it launched. I just knew I could never own a 360 AND a PS3 so I couldn't really play it. My dad happened to get a laptop from Costco that could just barely run Bioshock so I played it and I was blown away by the freedom of choice. I can antagonize a Splicer into a trip mine or send them into a whirlwind which will launch them into the sky. It's probably the most interesting FPS game I'd played up to that point.

    My #1 takeaway from Bioshock is Rapture. It's a top-tier video game location and the backtracking in the game design makes you slowly memorize the locations kinda like Lordran in Dark Souls. The hallways feel well worn and when you revisit a place and it's slightly changed, it keeps you on edge the whole time. Rapture is the star of this game and it's up there with Butcher Bay from Riddick, Arkham Asylum from Batman, and Sevastopol from Alien Isolation.

    Rapture is honestly one of the best if not the best settings in gaming. Period.

  • BioShock was a bit of a letdown for me. Looked like a really good and unique game at first but I thought it was actually really boring to play.

    Playing the System Shock games later also made me realise just what was missing here.

  • The only hands on time I have of the original Bioshock is I played the demo which ends as you're first introduced to Andrew Ryan (Not the recording in the Bathysphere as you enter Rapture, but when he actually talks to you for the first time).

    Personally, it didn't click for me, and that little bit I played actually didn't endear me to Rapture, though I do recognize its iconography. The only Bioshock I HAVE played is Infinite, and it's ok, but nothing too special.

    So for the original, though I do have a copy as part of a version of Infinite on PS3, I don't believe I'll ever play it. And yes, I know "Would You Kindly?" Like Aerith from Final Fantasy VII, it's a plot point that's IMPOSSIBLE to avoid, even for someone like me who has no inclination towards the original Bioshock.

  • BioShock is my #8. I've played 1 and 2 in 2011 and it was "that was fine, onto the next game on my list" experience. I don't see anything that makes this series so special for others, but it's not like I was regretting spending time on these games.

  • Bioshock is one the biggest blind spots for me in that gen, never got around to playing any of them, even though I'm sure I would like them, at least for the atmosphere and world-building. At this point I'm not sure I'll ever take the time to go through it though.

  • I tried playing Bioshock 2 times: first on the PS3 version that came with Bioshock Infinite, and second on the PS4 remaster. I love exploring Rapture, it is truly a special and one-of-a-kind gaming location, but gameplay and story wise it rubs me in the wrong way. It's not really my kind of first person shooter. Every time I think of the hacking minigame, it makes me want to punch the game's boxed copy in frustration, lol.

  • Bioshock captivated me like no other game in 2007. Considering that at the time I had a vendetta against Nintendo for going the more casual route with the Wii (forgive me I was 15 at the time), Bioshock was a game that I first discovered when IGN and GT reviewed it, then I felt like I really needed it so I can support what I thought at the time was an unheralded gem because it had deeper subject matter than many games that came out at the time. Bioshock was a breath of fresh air to me and I had never played a game quite like it. Sure it might rip liberally off what System Shock did but I loved it and I still think highly of it but haven't played any of the games for years.

  • Bioshock is great for its world and writing but gameplay sets it back. It's not that much of a FPS and its immersive sim roots are way too shallow. But never the less I believe it's that kind of classic that can be played and enjoyed even today.

  • BioShock's an excellent video game, my #3 of that year. The world and the whole scenario is atmospheric as hell, and how you get to know all that as you journey through Rapture feels great. The audio tapes worked well back then (and I still have nothing against them in games nowadays) and the voice actors in general do really nice job throughout the game.

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    #4: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - 26 points


    #1: 1 (kindiman)
    #2: 4 (Nimbat1003, bam541, Scotty, Crepe)
    #3: 0
    HM: 3 (NeoCweeny, Tearju Engi, Capnbobamous)


    Release date: NA: November 5, AU: November 7, EU: November 9
    Developer: Infinity Ward
    Publisher: Activision
    Genre: First-person shooter
    Platform(s): PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, OS X, Wii


    GT Review

  • Modern Warfare is the kind of shooter that I remember people were frothing over back in 2007 and it became the measuring stick all other multiplayer shooters to beat. Call of Duty 4 is also responsible for the utterly and ridiculously stupid amount of success the franchise would go on to have for many years to come. I'm not a super devout Call of Duty player but you don't need to be one to recognize and appreciate how much of an impact COD4 made on the industry.

  • Just as Halo 3 just made it into my top 8, Modern Warfare just missed out, meaning it's 9th out 16 of 2007 for me.

    I've said before, the MW3 E3 demo had me want to play the trilogy and this first game is my introduction to CoD, and ultimately, I regret it, ESPECIALLY as I've gotten older.

    I barely ever played any multiplayer as I only was interested in the campaign, and while the nuke detonation in 2007 may have been huge, when I first played it like a decade ago, it didn't hit me in that way. The All Ghillied Up mission though is great because it's all about stealth and subterfuge and not constant insane set-pieces that CoD is known for. And yes, I 100%ed it. That includes the Veteran achievements, including Mile High Club. No it wasn't worth it. No I'll never do that again.

    Overall, the sniper mission aside, I don't think it holds up today for a variety of reasons. Credit to it for fundamentally altering the course of both CoD and FPS design on console for better and especially worse. Yet, if I could, I would erase every instance of CoD from my profile and memory if I could, not because of the meme prompt of, "What do you wish you could experience for the first time again," but instead CoD games are both boring and I have personal qualms with several aspects that make up these games.

  • Oh man. I STRONGLY disagree with COD4 being this high above other FPS games from 2007 that have aged like a fine wine. COD4 has aged like milk.

    The Campaign is still probably in the top 3 of the entire series and I do appreciate the in-game storytelling that has since gone out the window in recent games. But the linear campaign missions are hit or miss. It would be better with less aggressive AI like they created in MW2. If you go back and play COD2's Campaign, it stands out as having a bit of room to explore and it doesn't feel dated through COD4's infamous linearity where you literally die if you step off the intended path. But overall, I still like the Campaign. It holds up in many ways having replayed it recently.

    But the MP is just outright bad. It was aggravating in 2007, but the addiction factor kept us tolerating a lot of nonsense. But playing it in 2021... Holy shit is this just B-A-D. And I went back and played the older COD2 this year as well and had a much better time. The gun balance + perks can make for a completely broken system. M16 + Stopping Power = 1 shot kill (1, 3 burst trigger pull). That is insane. Then the Killstreak spam is just insufferable with the vast majority of any given match spent hiding indoors from helicopters.

    I feel like there is some nostalgia goggles going on here cause... yeah... aged like milk.

  • I played the remastered version 2-3 years ago, and this game still holds up so well. In the grand scheme of CoD, the campaign has a special place for balancing between impressive blockbuster action and grounding itself in reality, transitioning between the WWII grounded era and the modern blockbusters. The opening ship level, the aftermath of the first act, that legendary ghillie mission; these are some of the most memorable moments in gaming for me. Not to mention that this game directly influenced Uncharted 2, a very important game in my favorite franchise. Multiplayer wise it's pretty decent, definitely not up to MW2's highs but this game basically debuted the popular FPS multiplayer formula, so no biggie. This is still on my top 5 FPS games of all time, and definitely my favorite CoD game.

  • Back in 2007 COD4 would have been my number 1 but I grew out of the online shooter genre. COD4 was actually the last in the genre that I played a lot. I still have a lot of great memories from it, that's why I had to give it an HM.

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    #3: Super Mario Galaxy - 27 points


    #1: 1 (brunojoey)
    #2: 4 (Shoulderguy, JDINCINERATOR, Phbz, NeoCweeny)
    #3: 1 (Crepe)
    #4: 0
    HM: 3 (Brannox, Axel, Capnbobamous)


    Release date: NA: November 12, EU: November 16, AU: November 29
    Developer: Nintendo EAD Tokyo
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Genre: Platform, action-adventure
    Platform(s): Wii, Shield Tablet


    GT Review

  • Wow I thought Super Mario Galaxy would be number 1 and even though the 15 year-old me from back then would detest me saying it-Super Mario Galaxy deserves GOTY status. What a magical unbelievably inventive platformer, bursting with new ideas at every turn it's a truly staggering achievement.

  • Okay, I have no idea what #1 and #2 are then...

    Personally, I grew up with N64 and Nintendo and I was extremely unimpressed with the Wii after absolutely adoring the GameCube. I ended up playing Galaxy at my friends house who had all of the consoles and it did absolutely nothing for me. I felt like the Nintendo magic wore out on me around 2007. I cannot explain how unenjoyable the Wiimote and the motion waggling was to me. The game just felt like a chore to play and the space backgrounds felt samey to me.

    I know Galaxy 1 & 2 are beloved by many fans, but Mario Odyssey was so much better in my eyes. I respect the detour the Super Mario series took in this era. You can't keep making Mario 64 forever, so I appreciate going for something different, but it just wasn't for me.