The EZA Community Top 20 Best of 2007!

  • Both 2007 Ace Attorney games are equally great, but I only had one spot left on my list and voted for Justice for All. Trials and Tribulations is #9 on my list.

  • See previous comment after previous Ace Attorney game above.

  • Culmination, the game.

  • @shoulderguy This is the first time I've seen someone prefer Justice for All over Trials and Tribulations. JFA is generally regarded as the weakest in the trilogy (sometimes series) while the opposite with TAT.

    May I ask why you think JFA is a better game?

  • @demonpirate I don't think it's a better game. I played the first 3 Ace Attorney games back-to-back and enjoyed all of them. But I only had one spot left because I didn't want to drop my other honorable mentions.

  • Niiiice, both of them made it!

    I wish I could have given points to both but I had to make a choice, and Trials and Tribulations is indeed the absolute culmination of the original trilogy, so satisfying.

  • I didn't have that many greats games from 2007 on my list, so it was actually pretty easy to give spots for both these AA games. I, too, played the trilogy back-to-back, so to distinguish one from another has become a bit blurry in my mind. Really enjoyable stories, all in all.

  • 0_1637180118422_Tf2.jpg

    #10. Team Fortress 2 - 13 points


    #1: 0
    #2: 1 (E_Zed_Eh_Intern, kindiman)
    #3: 1 (Capnbobamous)
    #4: 0
    HM: 2 (DIPSET, DemonPirate)


    Release date: (The Orange Box) NA: October 10, EU: October 18, AU: October 25
    Developer: Valve
    Publisher: Valve
    Genre: First-person shooter
    Platform(s): PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, OS X, Linux



  • Every time I hear/see anything Team Fortress 2, I always wonder, "How was Team Fortress 1," because this is the ONLY TF game ANYONE talks about. Regardless, it's a multiplayer game, so I stay far away especially since over the years I've heard it's yet another online game/franchise rife with toxicity and I don't need that garbage.

  • @brannox it's a mod for the original Quake. I never played that one but I did play TF Classic which was a mod for the original Half Life. It was good and so is TF2 but not good enough for my top 8. I didn't play it for too long. Mostly because of another 2007 online shooter.

  • Justice For All might be the weakest of the Trilogy when compared to other two especially when 1st game got a new case when it was released here and takes advantage of DS.
    But even with only 4 cases the last one is easily one of the best cases.
    And cases also started to be more beefier excluding 1st case of each game. Capcom has many characters that are basically a stereotype but they are so well presented. Might not vibe with everyone but they are fun.

  • So this is where the The Orange Box vs individual games really tore me apart. I love all three of those (new) games in the package but there is only so much space for nominations and I had to give it to TF2.

    TF2 is in my Top 5 all time multiplayer shooter games (Halo 3, Warhawk, SOCOM II, TF2, TLOU). I haven't played it since the F2P era around 2011 or 2012 when it started to get a bit crazy with cosmetics and community maps, etc, but the core gameplay here is ridiculously great.

    In fact, the gameplay is so fantastic and mostly unmatched in it's class balance and creativity that I think a TF3 would be a very welcome addition to the F2P FPS market. The game developed some meta's over time, but it still allowed you a sandbox experience where each class is a set of uniform parameter's, but the player can take these classes and get creative with the way they played them.

    For example, a Spy can be both a sneaky camper who hangs out in quiet parts of the map OR they could be aggressive parasites, head hunting right in the middle of the main battle.

    Map design was pretty fantastic in the vanilla game but I never dove too far into the PC experience with all of the mods and community maps (and hats), but there is such a great variety between the symmetrical tight hyper-fast maps and the BIG asymmetrical strategic ones.


    Although it's just an HM on my list, this is definitely a GOTY-contender. I just had to make concessions, but this is one of the best games ever made IMO.

  • 0_1637266424655_Ratchet_&_Clank_Future_Tools_of_Destruction.png

    #9: Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction - 17 points


    #1: 2 (Brannox, DemonPirate)
    #2: 0
    #3: 0
    #4: 1 (brunojoey)
    HM: 5 (Sentinel Beach, JDINCINERATOR, Nimbat1003, DIPSET, Scotty)


    Release date: NA: October 23, EU: November 9, AU: November 15
    Developer: Insomniac Games
    Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
    Genre: Platform, action-adventure
    Platform(s): PlayStation 3



  • My first vote appearance! Pleasantly surprised to see Tools of Destruction make the countdown, and I figured it would when Eternal Sonata's one vote is a GOTY, so I knew since this is my 2007 Game of the Year, someone else voted for it too.

    For a long while, the 2016 reboot was my favorite Ratchet & Clank, and for 2007 as a whole, the game that got my second place vote (which we should see later) was my top pick. But around April of this year, I wanted to replay most of the entire R&C franchise (which, funnily enough, one of the two games I don't play came out in 2007 too and I'll give my... critiques to put it VERY lightly... about it once the countdown is over) to prepare for Rift Apart. Now, I know so. Many. Fans. all feel A Crack in Time is the best, and fair play to all and the game itself as it's solid, but for me, there's so much about Tools of Destruction I enjoy and feel it does different where ACiT moves away from and is a little more formulaic.

    When I replayed the whole series, I got back to Tools of Destruction, and just rediscovered my love for this specific game to the point it's catapulted to being by ninth favorite game of ALL TIME. This was the first game I ever got for the PS3, as I first got the console when I graduated high school (so the PS3 was already on the market for a few years). I just remember after the opening scene and you can first control Ratchet, I didn't, because I stared slackjawed at the screen because the game looks so pretty, and it graphically holds up TODAY, 14 YEARS after it came out.

    But beyond graphics and fantastic effects, Tools of Destruction introduced so much into the R&C series many love to this day. This game was the first to posit where Ratchet came from and the greater mystery of what happened to the Lombax race (granted, everyone seems to forget about Angela, who is a Lombax from Going Commando, and both she and the Bogon galaxy are never outwardly referenced since. It's weird). This is also the game where you're first introduced to the subplot of the robot pirates, and they're a delight to interact with, from ambushing you when flying to a new planet, going through their HQ on Ardolis, fighting past their entrenched defenses on the Kreeli Comet which houses the galaxy's supercomputer, and assaulting their fleet right before the climax against Cragmite Emperor Percival Tachyon.

    Speaking of which, he's delightfully annoying, ludicrous, and gives you that shade of wanting to annihilate him that he does better than many villains. As you go across the galaxy and see the outcomes of his deeds, the planets and locations are all memorable because of the unique ideas and/or set-pieces they hold.

    Jasindu, home of the small Kerchu, where the small species builds MASSIVE machinery and kills trespassers on site and culminates fighting a HUGE mech where halfway through you're flipped upside down and you have to ride a grindrail just to get to the fight. Zordoom Prison is a classic prison break, as you have to go rescue an ally named Talwyn who you meet after a couple of locations and it's so combat heavy and crazy. The aforementioned Ardolis where you have to infiltrate the Pirate's HQ and you can come back once you get a holo-disguise and loot their treasure with a dance mini-game. Fastoon, home of the Lombaxes of old where when you first show up, it's pretty deserted and you can find your knight-rider-esque ship, the Aphelion, and when you come back for the climax, Tachyon has control of it and the game's McGuffin, the Dimensionator, to rule the galaxy. And by FAR (for me) the most fun and creative place, Planet Mukow which houses the IFF: The Imperial Fight Festival, which is part obstacle course of death modeled after a state fair including a challenging platforming section in the form of a Ferris Wheel and part coliseum, which almost all R&C games have to fight rounds and bosses with special modifiers and challenges.

    As most of the places are memorable, so too are the weaponry. Like I said above, Tools of Destruction introduced a lot, and this is the first time fan favorites, the Groovitron and Mr. Zurkon appear. But there are other unique games as well like the Mag-Net Launcher, the Sixaxis needed Tornado Launcher, the Razor Claws to give melee a major edge (sorry), and this entry's RYNO, the RYNO IV, is super powerful, and to get it, you have to find RYNO plans across the galaxy and bring them to the Smuggler, who ALSO makes his first appearance as well.

    This post got out of hand, and I could go significantly longer, but I'll hold off here and end with the customary digital high-fives and shoutouts to my fellow voters: @Sentinel-Beach, @JDINCINERATOR, @Nimbat1003, @DIPSET, @Scotty, @brunojoey, and a fist-bump and thumbs up to @DemonPirate!

  • Like @Brannox says—shout out to the fellow voters on R&C.

    I feel like we take this series for granted nowadays, but Tools of Destruction is one of those games that really pushes a series forward and uses the new hardware in such a way that you see it on screen and feel it in your hands.

    Every new weapon felt like it was utilizing that sweet Cell Processor with crazy FX and destruction at any given moment. It was so fun to use the Sixaxis motion controls for some weapons. The disco ball weapon is an all timer in my eyes.

    It's just the best Ratchet & Clank game and undeniably the most ambitious one. This really blew my damn mind when I played it and I felt lucky to be able to play these crazy next-gen experiences that weren't possible before.

  • Made it to top ten let's go!

    I recall Tools of Destruction being one of the first games I was beyond captivated by. It oozed creativity and imagination. As @Brannox stated above, it introduced many mainstays in the series that are taken for granted. Seriously need to replay it someday.

    Nitpick, but I hate the NA name, haha. I get it but adding "future" is still unnecessary to me :)

  • Tools of Destruction was another disappointment for me. I love the PS2 Ratchet trilogy but this one completely changed the tone and humor of the series into something more generic.

    Gameplay wise it was nothing special and very easy. I still think it's a good game but it changed the series for the worst. I think the only game that came close to being as good as the PS2 trilogy is A Crack in Time.

  • Nice. Tools of Destruction came bundled with my PS3 when I bought the console (also with the original Uncharted, so that was a great package all in all!). And damn, did the game look phenomenal with the HD graphics or what! A very enjoyable game otherwise as well, an easy HM this time around.

  • 0_1637351303008_Gow2-2.jpg

    #8: God of War II - 20 points


    #1: 3 (Sentinel Beach, Nimbat1003, Scotty)
    #2: 0
    #3: 0
    #4: 1 (Brannox)
    HM: 3 (brunojoey, DIPSET, bam541)


    Release date: NA: March 13, EU: April 27, AU: May 3
    Developer: Santa Monica Studio
    Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
    Genre: Action-adventure, hack and slash
    Platform(s): PlayStation 2


    GT Review

  • God of War II is a really solid game and entry in the franchise, and the hook of traveling back in time to undo the betrayal at the start was interesting. There are some memorable fights/moments like fighting the Colossus of Rhodes, moving the Steeds of Time, fighting the Barbarian King (and a return of the Boat Captain), fighting the last Spartan, impaling the Kraken to get to the Phoenix, ripping the wings off Icarus and shortly after using them to navigate THROUGH Atlas (r.i.p. Michael Clarke Duncan), and the revelation Zeus is your father after stabbing the one ally has on Olympus in Athena as she tries to save Zeus.

    For a game to come out on the PS2 a year AFTER the PS3, I feel like it's a respectable swan song for the greatest selling console of all time (as of writing. Who knows if the Switch will catch up.). It looks and plays well, though in truth, I prefer the reboot, the original, and Chains of Olympus more than II, as I feel all three of those games have more enjoyable locations/plot points. I also really like how II introduces the Urns to make subsequent playthroughs have more incentives (in addition to the costume options for better magic or Rage of the Titans, or other factors).

    It JUST misses out on being in my top 50 games of all time (I have it 51st right now), it's still an enjoyable time no matter how many times I replay it. I'm looking forward to having a series replay leading into Ragnarok. As far as my 2007 ballot, it BARELY is above the HMs, with my fifth place game being right behind in on my top games list (It won't show, so I'll talk about it in the wrap up post). And as always, shout out to my fellow voters: @brunojoey, @DIPSET, @bam541, @Sentinel-Beach, @Nimbat1003, and @Scotty!