The EZA Community Top 20 Best of 2007!

  • Persona 3 looks appealing to me from a tone perspective, but those dungeons just look way too bland for me to dedicate 100 hours of playtime. P4:G is a great game, but those quality of life improvements helped get me over the hump of bland dungeons. I've heard P3 is difficult and a bit obtuse in it's dungeon design so I just don't think it'll be a game for me.

  • I've said enough regarding my disinterest in Persona, however, I DO believe THIS Persona was the impetus of bringing the franchise into mainstream awareness and zeitgeist in a major way. I haven't heard a WORD regarding the first two, and while the last two are heralded as a couple of the greatest JRPGs of all time, the times I have heard anything regarding Persona 3, it's was an introduction to the series as being the spin-off from SMT proper.

  • I have a lot of problems with Persona 3, but the game's story, characters, and overall style has made an impression on me that will stay for a long time. The game is slick and confident in its presentation, and even in its worst parts, the game still has some cool things to show you. The story is quite well paced (gameplay difficulty spikes aside), and I had a blast getting to know the cast of characters here. Having characters like Yukari, Junpei, Mitsuru and Akihiko from the get go is a great decision, considering the variety of personalities at hand, and there's obviously more people to meet too. It also helps that the main story often throws interesting or uncomfortable situations for the group, helping all of them bond in a "trial by fire" sort of way. I also really enjoy the modern small city setting of the game. It kinda feels like the in-between of P4's Inaba and P5's Tokyo, not as comfy as Inaba but not as hectic as Tokyo. The actual combat system of the game is just great, I love how eager it is to punish you when you're not careful, but the Tartarus exploration can get really tiring at times, so it's good that the social links and slice-of-life visual novel gameplay provides a much needed refresher in between, and I think I spent more time in those sections compared to the Tartarus, it's always has been the most fun part of Persona for me. So yeah, my biggest problem with P3 is obviously the Tartarus, which is just not fun to explore. I also don't like some of the story arcs/beats, like when Junpei is interested in that goth girl, or when the group gets stuck in that romantic hotel thingy. The villains can act a bit too cheesy as well. There's a lot more things I like here than dislike, but the Tartarus aspect is especially accentuated after playing Persona 4 and 5 and seeing all the gameplay improvements there. Still, it's more than good enough to be called a great game, and I would love to revisit it again, maybe through a remaster of sorts. I hope Atlus gets to that someday.

  • Techincally we (EU) got this in 2008 but it counted for the list.
    I really enjoyed Persona 3 and it was the actually the first in the series that we received here in the UK. I guess I wasn't overly attached to it though as, at the time, I still preferred what I guess I would call 'traditional' JRPGs but the mix of dungeon crawling and sim elements certainly grew on me.
    I was quite pissed off over this game though as I picked it up on launch (FEB 2008) only for FES to go and get announced and released just 7-8 months later. Annoyed me no end.

    Tomb Raider Anniversary - I was surprised this was my number one to be honest as I too prefer the PS1 original. It was only an ok year for me though and as mentioned before, I was mostly playing WoW. A fantastic remake though, even if it felt bits were missing. To say I prefer CD's approach and result with this reboot to their 2013 effort would be an understatement.

  • @sheria said in The EZA Community Top 20 Best of 2007!:

    Tomb Raider Anniversary - I was surprised this was my number one to be honest

    I was also surprised. I remember you speaking very negative about it on the GT forums.

  • @neocweeny said in The EZA Community Top 20 Best of 2007!:

    @sheria said in The EZA Community Top 20 Best of 2007!:

    Tomb Raider Anniversary - I was surprised this was my number one to be honest

    I was also surprised. I remember you speaking very negative about it on the GT forums.

    I could only imagine I would been pitting it up against the original or at least arguing with someone who thought the original was bad.
    I can certainly pick the game apart if needs be :)

  • @sheria I don't remember what you said.

    For years I way thinking you hate this game XD

  • 0_1637094545140_Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations.jpg

    #11: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations - 11 points


    #1: 0
    #2: 0
    #3: 3 (DemonPirate, Tearju Engi, Sheria)
    #4: 0
    HM: 2 (Sentinel Beach, Axel)


    Release date: NA: October 23
    Developer: Capcom Production Studio 4
    Publisher: Capcom
    Genre: Adventure, visual novel
    Platform(s): Game Boy Advance, PC, Nintendo DS, Wii, Android, iOS, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One



  • Both 2007 Ace Attorney games are equally great, but I only had one spot left on my list and voted for Justice for All. Trials and Tribulations is #9 on my list.

  • See previous comment after previous Ace Attorney game above.

  • Culmination, the game.

  • @shoulderguy This is the first time I've seen someone prefer Justice for All over Trials and Tribulations. JFA is generally regarded as the weakest in the trilogy (sometimes series) while the opposite with TAT.

    May I ask why you think JFA is a better game?

  • @demonpirate I don't think it's a better game. I played the first 3 Ace Attorney games back-to-back and enjoyed all of them. But I only had one spot left because I didn't want to drop my other honorable mentions.

  • Niiiice, both of them made it!

    I wish I could have given points to both but I had to make a choice, and Trials and Tribulations is indeed the absolute culmination of the original trilogy, so satisfying.

  • I didn't have that many greats games from 2007 on my list, so it was actually pretty easy to give spots for both these AA games. I, too, played the trilogy back-to-back, so to distinguish one from another has become a bit blurry in my mind. Really enjoyable stories, all in all.

  • 0_1637180118422_Tf2.jpg

    #10. Team Fortress 2 - 13 points


    #1: 0
    #2: 1 (E_Zed_Eh_Intern, kindiman)
    #3: 1 (Capnbobamous)
    #4: 0
    HM: 2 (DIPSET, DemonPirate)


    Release date: (The Orange Box) NA: October 10, EU: October 18, AU: October 25
    Developer: Valve
    Publisher: Valve
    Genre: First-person shooter
    Platform(s): PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, OS X, Linux



  • Every time I hear/see anything Team Fortress 2, I always wonder, "How was Team Fortress 1," because this is the ONLY TF game ANYONE talks about. Regardless, it's a multiplayer game, so I stay far away especially since over the years I've heard it's yet another online game/franchise rife with toxicity and I don't need that garbage.

  • @brannox it's a mod for the original Quake. I never played that one but I did play TF Classic which was a mod for the original Half Life. It was good and so is TF2 but not good enough for my top 8. I didn't play it for too long. Mostly because of another 2007 online shooter.

  • Justice For All might be the weakest of the Trilogy when compared to other two especially when 1st game got a new case when it was released here and takes advantage of DS.
    But even with only 4 cases the last one is easily one of the best cases.
    And cases also started to be more beefier excluding 1st case of each game. Capcom has many characters that are basically a stereotype but they are so well presented. Might not vibe with everyone but they are fun.

  • So this is where the The Orange Box vs individual games really tore me apart. I love all three of those (new) games in the package but there is only so much space for nominations and I had to give it to TF2.

    TF2 is in my Top 5 all time multiplayer shooter games (Halo 3, Warhawk, SOCOM II, TF2, TLOU). I haven't played it since the F2P era around 2011 or 2012 when it started to get a bit crazy with cosmetics and community maps, etc, but the core gameplay here is ridiculously great.

    In fact, the gameplay is so fantastic and mostly unmatched in it's class balance and creativity that I think a TF3 would be a very welcome addition to the F2P FPS market. The game developed some meta's over time, but it still allowed you a sandbox experience where each class is a set of uniform parameter's, but the player can take these classes and get creative with the way they played them.

    For example, a Spy can be both a sneaky camper who hangs out in quiet parts of the map OR they could be aggressive parasites, head hunting right in the middle of the main battle.

    Map design was pretty fantastic in the vanilla game but I never dove too far into the PC experience with all of the mods and community maps (and hats), but there is such a great variety between the symmetrical tight hyper-fast maps and the BIG asymmetrical strategic ones.


    Although it's just an HM on my list, this is definitely a GOTY-contender. I just had to make concessions, but this is one of the best games ever made IMO.