The Game Awards GOTY Nominees are...

  • Vote #1 Metroid Dread for GOTY

  • Maybe putting Returnal over R&C would be more acceptable I don't know. Also there is no indie after some years, interesting. 🤔

  • @scotty returnal doesn't have the brand recognition that R&C has

    pretty sure R&C mainly got in because it used buzzwords like "Raytracing" to market itself. the only thing i'd really change about this Nominee list is i'd probably swap RE village with Monster Hunter Rise but otherwise this year has a decent list

  • Psychonauts got my vote

  • Psychonauts got my vote too. Very surprised that it got no nomination for voice acting since it had several great performances.

  • No Returnal nominee is a bummer. Likewise, I probably would've removed Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart for it or maybe even Resident Evil Village. Even though it isn't shady, It Takes Two being nominated there just feels kind of shady, but there's nothing you can do about that without being unfair to those devs I guess. None of this matters though. We all know Deathloop is going to win, and it is going to sweep up a ton of other categories, because it is THAT GAME this year that's in a billion categories even though there's basically no lasting buzz for it.

    @Phbz said:

    Very surprised that it got no nomination for voice acting since it had several great performances.

    Don't you know only overly dramatic voice acting performances get awarded? If you aren't making people cry, you're worthless. :)

    Edit: Oh I forgot. Among these, I'm voting Psychonauts 2.

  • Deathloop is the only one I played so I guess I'm rooting for that, lol. I might get R&C Rift Apart soon since my whole plan for this month got fucked so that might get my vote instead.

  • I've finished all the GOTY nominees except for It Takes Two. I did watch Blood and Brandon's full playthrough though. Which was a fun way to experience that game.

    Psychonauts 2 also gets my vote. I like the other nominees too, but they all have a few different things holding them back from being GOTY IMO. Psychonauts 2 is the best, most complete game of 2021.

  • I guess I should play Psychonauts 2 and FH5. Honestly, Village is a contender in my eyes. I had enough fun to beat it three times.

    Seems like Returnal is one of those games that people want to beat a few times too so I’m surprised it wasn’t nominated but I kinda get it when a game pounds you into submission so early on.

  • @mbun said in The Game Awards GOTY Nominees are...:

    We all know Deathloop is going to win

    Deathloop had such a shitty annoying markteting theme song it actually made me less interested in the game.

  • @yoshi

    That is one the reasons but from what I gather Returnal was more solid.

    RE8 is the only one in there that I'm %100 sure.