The Game Awards GOTY Nominees are...

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  • @dmcmaster the worst part was he made us think it was just gonna be Super Giant. I was just gonna leave during the performance but then I saw that and had to stay. He manipulated me into listening to Imagine Dragons!

  • It Takes Two just didn't clicked for me. The cutscenes between levels were painful to watch, the whole vibe just didn't work for me or my gf. Gameplay was fine.

    Me and my gf just gave up on it, comparing it with 3D world, which I played with her this year, it was just OK, competent. Mario plays with you, subverts mechanics, made us laugh plenty of times. ITT felt kind of safe, but very well executed.

    It's nice seeing an EA game getting some recognition without being one of their nauseating yearly franchisings.

  • i cried hearing this. i'm not afraid to admit it.

    2021 has been a glorious year to be a Metroid fan. let's hope there are many more to come.

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  • @phbz said:

    ITT felt kind of safe, but very well executed.

    That's kind of how I feel. The environments of the game are always trying to maintain this ground of realism, but because of that you never get anything super whimsical. The kaleidoscope part is maybe the closest they get, but it just ends up being more literal than material used to create something special from the idea of being in a kaleidoscope. It is like a greatest hits playlist of things from your childhood, especially with all the minigames being like passably okay versions of a thing you usually have some familiarity with, that tends to lack depth because you're meant to do it a couple times max and move on. What's impressive is that there's so little jank across a wide array of activities, especially in a coop setting, but at the same time few of the activities feel truly tight. They equally lack creativity in the sense of originality.

    Where the game shines more in my opinion is the story and the characters. Yeah, lots of people don't really like the main characters, and you're not exactly supposed to given they're going for a both are flawed thing so you root for their child instead. I think the game's story beats stay pretty wild and unpredictable throughout, often aiming for shock value in a way that's maybe a bit juvenile, but it super works for the overall story because your two main characters are constantly showing how juvenile they are and how in need they are of outside intervention for the sake of their child. The game is fine though, letting the focus linger away from the pair long enough for you to get invested in these other crazy characters, before pulling back to force awkward interaction with them all in the interest of marching forward to get back to your child and return to normal. It just works and keeps things interesting with always being unsure where the game will go next or exactly how close you are to the end.

    It's nice seeing an EA game getting some recognition without being one of their nauseating yearly franchisings.

    True, although it has also had the effect where when I see It Takes Two getting praised as "an indie game", and that makes me cringe knowing it has crazy EA money backing it to the point where it is basically is not one. I'm still glad EA is funding stuff like this, but it is clearly an attempt to generate good will, and it doesn't make me forget all the horrible things they've done in the past. Sadly, I don't think some GOTY awards are going to wholesale change the games EA makes or funds. It will always come down to the money. This is a win for Josef Fares and his team, but in the longrun I don't think it will lead to much change in what kinds of projects these huge publishers pursue.

    @Yoshi If you mean the orchestra, this year's medley didn't really hit me, but I get what you mean from past years. If you cried from Metroid Dread losing GOTY, that's just funny to me. I was just surprised It Takes Two got it, but I guess if I'm being honest I kind of had no clear horse in the race since Returnal didn't make the GOTY nominations list, so I was mostly down for whatever winning.

  • @sheria said in The Game Awards GOTY Nominees are...:

    Deathloop has been fantastic for me so far.

    Exactly its definitely one of the most innovative game of current gen. sure it has flaws like bad AI but still.

    many people not like it didnot understand it. but it should have won GOTY.

    Also, Alan wake 2 announcement was highlight of the show. been waiting for it since 10 years.

  • @mbun seeing the orchestra perform the theme of Samus Aran was amazing.

    Metroid Dread didn't win GOTY, but it did win a major award which is more than what Ratchet & Clank and Pyschonauts can say.

    Metroid has not only had a previously thought to be cancelled game announced after 19 years, the game has been released, is getting high sales now, been nominated for GOTY and shown off in an orchestra AND it's won the best action adventure award, and all within the space of 6 months.

    2021 was a fantastic year for the Metroid series

  • @yoshi Have you played Rift Apart or Psychonauts 2?

  • @jdincinerator not yet. i do intend to play Pyschonauts 2 at some point though. Halo infinite is taking up most of my gaming time atm

  • @jdincinerator I just can’t get into it. Idk why.