Character Head-To-Head

  • Here's another game for y'all to play. The following is a list of big-name characters squaring off against each other in a vs. like format. Choose which of the combatants you think would win in a bar fight:

    Master Chief vs. Samus Aran
    Tommy Vercetti vs. Claude
    Link vs. Bowser
    Kirby vs. Yoshi
    Marcus Fenix vs. Nathan Drake
    Kratos vs. Cloud Strife
    Leon S Kennedy vs. Sonic The Hedgehog
    Clank vs. Daxter
    Dante vs Bayonetta
    Tom Nook vs. John Marston

  • Master Chief vs. Samus Aran - Samus uses missiles as keys to open doors, no chance.
    Tommy Vercetti vs. Claude
    Link vs. Bowser - I feel like Bowser is just a loser who cant win anything or anyone.
    Kirby vs. Yoshi - Just too cute.
    Marcus Fenix vs. Nathan Drake - And hopefully Marcus chainsaws Nathan, just to make sure.
    Kratos vs. Cloud Strife - Kratos smashes Cloud's head against a wall repeatedly, just to make sure.
    Leon S Kennedy vs. Sonic The Hedgehog - Leon quits to save his hair.
    Clank vs. Daxter - The both die a tragic death.
    Dante vs Bayonetta - Obliteration!
    Tom Nook vs. John Marston - No physical confrontation, John sees himself owning too much and quits living.

  • I just want to say that Marcus will manhandle Nate in a bar fight. Like, he will get beaten up 5x worse than what Nadine did to him in U4, lol. Unless he manages to escape midfight.

  • @bam541 Marcus would shove a frag down Nate's throat and it'd explode out his ass.

  • Master Chief vs. Samus Aran - Chief has 360 no scopes.

    Tommy Vercetti vs. Claude - Italiano > Frenchmen.

    Link vs. Bowser - Bowser is too dumb.

    Kirby vs. Yoshi - Defeating Kirby would be a 175 episode anime arch. Otherwise, invinvible.

    Marcus Fenix vs. Nathan Drake - Drake has guardian angels. Marcus can't turn his chest or neck.

    Kratos vs. Cloud Strife - Unhinged. Kratos would rip the heads off of Avalanche in a heart beat.

    Leon S Kennedy vs. Sonic The Hedgehog - Leon doesn't have enough ammo or a good enough shot to catch Sonic. Easy W for Sonic.

    Clank vs. Daxter - Daxter gives me alcoholic vibes. He'll drink himself to death. Clank just needs oil.

    Dante vs Bayonetta - Hard to beat a demon hunter but I feel like heel guns and spike coffins gives Bayo a slight edge.

    Tom Nook vs. John Marston - A big bank roll can defeat anyone. Unfortunately, a guy who wrangles cows can't beat a tycoon.

    Nook can bury any of these characters into submission with his capital and political influence. He is the Chevron, British Petroleum, Nestle, Jeffery Epstein of video game characters. He could dump 150M tons of oil runoff from one of his islands into Marston's farm and never have any consequences for it. He might even be able to erase Kirby with the right moves.

  • Leon can catch Sonic using bear traps, and then Leon just steps on him and it is over.

  • @chocobop Sonic would trigger and move past the bear trap before it could snap shut.

  • Cloud Strife might have become super human through experiments but he wont stand a chance against Kratos who become Demi-god.

    Now against Asura, thats would be entirely different story.

  • New

    King of All Cosmos vs Voldo

    Mike Tyson vs Batman

    Eric Sparrow vs Big Smoke

    Chloe Frazier vs Jill Valentine

    Donkey Kong vs Shrek


  • @dipset

    Voldo- toilet roll mummy hermaphrodite for the win!
    Mike Tyson-Tyson will punch the Bat back to his cave.
    Big Smoke-Sparrow's gonna get dipped.
    Jill Valentine- Valentine's been to dirty depths Chloe's never been to.
    Shrek-Can you take me higher to a place where Shrek may roam.