WWE 2K22

  • WWE videogames return in March with WWE 2K22. I've been sorta off the rails when it comes to WWE content but what with the return of the Ruthless Aggression with season 2 coming very soon and the new WWE 2K22 trailer, I feel like now is the time to get stuck in.
    Youtube Video

  • It ain't Ruthless Aggression DLC unless it also comes with Nu Metal soundtrack.

    Honestly, I'm gonna hold out on wrestling games until the AEW game by Yukes is out (likely 2-ish years). In the meantime, I am allegedly getting to borrow my buddy's PS2 along with HCTP and SvR at XMas so I'm excited.

  • @dipset That sort of Christmas present makes me jealous.

  • @dipset Same here, WWE2K22 does look good from this trailer, but I'm distancing myself from WWE altogether at this point, so I'll patiently wait for the AEW game.

    I just hope it will have a sufficient budget to compete. Have they ever shown anything from that game?

  • @axel Only a teaser as far as I'm aware.


    And they honestly shouldn’t have even shown that teaser trailer because the animation was obviously unfinished. It has no weight, it’s too fast, has no anticipation.

    So yeah, it’s early…

    BUT, I read something from an AEW rep that stated they are taking this game seriously. The game is getting $20M from AEW and hopefully more from another investor or two. So we know games cost like $100M nowadays but I feel like $20M is a healthy number for a strong team. Especially if it’s USD and the studio is Japanese.

  • This one surprised me big time this morning. Things look goooood. And there's a lot different modes to be played. The fan favourite GM mode returns for the first time since the 2008 version. Haven't ever played it personally, but it does sound neat. And the graphics and the wrestlers themselves look really detailed this time around. I'm kinda hyped, to be honest!

  • @sentinel-beach

    I'll bet on it being a glitchy mess. The video got framey here and there too. I think this is a good trailer and it'll be business as usual for WWE 2K.