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  • @GoTaco That sounds similar to the place I go, though mine has books, movies, games, etc.. so probably a smaller selection. I plan on stocking up (and getting a SNES) when I get a job

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    Just went to this used games store in Toronto that seems to be the Mecca of re-sale over here. SNES, NES, Atari this, Atari that, every handheld, mint games, used mint games, PS2, PS1, EVERYTHING!

    They have 4 or 5 employees working the trade in section (it has its own section for trade ins, this place was bumping).

    The second I graduate and find a decent job, I'm spending a solid amount of my time trying out everything before my era. I'm gonna buy an SNES and some must play games. Also gonna buy cords for my Genesis that I haven't played in 10 years cause the AV cords are all messed up and need a VCR or some shit to even work.

    How's new hitman gotaco?? I'm waiting for full version but is it worth it now??

  • @Faaip
    Only Gamestop. And their selection of current gen games, particularly for the PS4. Is severely lacking. Also not a fan of the condition many of their used game discs and covers are in. I got a copy of Injustice that was really scratched up. And it crapped out months after I brought it.

    I've played almost all of the last gen games I was interested in prior to getting a PS4. So that's not much of an option except for a few. But what's probably the most important now, is me figuring out what kind of game I'm in the mood for. Don't want to spend money on a short game I'll finish in a few days. So I guess its gonna have to be something at least 20 hours long. Not sure though if I can do a 50 hour game now. So I'm in a tight spot for gaming. Unless something very appealing goes on sale come Tuesday.

    On another note, happy to see this thread is bringing the community together.

  • @GoTaco
    Cool, have a similar place in Orlando, although its about an hour away if I get nothing but green lights. So i typically only go on my off days. Plus they have an awesome selection of import games (tempted to buy boxed JPN copies of Link to the past thru Skyward Sword)

  • I live near NYC, so there's some places that do sell used and older games in good condition. But they're pretty expensive. I saw an unboxed copy of Super Mario World on the SNES in a respected spot in Manhattan, going for $50 dollars. I got copies of that game for like $7 bucks on Amazon. One of them was included in my SNES purchase that was no more than $60 bucks.

    There is one private game store near me now that I remember. But its prices aren't much better than what I can get online. So I've only brought one game there (Resident Evil Zero) in recent years. After coming back to see it dropped to $15 bucks. I suppose if I have time, I can check it out to see if anything I want is $20 or lower.

  • @Black-Cell
    I'm waiting too. I only played the beginning with a friend. It plays borderline flawless and the levels are nice but there are A LOT of hints. May not be as puzzling.

  • Ah The Witcher.. once again I play for an hour, accomplish nothing and wonder where the time went and what happened

  • This month could be the 1st month I don't buy any new game since... I don't even know (and Metroid II Remake doesn't count). There is simply nothing in august I care much about.
    September though...

  • @Musou-Tensei
    Well the summer is the slow time of the year for game releases. Although early June and late August are still good release windows.

    Still, always great to save cash for what you really want. Instead of a not so great substitute.

  • Banned

    Wolfenstien TNO/TOB are like 15 bux and 12 bux respectively on PSN right now.
    If you like fucking insanely well crafted single player shooters, this game will blow your dick out the back of your jeans.

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    Wolfenstien TNO/TOB are like 15 bux and 12 bux respectively on PSN right now.
    If you like fucking insanely well crafted single player shooters, this game will blow your dick out the back of your jeans.

    well im FPS fan who love SP shooters to death. and i hate wolfenstien TNO.
    Its not even shadow of RTCW.

  • Banned

    @Black-Cell Yeah but you've proven time and time again that you have shit opinions about games.
    Half the time I think you're trolling.

  • So I'm in midtown Manhattan yesterday. And I see a huge crowd of people running south down 5th avenue. So given that is NYC, I have to wonder what the hell is going on. Do we got an active shooter, terrorist incident, or some other form of disaster ?

    Then me and some others saw some people with a Pikachu bag. And along with smiles and a phone out, realized they were just playing Pokemon Go. And they probably heard of a Charizard or equally rare and powerful pokemon in the area.

  • Imported that open world photography game with the long ass name. Also finally getting back into Dark Souls 3. Which I personally find it a bit funny how I go thru moods for Souls and Racing Sims.

  • @-Jak-
    I saw the same thing a few weeks ago downtown, this mass of people running out of the library to the lake. Had me confused and scared for a moment lol

  • So I been craving to play a proper City Simulator (like the old Sim Cities), and managed to get my older bro's dinosaur PC (a Gateway from pre-2006) to run my copy of Sim City 3000.

    Turns out if I really want to enjoy this game. I'm gonna have to watch more YouTube tip videos and take notes. As I kinda sucked at building my city. I remember I was decent when I last played it, after taking some tips from my lil bro who was part of a Sim City competition years ago. And I honestly felt nostalgia booting up SC 3000 and seeing the intro video. Too bad I can't hook up the tower to my TV, and gotta use some small monitor instead on a small table.

  • Never have I been more happy to have some SNES games on my 3DS. Thanks power outage for giving me a reason to replay Mega Man X

  • What is the situation with the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2 remasters now, today? I know they arrived couple of months back not as perfect as they could have, but how are they now? Has there been patches? What about the DLC characters? Apparently they added those to MUA 1, but what about 2?

    There's a bundle on PSN now for 40 euros (-33 % sale), which got me interested in getting these for my PS4. I used to love this series. Hopefully a third one is coming next year or something like that.