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  • For discussions that don't necessarily warrant a thread. And for the building of this community by creating a consistent active environment to discuss aspects of the games we love or, want to vent on.

    We can start off with just this one thread. And if there's a nice community buildling here that can justify having their own thread for X platform. That can be discussed and arraigned at another time.

    Till then, I'll start by saying I'm really intrigued with ABZU. The underwater game where you are a diver exploring the depths of the ocean. Seems so relaxing swimming among creatures of the sea. Reminds me of Flower.

  • i was gonna make a thread about this, but seeing as this thread is here.

    fucking lawbreakers not having controller support really pisses me off, idc how much better m/kb is, i'm a controller guy and i want that's not like i'm gonna get super competitive in the game so give me the option to use a damn controller as imo m/kb are just not a fun way to play video games.


  • Going to a Zelda concert tonight, and luckily I didn't pay out the nose like last year (paid $102 for a nosebleed seat last year)

  • Finally bought Blood and Wine and put maybe between 5-10 hours in so far. I'm loving Toussaint.. got to compete in a tournament, fight cool monsters, a few Lord of the Rings references. Feels good to get back into the Witcher world.. especially since it may be the last time.

  • Final Fantasy XV has a season pass now. LOL

    This is going to be a glorious trainwreck.

  • @KingofDMC
    Options of controller input are certainly welcomed.

  • Deus ex mankind divided coming out in weeks. Cant wait for GOTY 2016.

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    @Stephleref said in General Gaming Discussion:

    Final Fantasy XV has a season pass now. LOL

    This is going to be a glorious trainwreck.

    Having a season pass doesn't automatically mean a game is going to be bad.

    Even good games that have been released today have had a shit ton of dlc.

  • Yeah, but Final Fantasy 15 certainly deserves the same negative press every game has been getting for announcing season passes or DLC out ahead of release.

    Besides, the whole appeal of that game is that it's a bloated, disgustingly unsustainable blockbuster and it'll be fun just to play it and find out whether it's Batman v Superman or Avatar.

  • I really like the state FF 13 was released as. It was highly polished and there was no update for me to install even after buying the game months after release. DLC was cosmetic stuff if I remember correctly. A bit of a treat for the time.

    Won't be surprised that the FF 15 season pass content, was cut out to help cover the bloated costs of this game being in development hell. Now with the season pass, I have to definitely consider waiting for a better deal come holiday sales.

  • @-Jak- said in General Gaming Discussion:

    I really like the state FF 13 was released as. It was highly polished and there was no update for me to install even after buying the game months after release.

    That is a MASSIVE plus for me. I wish games could just be released and stay that way. With DLC separate from patches. Like if I wanted to boot up my PS3 in 20 years, when its probably not supported anymore, what games could I just insert and play.
    Updates are great at times, but I'm very worried about sustainability with consoles.

  • @pphair
    It will probably be a long time before PSN support for the PS3 is shut down. Some PS2 servers were still active late into the PS3 lifecycle.

    But more so, its more of a developer and publisher issue of the release state of games. And outside of Bethesda games, I can't really think of a classic game that has an unplayable campaign without patches. As online play will obvious be shut down at some point.

  • Its safe for me to say quake champions is going to be best MP FPS this generation. easily

  • I'm on a retro gaming journey since I didn't really start playing games until the mid-2000's (my parents were anti-gaming for a while). What I'm starting to realize however, is some games are too dated for me. I've tried to play classics like Final Fantasy 7 (I'm really trying to like it) but I've struggled. Yet at the same time I can enjoy games like Persona One with little issue. I'm trying to figure out what the difference is, but right now it seems like it's a matter of interfaces and button schemes.

  • @michemagius I've definitively had issues with old good games that for some reason I just can't enjoy now, interestingly Persona is one of those I couldn't put myself through, despite being a HUGE P3 and P4 fan (currently enjoying 2 for the first time). And I can't really point to a specific reason why.

    One thing that I've noticed is that mechanics seems to be a big issue for me, I couldn't play more than 10 minutes of thief 1 because it just felt archaic, and last time I played Goldeneye it just felt completely wrong.

  • @bard91 That is kind of funny, but I can see where P1 would be a drag, P2 is great though. It's strange how some games work and others don't in terms of being dated when they came out around the same time.

  • Maybe I should give a retro game a go. I'm in need of another game to play. And I had a hard time picking something out with my budget. I'm so used to playing on the PS4 though, that idk if I can go back to the PS3.

    Sucks not having a nice gaming PC where I can easily get something good fairly cheap. And have a selection to choose from with the amount of money I'm looking to spend.

  • @-Jak- Got any used game stores near you? I get a lot of older games used, sometimes for a really good price. Sometimes gamestop or walmart (online) have some good deals too

  • Just went to this used games store in Toronto that seems to be the Mecca of re-sale over here. SNES, NES, Atari this, Atari that, every handheld, mint games, used mint games, PS2, PS1, EVERYTHING!

    They have 4 or 5 employees working the trade in section (it has its own section for trade ins, this place was bumping).

    The second I graduate and find a decent job, I'm spending a solid amount of my time trying out everything before my era. I'm gonna buy an SNES and some must play games. Also gonna buy cords for my Genesis that I haven't played in 10 years cause the AV cords are all messed up and need a VCR or some shit to even work.

  • @GoTaco That sounds similar to the place I go, though mine has books, movies, games, etc.. so probably a smaller selection. I plan on stocking up (and getting a SNES) when I get a job