Tales of Arise OR Lost Judgment

  • Please help me decide whether I should buy Tales of Arise or Lost Judgment.

  • Both, definitely both.

  • @dmcmaster I'd love to get both but if you had to choose one which would win out?

  • Tales has a demo. Not sure if Lost Judgement does.

    I feel like I've seen slumping review scores for Tales then out of the woodwork, Arise is getting a lot of praise. Whereas Judgement is business as usual (albeit—next gen business as usual).

    Idk, I haven't played either but Judgement didn't blow me away and I've heard Lost Judgement has some lopsided storytelling as it goes on. Maybe check out Arise to see what the hype is about since you know what to expect with Lost Judgement.

  • If you like to do side quests. Lost Judgment.
    Main story is good but 1st game's story was better IMHO. Side stories are best than ever from RGG Studio.
    Tales is very good and if you hope to grind to overlevel, it ain't happening but you can choose difficulity and save anytime.
    Both have fun combat but I played Tales mostly in auto and input some specials or controlled if needed and still had a blast.
    There are lots of skits. I like them but some might not though luckily you can skip them.
    Both are easily top 5 or even 3 on my list.
    So depending what you prefer you should go with it.

  • Lost Judgement. You don't simply buy Tales of Arise. So much shit is locked behind DLC, Deluxe Edition, Hootle Edition, etc. including entire Skilltrees for your characters with Attacks and Stat Bonuses locked behind them. They nickle and dime the absolute shit out of you. Also, if you don't buy into all that shit, the game becomes much less fun and way more grindy for levels to keep up with content, because you're not getting these Artifact bonuses to EXP gains and such that the game is balanced around you having. Yeah, Tales of Arise is pretty, but other than that it really didn't impress me all that much, and all the MTX shit is just absolutely disgusting and worth passing on the game for alone.

    Meanwhile, as far as I know, Lost Judgement doesn't suffer from any of this. You buy the game and can enjoy it.

  • @mbun yeah. Bandai Namco has been known doing all these DLC stuff on previous Tales games already do not surprising and it is indeed scummy but I still enjoyed the game a lot nevertheless.