Top 10 Ubisoft Games

  • I've had a penchant for ragging too much on Ubisoft thanks to the modern idiosyncrasies that pop up in many of their games these days. Huge open worlds littered with collectibles, flat characters and stories, an attitude conveying a coolness akin to a aging granddad trying to get down with the teenagers of today, and the general sense their catalogue is starting to blend together with nobodies taking up real estate on the front of the videogame box. But this countdown is about celebrating the very best of Ubisoft, a list of classics serving to remind gamers what Ubisoft are truly capable of at their zenith-and games we need to see more of. So without further waffling here are my top 10 favourite Ubisoft games:

    10.Beyond Good And Evil
    Sometimes the best videogames are those that go by largely unnoticed and that definitely can be said for Beyond Good & Evil as it's one of the most beloved unheralded games in the industry. The fact Ubisoft made Beyond Good & Evil seems ridiculous judging by what we've seen from the sequel, but in 2003 an action-adventure starring a heroine whose profession is that of a curious photojournalist was the kind of daring concept Ubi championed at the time and is one of the best of examples of why they should return to these unassuming titles.

    9.Splinter Cell: Conviction
    Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the original three Splinter Cell games, but Conviction was a great stealth action title. Sure Conviction disposed of the more purest approach for a stylistic and speedy alternative, but the Mark & Execute mechanic was a fantastic way to make you feel like a badass.

    8.South Park: The Stick of Truth
    Maybe the funniest game on this list, South Park: The Stick of Truth is one of the greatest videogames spearheaded by a TV show cast. The vulgarity and the brilliant satire from South Park carries over to this wonderful RPG that ably translates South Park's crude antics into a remarkable gameplay experience. The Stick of Truth is one of those games you may not believe could ever exist and yet it does and the end result is tops.

    7.Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
    Much like the previous entry's surprise, the announcement of Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is something we never saw coming and we never thought would be so damn good. A strategy turn-based RPG starring the Mushroom Kingdom's finest and those pesky Rabbids, Kindom Battle was a marvelous and delightful game bubbling with vibrant colours and a challenging but fair gameplay conceit. Ubisoft and Nintendo teaming together for a project seemed like it could make for a strange pairing that'd produce weird results, so the fact they partnered up to create this shining Switch gem is rather miraculous all things considered.

    6.Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag
    Of all the Assassins Creed games that could've filled this one entry per franchise slot, it seems ludicrous that the selected entry is the most uncanny of the mainline series. There is no one solid setting on land, but you sail to a bunch of small islands which you can plunder for treasure, you engage in naval skirmishes where you hurl canon fire that explodes and splinters enemy warships, and there is a painterly pleasure to the views you won't witness in other games. Turns out that venturing out to sea is where Assassins Creed shines most, and although that sounds like the antithesis to a great Assassins Creed game, it's the crown jewel and measuring stick of the franchise.

    5.Watch Dogs 2
    No other game on this list needed to prove more than Watch Dogs 2 did. Coming off a highly divisive debut, Watch Dogs 2 not only needed to prove that Watch Dogs 2 was the dog's bollocks but needed to address all the criticisms sceptics threw at the original like cheap port. Thankfully Watch Dogs 2 turned out to be an excellent open-world game with a San Francisco you could hack at your leisure. Watch Dogs 2 had great vibes and a terrific sense of personality as well, combining a love of retro with anti-establishment graffiti in a blend that was ultra cool-and that perfectly describes Watch Dogs 2 as a whole-just an ultra cool open-world game.

    4.Far Cry 3
    Coming off a frustrating tour to Africa in Far Cry 2, Far Cry 3 rewrote the rulebook and rejuvenated the Far Cry as we know it, with its remnants still present in every entry since. Far Cry 3 exploded onto the scene with a terrific sense of freedom backdropped by an idyllic island paradise, a sadistic straight-talking villain that makes you question your motives, and overhauled super-smooth stealth, making the switch from Rambo-like ballistics to sneaking around a total synch. Far Cry 3 changed the face of Far Cry and its DNA still defines the series-that's how much of a groundbreaker it still is today.

    3.Rainbow Six: Vegas
    Rainbow Six lit up the sky as it touched down in the night of Sin City courtesy of Rainbow Six: Vegas. Arguably the slickest shooter of the seventh generation, Vegas made its mark with its moreish Terrorist Hunt mode, where you proceed with caution to weed out all these no-good nicks by playing a dangerous game of hide and seek around casinos with slot machines lining their decorative floors. You need to keep your wits about you and check every corner, but these terrorists are cerebral and will aim to get you when you least expect it. Not only was Terrorist Hunt a sensational game mode, but Rainbow Six: Vegas is one of the big pioneering multiplayer shooters on Xbox 360 and managed to be a terrific success that Ubisoft hasn't yet topped.

    2.Driver: San Francisco
    Perhaps the most overlooked Ubisoft game of all time, Driver: San Francisco is one of the most insane bat-shit games I've ever played and I love everything about it. You play as John Tanner who slips into a coma and gains the ability to astral project himself into every car in San Francisco at any time he chooses to-yeah even the premise is whacko. As the player, you can use Tanner's newfound body possession ability to not only drive other people's cars, but to use them to fight crime by setting vehicular traps and creating head-on collisions to stop criminals in their tracks. Along with its classic TV show presentation and many enticing activities to participate in, Driver: San Francisco is sublime entertainment and everyone reading this needs to play it.

    1.Rayman Legends
    I don't think there are any games out there that can throw down with Mario 2D platformers and come out on top. Rayman Legends not only comes out on top, it does so whilst Black Betty Bambalam bursts out of the a couple of randomly placed speakers. Rayman Legends is a straight-jacketed insane platformer stuffed with whimsy and excellent rhythmic platforming you won't find anywhere else. Ubisoft's high-water mark is an audacious treat that can't be missed.

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  • Oh man, I can not get over the fact that Legends is one of the greatest platformers of all time and we'll probably never see another one.