Top 5 Disappointing Ubisoft Games

  • You know it's time to get serious when you have a monkey clasped to your neck like a shock collar, so here are five Ubisoft games that have disappointed me the most.

    I'm not saying any of these games are terrible (besides one glaring exception) because Ubisoft usually do deliver games with minty fresh production values, but sometimes the gum get rotten and you just want to spit it out.

    Here are 5 games I'd spit out if they were chewable yet rancid:

    Assassins Creed: Unity

    The first entry in this dishonorable top 5 is part of Ubisoft's most successful franchise.

    Coming off the back of arguably the best game in the series Black Flag, Assassins Creed: Unity was meant to usher us into a delectable French Revolution setting, continuing the series' knack for producing eye-pampering historical details and invitingly immersive settings. What we got was an absolute mess.

    Technical problems became the source of memes and internet jokes, the story and characters were rather weak and if nothing else Unity started convincing fans that the series is starting to jump the shark.

    There are flickers of what Assassins Creed should've always been in Unity such as one section where you plan an assassination amidst a huge crowded area, managing to echo the promise of the first Assassins Creed game, but it was nowhere near enough to forgive it. Some even believe that Assassins Creed: Rogue-a last-gen only Assassins Creed game released day and date alongside Unity- was a superior offering.

    Thankfully this shambles heralded an evolution of the series when Assassins Creed: Origins landed in 2017-but not forgetting 2015's Syndicate which put the series back on track a little bit from Unity's filthy derailment.

    The Crew

    A new console generation often spurs on new creative and direction changes and for Ubisoft they wanted to take advantage of the open-world playing field of massive online-only experiences, using the racing game genre as its paint brush and the United states as its canvas.

    Thus The Crew was born and maybe it should've stayed on the drawing board. Ok, ok The Crew is ok but the potential of The Crew falls woefully short. Let's take the name for example, The Crew makes you think the game will be a high octane cops vs crims affair where a no-good band of boy racers will kick up mud using the treads of their tyres to make those dirty pig cops even dirtier, but no it's just huge open-world game where you are meant to connect with crews of players and race about because it's the in thing now.

    Let's get this straight-FORZA Horizon does massive open-world racing a whole lot better and cleaner. The Crew had all the potential for thrilling racing but Ubi's worrying trend of making everything bigger ruined the possibilities.

    Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

    Remember at the top of the article where I put "besides one glaring exception" in brackets? Yeah Breakpoint is the exception. Wildlands existence makes all the more sense now, because it was trying to warn us what happens when you take a well-to-do and good strategy-centered military third person shooter series and morph into a giant open-world freak-fest-you get an (I'll pull no punches here) inherent pile of shit called Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.

    Surely Ubisoft's magnum opus of crap, Breakpoint was a broken disheveled mess, a tedious and boring game with not a flicker of imagination or a pulse of an interesting idea-just one gigantic slog-makes Wildlands look like Game of the Year material by comparison.

    Ubisoft showed with Breakpoint that it doesn't mind hitting band new lows if its audience is along for the ride, but it looks as though this might be a loan exception where Ubi shit the bed with a huge mainstream release-let's hope it stays that way.

    Watch Dogs: Legion

    You can possibly sympathize with Legion's position, after all it's hard to surpass a fantastic sequel like Watch Dogs 2, so what did Legion do? Well it gave us a sizzling cybernetic London to explore....and that's about it.

    Alright so you are the leader of Deadsec and you can recruit a motley crew to fight alongside you with their diverse and particular skillsets-but unfortunately Legion ended up a boring game to play with no story zest to help it along.

    Besides the many activities you can take part in to hack London to pieces, the dryness of the personalities and the repetition of infiltrating buildings using your drone and your recruits' particular skills loses its appeal very quickly.

    Once again Ubi have resorted to a deluded "more is better" approach and the whole game eventually becomes a chore that you may want to zone out and play something with substance and depth in its place.

    Far Cry 6

    You knew this was coming right? Far Cry 6 is a good game if you choose to ignore every little dumb thing about it and the fact it refuses to rattle the series' foundations in any meaningful way whatsoever.

    I'll admit it's my problem, so much so that Far Cry 6 hasn't left my mind since it came out. If you can imagine a parade of insects constantly gnawing away at a person's conscience then that's how Far Cry 6 inflicts itself upon me.

    Dani is a turd of a protagonist. Yes she feels part of what she is fighting for but she's every bit as gullible and annoying as the rest of the characters.

    The way the game begins lacks emotional heft to pull you in, the whole operation to liberate Yara is eerily familiar to similar to what you fight for in Just Cause 3, the interminable back and forth between English and Spanish insults and terminology grates big time, and the whole game appears to bleed stupidity.

    Thankfully there is some enjoyment that can be sourced like finding a cup of water in a desert. There are times where Far Cry 6 gives the player a good time and in these moments the game can come out of its shell for a bit before receding back inside.

    Without spoiling anything too much, there's a bit where Dani and company choose to celebrate and what unfolds afterwards makes me feel like I finally had a chance to let my hair down for a moment-but before long you're back to busywork and the monotony continues.

    Honestly the best moments in Far Cry 6 for me are when you bombard ships out at sea, and there are enough high octane moments that help me to forgive it for all the nibbling niggles that erode the experience for me.

    In general, Far Cry 6 disappoints because it simply could be so much more, but it chooses to remain safe instead of showing us any balls or moxie. I crave audacity because it's lively and makes games stand out and sure Far Cry 6 acts like it might have a set, but that's before you take a look closer and realize it's been castrated.