5 Most Anticipated Games of 2022

  • Hello Allies,

    With new game releases winding down this year and 2022 on the Horizon. I want to know: What are your 5 most anticipated games of 2022?

    My List:

    1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2
      The sequel to one of my favorite games of all-time. Breath of the Wild was a once in a generation game. It's a tough act to follow but I think Nintendo can pull it off. Although, that could just be the hopeium talking.

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    1. God of War Ragnarök
      I know this is high on a lot of peoples lists. God of War 2018 was an awesome reboot for the God of War series, and Ragnarök has the potential to be even better. More enemy variety and 60fps from the start is what I want most from this sequel.

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    1. Baldur's Gate III
      I've played everything currently available in the early access. It already feels like a complete game in a lot of ways, and that's just the first act. It has me already thinking about a 2nd and even 3rd playthrough. Real GOTY potential.

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    1. Starfield
      We still don't know much about Starfield, so I have it at #4 out of pure optimism. It could rise or fall depending on what they eventually show. Bethesda has made some of my favorite games of all-time, and I still have a special place in my heart for the style of RPG's that mostly only they make.

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    1. Monster Hunter Rise (PC Version)
      There's many games I want to put here like Elden Ring, Horizon Forbidden West and Final Fantasy 16. But I'm going with the sure bet because - the PC version releases soon on January 12th, we already know it's one of the best games of 2021, and I've played a good amount of the PC demo. So unlike all the other possible games I could put here, there's no doubt about what I'm getting with Monster Hunter Rise.

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  • Definitely looking forward to that 3D Kirby game in the spring. In terms of late year, most excited for Starfield. Not putting BotW 2 on my calendar until the release date is confirmed.

  • 1-Elden Ring
    Above all I love how their games are paced and how evocative the worlds are. Only they can do this and I can't have enough.
    2-Zelda BotW2
    Sequel to one of my all time favourites, it's hard to screw this one. They just have to stick to the formula and improve on some general complaints.
    I enjoyed every Fallout and TES I've played, even if it's just OK it will deliver in some aspects like very few games can, bugs and all.
    4-GoW Ragnarok
    2018 is a great game with some shortcomings caused by some lack of faith from Sony. This one I believe it will have their full support and has everything to surpass the "original".
    I just have a good feeling about this one.

  • From least to most anticipated:
    The Invincible
    This is a first person sci-fi game set in a based on a novel from the 60s with the same name. We've only seen very little of this game, but the most recent teasers really grabbed me. I love the retrofuturistic aesthetic especially.

    Kirby and the Forgotten Land
    This looked jolly as heck. I hope that the levels have big areas to expore, I just want to find some secrets in that world.

    God of War: Ragnarok
    I finished GoW with a couple of nitpicks and personal preference clashes that still bugs me to this day, which is the main reason this is not higher. Otherwise, I don't really have anything to fear with this game, I trust that Santa Monica knows what they're doing.

    Gran Turismo 7
    Coming after Sport, the idea of a back-to-roots GT game is very appealing. I can't wait to play an actual classic GT career mode again. Also, the game looks so beautiful, love me some eye candy. I remember seeing hardcore fans voicing concerns about the measurement for the car's powers and stuff, that's like the most concerning thing I know about this game rn and I don't even care about it too much.

    Horizon Forbidden West
    Before the HFW State of Play, I can't say that I'm super hyped about this game, but after seeing the gameplays, blog posts, and letting all of them just sink in my thoughts, I think that this game has massive potential. From what I've seen, it seems that they're already improving some of my biggest complaints with Zero Dawn, like combat against humans and traversal. I'm worried about it being cross gen, but at least in graphical terms it doesn't seem to hurt it too much, because it looks fantastic. I think the story and dialogue is the main thing that I'm worried/fear of rn because the first game was kinda all over the place, but everything else really clicks with me.

    Doing this list is kinda funny for me because I feel like my top 6-10 most anticipated games are more interesting than the top 5, lol.

    1. Kirby and the Forgotten Land
    2. Elden Ring
    3. The King of Fighters XV
    4. Bayonetta 3?
    5. Metroid Prime 4?

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    it could happen. a year a go Metroid Dread didn't even exist and then not only did get announced, but it released this year AND it got nominated for GOTY too.

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  • Funnily enough, this topic is what I've chosen to spend my Community Showcase submission on. But I go not just through 2022, but beyond that as well. And instead of five, I have 16 (not counting games already in Early Access on PC I want to get console ports). So once the Showcase is over, I'll come back with the complete list (Console ports included).

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  • No shortage of great games coming out in 2022, but I still haven't dug in very much in 2021 or even 2020 for that matter.

    I will definitely play these games in 2022 but I would safely say that it's probably all that I'm going to play. Been enjoying just sinking my teeth into one game or one single player game + one multiplayer game.


    1. Gran Turismo 7

    GT is at it's best when you play it at least a few days a week so you stay fresh and competitive. But even playing it casually in the main Career mode between other games makes GT a solid game to play for years. It's both a main game and a secondary focus depending on my mood. And it works on both levels.


    1. Elden Ring

    I think I am anticipating Starfield a bit more because it's been a long time since a new Bethesda RPG whereas From Software has been a lot more active so I know what to expect a lot more. However, Elden Ring is definitely coming out. And the hands-on impressions from every single outlet universally seems to think there is a lot to discover in this open world.

    So, again, I'll probably sink my teeth into this over a few weeks until I beat it. I probably won't chip away over the course of a year like other RPG games because I get quasi-addicted to every From Software game.


    1. Starfield

    They claim this will release in 2022 so I want to believe them. Other people have pointed out to me that Xbox is now the publisher of this game, and their quality control standards might be a lot higher than when Bethesda / ZeniMax would need to put a product out to appease shareholders.

    It's a Bethesda RPG. Fallout 4 was fun, but nothing groundbreaking. FO77 was absolute dogshit. Hell, even Skyrim was a disappointment to me. But with all that said, look at the industry over the past few years and very few 3D open world games come anywhere close to the simulated and hyper-detailed worlds that Bethesda creates. CP77 barely even feels like a lived in world, BotW's bread and butter is discovering your own stories through gameplay, and since the release of Skyrim, Ubisoft has created and oversaturated their own brand of open world syndrome. Maybe Larian Studios is the closest thing we have to the go anywhere and do anything RPG style, but Divinity to TES is apples to oranges.

    Nobody does what Bethesda does on the scale and level of quality that they manage to do it. And for that reason alone, I think Starfield will deliver a rich experience.


    1. Baldur's Gate III

    I want a new computer and a comfy chair for this one. I never beat Divinity Original Sin II but I've played a fuck ton of it. I accidentally get sucked completely into Larian's games through the deep combat mechanics and treacherous exploration.

    I know for certain that every inch in this game is going to feel well earned and rewarding. Honestly, it'll probably be RPG of the year over Starfield and Elden Ring, but knowing I'll have to play it at the same desk that I work at all day will be a major setback for me.


    1. God of War: Ragnarok

    It's a new God of War. I'll always be there for a new GoW. I wasn't in love with GoW 2018, but the foundation was solid and even if it's more of the same, it's still an awesome action adventure game.

    I'm actually thrilled they nixed the trilogy or quadrilogy or whatever it was supposed to be. Just wrap it up in the sequel and focus on the next big overhaul of God of War. Knowing that there will be conclusions in this game makes it even more anticipated.

  • @sentinel-beach Hogwarts Legacy, dude! I'm reading through the series for the first time right now, and I keep thinking how cool it would be to explore the castle, grounds, and Hogsmeade in a video game. There's so much material to play around with.

  • @demonpirate

    Enough time has passed since the Harry Potter movie zeitgeist so I hope the developers take the time to create their own aesthetic and interpretation of the material.

    The Chris Columbus movies are a gold standard in my eyes, but that magical world can be interpreted in so many ways. I remember my friends telling me how they imagined the novels in their heads was completely different than the movies portrayed them. But going through that exercise was fun.

    On that note - the 4th novel was really bad but somehow the movie made it even more bland and boring. I think we can avoid any of that disappointment with Hogwarts Legacy just needing to interpret the lore and setting into their own version and we won't have too many pre-conceived biases because it's an original story.


    But yeah, I'm excited for this game too. Harry Potter is an untapped well in the video game world. One thing that always disappoints me about LotR video games is that they directly take from Peter Jackson rather than doing their own thing. The designs are basically directly ripped from his movies and with those films being 2 decades old at this point, it's just unoriginal and way too safe.

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    Squeeze The Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild between 2 and 3 if that actually releases in 2022.

    Not having a PS5 and not even knowing if I want one anymore is kind of hurting my hype for God of War Ragnarok.