GOTY 2021 Contenders?

  • One of the highest-rated games of 2021:

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  • If you liked Persona 5, don't sleep on Persona 5 Strikers. It's not some cheap spin-off, it's a genuine continuation of the story.

    Also, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is incredible.

  • @ffff0
    Honestly anytime Omega Force does a Warrior's spinoff based on a licensed property they always end up good, Fist of the North Star, Hyrule Warrior's, Fire Emblem, One Piece, Persona 5 Strikers, have all been excellent, I do kinda hope we get something like Dissida Warrior's sometime down the road, would be fun to mow down wave after wave of Tonberries with Ceciel or Tidus.

  • I finished Inscryption.

    Absolutely loved it. It's my first ever deck builder and card game that I've played since maybe Yu Gi Oh in 2003.

    It's funny because the IGN Review for Inscryption says these types of games are becoming too common and stale, yet, this was both my first Rogue-like and first card game and now I want to go back and play more and more and more of them. For me, the story and horror elements helped me get over the hurdle of replaying the same thing a few times over. I feel like bad deck RNG had me spend an hour too long in the first part of the game. But these cards have these animals on them and the way they are drawn and animated have so much personality. The "spooky wilderness" vibe of the game board and DM narrator just sucked me in. I much prefer this rooted in realism pagan imagery fantasy than I do something like high fantasy from Magic The Gathering.

    Sooooo I think I'm onto Psychonauts 2 now. Loop Hero is free on EGS today only so I'll dabble in that one too.

  • @shoulderguy said in GOTY 2021 Contenders?:

    One of the highest-rated games of 2021:

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    Haha on that note check out Opus: echo of starsong it technically has a 91 but not even enough reviews to show up on the list

    And it's not really even a visual novel.(13 sentinals style ?)

    But yeah ratchet and returnal are good picks, deathloop is also great but is more love/hate

    If there is time SMT5 and tales of arise.

    and for smaller games death's door, loop hero, inscription, wildermyth and the above Opus being my number 1 pick.

  • I recently finished Before Your Eyes. It's a simple game but the story is very emotional and heartbreaking. It's one of my top games of the year. Check it out, it's only about an hour long. And watch Isla's full playthrough:

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  • I finally got around to starting Rift Apart. Man, this feels like a cozy blanket, as someone who loves R&C and hasn't played any of them in a while. 2-3 hours in and it already blows the PS4 R&C out of the water, so it's looking good here. I expect this to be somewhere in my top 5 of the year when I finish it.

  • GOTY guide 2021 with Kyle Bosman

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  • @bam541

    Today I started briefly on Rift Apart. I can safely say that PlayStation gamers take this series for granted to a nearly alarming extent.

    • 3D “bullet hell” style gun combat with melee options
    • Amazing control and platforming
    • Seamless cutscene to gameplay integration
    • World class animation in both cinematics and gameplay
    • Top tier cinematography and blocking in cinematics
    • Detailed FX and audio plastering the screen in every moment
    • Amazing unified futuristic art direction

    The list goes on. You feel the budget in Rift Apart and it makes the gameplay and moment to moment experience so great. Honestly, I wish every action platformer had this level of care.

    Insomniac doesn’t get enough credit for their wizardry; we just expect it and move on.

    Rift Apart already feels way better than the 2016 remake does which was pretty disappointing to me. Pretty great return to form.

  • @dipset said in GOTY 2021 Contenders?:

    Insomniac doesn’t get enough credit for their wizardry; we just expect it and move on.

    So true. I feel like people tend to focus on the messy side of AAAs these days and less on appreciating polished titles like Rift Apart. It's not like I didn't spot any glitches and such, but they're so miniscule compared to how good the game is.

  • @bam541

    Yeah I wouldn’t mind a little Column A and a little Column B:

    A - Games should function properly and launch completed. If they go far above and beyond that base level benchmark, then let’s give them just as much praise as we would shit on them if they didn’t.

    B - Games should function properly and launch completed. If they go far below that base level benchmark, then we should take an absolute shit on them.

    I think a part of the problem is that it’s easier to recognize the glaring problems in the AAA space such as glitches, bugs and network issues more so than we can easily recognize and appreciate the mastery of the games that push the limits.

    My girlfriend saw me play Ratchet & Clank today and asked if I was playing a game or watching a movie. You don’t notice it’s a game when the frame rate is perfect, the lighting is cinematic, and the animation is world class. There aren’t blemishes so you just get sucked into the world and don’t notice any problems to shit on, yet, we rarely sing the praises either.