GOTY 2021 Contenders?

  • @dipset said in GOTY 2021 Contenders?:

    Insomniac doesn’t get enough credit for their wizardry; we just expect it and move on.

    So true. I feel like people tend to focus on the messy side of AAAs these days and less on appreciating polished titles like Rift Apart. It's not like I didn't spot any glitches and such, but they're so miniscule compared to how good the game is.

  • @bam541

    Yeah I wouldn’t mind a little Column A and a little Column B:

    A - Games should function properly and launch completed. If they go far above and beyond that base level benchmark, then let’s give them just as much praise as we would shit on them if they didn’t.

    B - Games should function properly and launch completed. If they go far below that base level benchmark, then we should take an absolute shit on them.

    I think a part of the problem is that it’s easier to recognize the glaring problems in the AAA space such as glitches, bugs and network issues more so than we can easily recognize and appreciate the mastery of the games that push the limits.

    My girlfriend saw me play Ratchet & Clank today and asked if I was playing a game or watching a movie. You don’t notice it’s a game when the frame rate is perfect, the lighting is cinematic, and the animation is world class. There aren’t blemishes so you just get sucked into the world and don’t notice any problems to shit on, yet, we rarely sing the praises either.