Nintendo Switch year in review - 2021


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  • 8 games for 66 hours blows away my 3 games for 5 hours last year. Pretty easy to see when I got into Ori, Streets of Rage 4 and Metroid Dread on that calendar.0_1639547748255_116D7A6F-4F75-4EE3-AB9E-A48789437D67.png

  • My most played games (just one game actually, which I didn't like). Not sure why I haven't sold my Switch yet. Probably because in my region hardly anyone wants to buy Nintendo products.

  • My Switch has been under at least 5 layers of dust ever since I got a PS5. I do need to go back to Skyward Sword HD tho, was having a blast up until the fateful PS5 day. It definitely explains July being the busiest month for me. I think I only touched my Switch on October and November because of Sora in Smash and Korg Gadget.




  • The reason my bar chart stats are so high for November is because my brother has obsessively been playing Pokemon: Shining Pearl. I haven't played Switch as much as I probably should have this year but that's perhaps because I am drawn towards games that trigger glorious nostalgia-such is why I put a good handful of hours into New Pokemon Snap.

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  • @mbun Is this all you? Or do you share with family or something?

  • @mbun yeah because last year you were about a week short of a full-time job

  • I should just sell my Switch tbh... I didn't even like Tropical Freeze very much. Platforming is too floaty and I haven't gone back to it.





  • @neocweeny @E_Zed_Eh_Intern All me. Mind that alot of it is time New Horizons is idling, because I like leaving it on in the background to "live" in my town. That Sky time is what's pretty crazy, since it is all active, but that's what happens when you play something 2 1/2 hours a day, sometimes more. Besides that, I just be gaming I guess. Not playing anything like FFXIV helps.

    I never understand when people say they don't have stuff to play on their Switch. There's so much I'm never bored, even outside of New Horizons and Sky. I'm always behind on stuff I want to play these days. I think most people here just are more attached to their Playstation or their PC and have their game time there instead.

    I just bought even more games I'm not sure when I'll have the time to play, because I've got to finish Stories 2 first and started a Paper Mario playthrough on the side as well.

    @DIPSET You should stick with Tropical Freeze, at least more than an hour. You'll probably get used to how it feels, and it is legit one of the best platformers I've played in my life, if not the actual best one.

  • I don't think the Switch has much to offer if you are not into Nintendo games. It has a lot of more third party support than previous Nintendo consoles but the big third party games are still best played of ps5, xbox or pc.

    That said I don't know why people always keep buying Nintendo consoles if they are not into Nintendo games.

  • @neocweeny wtf are you on about? the switch has a heap of 3rd Party games. in fact i see most games get announced for switch and PS4/5 now than i see on xbox these days. atlus games for example such as Persona 5 strikers and Shin Megami Tensei V and not 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim is coming next year too

  • @yoshi I didn't say it doesn't have them. I said they are normally best played on other platforms.

    This is mostly because of the Switch's technical limitations.

    I can only see someone chosing the Switch version if they like the portablity of it. I happen to be one of those people that enjoys play the Switch in handheld mode but I still find this to be a difficult console to recommend to people who are not into Nintendo.

  • @neocweeny said in Nintendo Switch year in review - 2021:

    but I still find this to be a difficult console to recommend to people who are not into Nintendo.

    i don't. switch has a heap of exclusives and a lot of 3rd party titles. in some case's i find myself getting both the xbox version and the switch version just so i can have both a version with good graphics and also a version i can play anywhere. like doom eternal or the crash bandicoot games for example.

    xbox and playstation have 3rd party games and that's pretty much it. the only really appealing exclusives on those systems are Halo Infinite and Persona 5 and Atlus may even end up bringing Persona 5 to switch at some point as well

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  • @neocweeny said:

    I don't think the Switch has much to offer if you are not into Nintendo games.

    Every indie ever that has made the leap to console is on Switch by this point basically. These days, tons of them are fantastic, sometimes even the best rated games of the year, like Chicory that just dropped on Switch today.

    It has a lot of more third party support than previous Nintendo consoles but the big third party games are still best played of ps5, xbox or pc.

    Hardware intensive games are best played elsewhere of course, but there's plenty of third party games that run perfectly fine on Switch and can be taken handheld because of the Switch. A nice chunk of my hours this year was playing Monster Hunter Rise, a game that runs perfectly fine on Switch and isn't available elsewhere until the PC version comes out. An even bigger chunk of my hours this year was Sky: Children of the Light, which was previously only available on mobile, and you still can't play it on console anywhere but Switch. Neither of these are Nintendo games. Feels like a dumb stereotype at this point to insist Switch only has Nintendo games.

    Right now I've been playing through Monster Hunter Stories 2, which is also Switch or PC and not made by Nintendo.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Nah, I actually like Nintendo which is why I buy their consoles but I don't get so much milage out of them but I know this before buying them which is why I don't complain about it.

    Maybe it is a dumb stereotype but I really can't imagine myself buying a Switch if I didn't like Nintendo's first party games.