Anticipation Fatigue

  • I don't like doing "Most Anticipated Games" lists anymore. Sure in 2022 there's a lot of hype sizzling up for the likes of Elden Ring, Breath of the Wild 2, Saints Row, Dying Light 2, Horizon: Forbidden West, Sifu, Pokemon Arceus and various others-but there's plenty we don't know and won't know until the year is well underway.

    We never know what's around the corner. We enter January like a miner entering a pitch-black cave, we're not sure what we're going to discover and unearth until the days, weeks and months pass. What if there's a greater game than Elden Ring or a more significant Switch release than the so called "Breath of the Wild 2"? We can only go off what we already know, that's why we're frothing at the mouth for the gigantic releases of the year ahead.

    Let's not forget E3 and the deluge of huge games that pack the hectic Christmas period. E3 unleashes a plethora of games we'll be playing in the current year and into the next- flame-throwing our anticipation through the next few years ahead as well. Then Christmas comes around and new games flood in and you find yourself drowning in them, especially if you plan on buying them all!

    Suffices to say the beginning of the year in videogames is nothing more than a damp floor but by the end of the year the whole place is flooded and you'll struggle to keep your head above water and gasp for oxygen.

    If every game that was going to come out in 2022 was announced in 2021 then making a most anticipated list would be a cakewalk, but walking on cake makes a hell of a mess for you to clean up and the reality is we will only ever know a small handful of games that will be released before the next year begins.

    I'll be frank though anticipation lists whilst giving you reasons to look forward, are quite dull and lacking. Make a predictions list instead, because at the end of the year you can look back and find out where you were right on the money and where you were way off the mark-it's more of a game than an anticipations list because there's no humor in one of them unless you make it comical and dress it up in a whimsical fashion.

    Instead of a most anticipated games of 2022 list, why not go ahead and make a list of the games in 2022 that will make you cringe? Or maybe if that isn't your bag, make a list of games you will most likely form a wedding engagement with. Far Cry 6 is probably my 2021 marriage, mainly because I keep bringing it up but also it's an abusive relationship to my ears because of all that grating Spanish not to mention all the idiocy. I'd rather marry Jillian from Family Guy.

    Anticipation is great because it makes us excited for the games in the year ahead, but so much happens during that year it can make your initial anticipated list redundant. Everybody makes them up but I suggest you spice them up or make something playful out of them.