Steaming About Stream Team

  • Before I begin I am not angry with Stream Team as the title may suggest, I do however have a quibble about the games selected for the polls these days.

    I find that most of the Stream Team selected games are recent and attention has deviated away from old games, especially ones that the Allies have never played before. There are many games the Allies haven't played, I know this because on a Q&A a year ago I asked them their thoughts on a selection of hidden gem PS2 games and many Allies hadn't played the majority of the games I listed.

    I think Stream Team should be about the Allies playing a game that can be from any console generation and should give them new games to experience. I know there is an emphasis on games they can play together in co-op, yet these co-op games tend to be recent too. Perhaps there's still hangover from the lockdown which is understandable but I think it's time we got the Allies to play older games or there should be a new show entirely dedicated to hidden gems from the past.

    Do you guys feel similarly or are you happy with how everything is with the games the Stream Team play?

  • Honestly, I am a $20 or $25 tier Patron since day 1 and I rarely even use any of my benefits like Q&A, L&R, Stream Team or Community Showcase. I just wanna see EZA thrive. I've never been a massive fans of streaming in general and EZA are the only streamers I can watch a full 3+ hours of whether it's in one go or across a few sessions.

    So I don't really pay any attention to Mike & Mike or Stream Team, etc. I have no clue what's going on. But I see the posts.

    If you have a game, I'll rally behind it and vote for it. So if you want to influence the direction away from newer games, we can try to rally behind an older one you suggest.