AM2R - Amazing Metroid 2 remake released yesterday.

  • Just thought I should give a plug to (and maybe start a discussion on) this amazing fan remake of Metroid II: The Return of Samus which has been built over years by one guy and was released in its final form yesterday. This does for Metroid 2 exactly what 'Zero Mission' did for the original NES Metroid. The game feels exactly like Zero Mission and works beautifully with a gamepad (I'm using an X-BONE one myself but I've also tried it out with a Gamecube pad using a USB adapter). It is very faithful to the original but has a few great surprises included.

    Nintendo haven't bothered to do anything for Metroid's 30th anniversary (don't mention Federation Force) but this is the best birthday present a fan of Samus could want. I've desired a remake of Metroid II ever since I first played Zero: Mission and now it's here!

    I'd love to know what Ben and Blood think of this given their discussion about Metroid 2 in the following video;

    Youtube Video

  • I love love LOVE Metroid 2. I'm gonna play the hell out of this.

  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it looks like Nintendo's trying to shut it down.

    Happy 30th, Metroid!

  • I wonder if there's any trouble posting a playthrough of it on youtube. Nintendo hates youtube.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Smartzke

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    Happy 30th, Metroid!

  • Damn, I missed it. If it's any better than Federation Force (which it most likely is), Nintendo should just buy it and distribute it.

  • I have it downloaded on my computer if anyone still wants a copy.

  • It'll always be available on Torrents. Nintendo acted way too late if they actually wanted it taken down. I'm about half way through now and it's got to be my GOTY thus far (except maybe Blood & Wine if you want to count that as a game on its own).

    Really glad the gang discussed it on Frame Trap this weeks, props to Damiani for playing it. Hope that Ben gives it a go, given how much he hated the original!

  • tfw people are more excited about a fanmade remake of Metroid 2 than your own new "Metroid" game.
    SHUT IT DOWN!!!!!!

  • Got it before it was taken down but haven't had a chance to try it out yet, been super excited cos if tried Metroid 2 a few times and never gotten too far. Spent a lot of time in work the other day doing this in anticipation! :art:

    alt text

  • That's beautiful. I need to do some of my own art. Samus is tricky to draw but the Metroids themselves are simple and beautiful. That said, I'm seriously starting to fear them in this game - haven't played a 2D game this atmospheric since... well, Metroid Fusion!

    I'm now at the final stage in the nest - fought my first Omega Metroid which was awesome. They and the Zeta Metroid are a lot more fun and interesting to fight than Gammas and Alphas which usually involves just spamming missiles at them.

    I'm coming for you Queenie!

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  • Gone already... well... there's always torrents I suppose.

  • Killed and Metroid Queen and finished the game. Absolutely brilliant. The Allies addressed the matter on the podcast this week and perfectly highlighted that Nintendo really, really should team-up with the team who made it.

    Really lucky I grabbed this when I had the chance but I'm sure it will be available on torrents. In fact if I find one then I would happily leave it streaming so others can enjoy the masterpiece.

  • @luckywallace thanks man, have been on a doodling rampage recently and really wanted to give it a go.

  • Loving it so far. Reconfirms how much I miss real Metroid. I really hope we end up with new 2D and 3D metroids starring Samus on NX.

  • @Carmichael - Absolutely. I've enjoyed a lot of 'other' Metroidvanias in the last few years (Shadow Complex, Guacamelee, Shantae etc.) but nothing compares to Samus' adventures.

  • So I played this for about an hour yesterday, and holy hell the controls are tights and spot on, you feel lightning fast moving around.

  • @CosmicBagel Yeah, it really feels like a GBA Metroid game. The production level of this game is so good. Level design, boss battles, hidden passages and everything else is so thoughtfully constructed. So far it's my GOTY.