Gaming Related New Years Resolution

  • It might felt like less than a year has passed, or maybe it has felt like many years, but 2021 is truly coming to an end. Do you guys have any gaming related resolutions for next year? Maybe it's as simple as playing more games in general, or a bit more specific than that.

    Personally I'm looking to cut back on my impulse spending on games. I want to focus my spending on getting the games I'm truly interested in as close to launch as possible to experience the zeitgeist, and in between new releases I will try to spend more time on my backlog. My backlog is so massive rn since I'm able to play PS2 games now, and I have a ton of blind spots on that console.

  • trying to play more games i've never played before. recently bought kingdom hearts the story so far and just started that. going to see why everyones so crazy about it.

  • buy a new controller so I don't spend another year making due with a broken one

  • Would definitely like to be more focused on what games I play, other than trying to just check them off a list. Enjoy them, but I noticed that this year I think. Would also like to finally beat Ocarina of Time and a few other Backlog Goal games!

  • I'd like to quit playing games just for the sake of it. Too often I'll turn on a game to kill time, and then I end up feeling bad afterward because I feel like I, well, wasted time. I love video games and I'll continue to play them, but I want to stop playing them at times when I know I should be doing something else.

  • Start playing the Trails series. Been wanting to for a long time.

  • @capnbobamous

    It’s weird. I want to play MORE games because I feel like I don’t play enough, but I also want to play LESS games for the same reasons you mentioned.

    I think for 2021, I want to waste less time elsewhere (i.e. reading pointless news articles, listening to podcasts) and spend that time being productive such as hitting the gym more often. I think that will actually create more time for me to play video games because I’ll be sleeping earlier, waking up earlier, and getting my shit done faster.

    I also want to play games earlier in the morning on weekends which I’ve been doing recently, then just have the rest of the day for time with wifey, hiking, going to restaurants and stuff like that

  • @neocweeny
    Same, hell I have purchased the first 3 PS4 games, sitting on my HDD right now but just don't have it in me to play them currently.

  • @capnbobamous I have also been thinking of doing something similar. In most of my backlog games I played, I usually don't really feel like finishing most of them but then I feel bad about it and it makes me kinda stressed at times. So I want to normalize playing games up until I'm satisfied with it, and only finishing it if I actually wanted to.

    @DIPSET I second the playing games at morning idea. I have been doing it for the past week and it feels more refreshing and relaxing compared to my usual play sessions. And I was playing pretty intense games like Ace Combat 04 so it's not just because I'm playing something calm.

  • @bam541

    Recently, my friends and I get some hours in early on Halo MCC and it just clears up our day afterwards. We call it Saturday Morning Cartoons.