Your favorite non-2021 games of 2021.

    1. Shenmue
    2. Way of the Samurai
    3. Nier
    4. Asura's Wrath
    5. Siren
    6. Blade Runner
    7. Motorstorm: Apocalypse
    8. Realms of the Haunting
    9. Nier Automata
    10. Myth: The Fallen Lords

  • My top 10:

    1. Psychonauts (2005)
    2. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (2003)
    3. Mass Effect (2007)
    4. Advance Wars (2001)
    5. Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (2005)
    6. Days Gone (2019)
    7. Golf Story (2017)
    8. Hollow Knight (2017)
    9. Immortals Fenyx Rising (2020)
    10. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice (2017)

  • In January 2021 I was catching up on some 2020 releases and I really loved Haven. Relationships in games are usually portrayed as a “sudden passion” and “I’m so awkward in your presence” thing which I can’t relate to. So, it was really refreshing to see two people who deeply care about each other, but can communicate normally when they discuss other matters. Besides that, Haven has a very relaxing music & gameplay. Not a must-play game by any means, but it’s an enjoyable experience from top to bottom.

    The best game I’ve played in 2021 was my 5th playthrough of Cyberpunk 2077. I love this game passionately (you can read here why), and even on 5th run the magic was still there. Also, it was the first time I was playing with a guide to not miss anything and experiencing minor and untracked stories was amazing. Hopefully, the “you should hate this game” discourse will eventually dissipate, and everyone will get a chance to make their own mind about Cyberpunk 2077.

    And my most played game in 2021 was Apex Legends. In February I had two days to kill while waiting for the next release, so I’ve downloaded Apex Legends and Fortnite planning to play each for one evening. I’ve started with Apex, which I’ve played a bit back in 2019, fully expecting to get my ass kicked by veteran players and being frustrated that all my previous knowledge was no longer valid. To my surprise, the game felt very welcoming and incredibly fun to play. So next day I’ve uninstalled Fortnite without launching it, then the game I was waiting for went straight into the back log, and by the end of 2021 I’ve clocked about 700 hours in Apex Legends. I truly think this is a great entry point into competitive multiplayer for anyone who prefer single player experiences and feels intimidated by the idea of playing with others (like I was), so I encourage everyone to give it a try. To learn more you can read my Apex Legends nomination post for this forum’s Hall of Greats and watch my Community Showcase submissions (starting from October) in which I highlight different Apex’s characters.

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  • @ffff0 good to see you enjoyed Haven. I tried it in early 2021 but I stopped because the game is just too rough for me gameplay-and-technical-wise. The writing and vibes are pretty cozy tho, I really like that they're not afraid of being very intimate.

  • @bam541 said in Your favorite non-2021 games of 2021.:

    My top 10:

    1. Ico : It's already in my top 5 games of all time. There's nothing quite like this game. If I'm a gamedev then this would form the main pillar of my inspirations.
    2. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty : This would be another pillar of my inspirations. It's an amazingly bold and meaningful sequel.
    3. Demon's Souls (2020) : It's the first game I played back when I got my PS5. It's the best looking game I've ever played, and I find the stripped back Souls formula here to be very refreshing, as someone who is tired of that particular formula.
    4. Carto : One of the most jolly, heartwarming, and cute games I've ever played.
    5. Gorogoa : One of the most mindblowing puzzle game in recent years.
    6. Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies : A flight combat classic.
    7. Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse : So hard, yet so fun. Might be my favorite Castlevania game.
    8. Metal Gear Solid : I still can't believe the PS1 could run something like this.
    9. Spider-Man: Miles Morales : A solid refresher that reminds me why I loved Spider-Man as a superhero concept so much.
    10. Watch Dogs 2 (replay) : Easily one of the the best games Ubisoft ever made.

    I forgot that Kena was released last year! It would be number 7 on this list, bumping down Castlevania III and the rest.

  • @bam541 It's not. It's a 2021 game.

  • @neocweeny lol I dun goofed

  • Discovered

    I finally played Resident Evil 4 for the first time and I now understand why it’s a classic.

    That game is all-killer-no-filler. You’d think it would get stale just pointing and shooting for 15-20 hours but it manages to mix it up enough to stay tense the whole time. I honestly feel like the shooting mechanics of this game weren’t nearly expanded upon enough in RE5 or RE6.

    Those games just focused on shooting itself but not the little nuances such as: sniping in tight corridors, bosses in a small space, making space to get the shot while platforming.


    NFS Underground 2 is just as fun as it ever was, but I really appreciate the open world design now that I’m older. The GPS system is really useful and the faux Vegas-LA-Tokyo super city has a pretty great flow and especially great art direction. Parts of the map slowly open up as you progress through a lot of missions. There are a ton of race types and the whole game stays fresh as you buy new cars, soupe them up, then take them in class specific races.

    The graphics hold up well and it makes me wish EA budgets went to both good graphics and good games nowadays. I wish I looked back fondly on EA games from the 2010s and I just don’t like I do with ones from the 00s.

    Revisiting this was like a nice trip to better times but it’s also shocking to see how forward thinking the game was in both its design and presentation.

  • @dipset said in Your favorite non-2021 games of 2021.:

    Those games just focused on shooting itself but not the little nuances such as: sniping in tight corridors, bosses in a small space, making space to get the shot while platforming.

    I hope that they rumored remake understands what makes RE4 so good but I highly doubt it.