My Unserious Game Awards

  • A new year often brings about reflections on the year that has passed, so in honour of tradition I will do my very own game awards-so here we go:

    Unhealthy Marriage Award for the game I couldn’t stop nagging about-Far Cry 6
    Grandma’s Choice for Most Adorable game- Chicory: A Colourful Tale
    The Mt Doom Award for the game people won’t stop talking About-Elden Ring
    The Enema Prize for the game I’d most like up my rectum- Taxi Chaos
    Nobody Loves Me Award for a great game people won’t pay attention to- F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch
    Look Grandad is Dancing With Those Teens Award for game that embarrassingly tries to be cooler than it really is-Rider’s Republic
    Reanimated Award for game wearing its DNA like Chickenpox-Resident Evil Village
    I Don't Know What The Fuss is About Award for game that people love that I've barely played Metroid Dread
    Too Hot For My Tastebuds Prize for game that's too hard for timid little me-Returnal
    Butchered Nostalgia Award for game that tried to convince me that my childhood didn't exist GTA Trilogy

    Congratulations to all winners you really earned your accolades in 2021.