Completed Games of 2022

  • @sheria
    Nun Massacre just got released on Switch, so you might get your wish.

  • @dmcmaster said in Completed Games of 2022:

    Nun Massacre just got released on Switch, so you might get your wish.

    Sadly I consider that game to be one of their worst. It's actually the only one available on Android here but its literally unplayable on the phone imo.
    Hopefully we will see more. I'm OK playing them on PC but add them to PS5 with some trophies and I'll happily go at them again.

  • Just bumping this thread up the lists here. Easier to find everytime. And maybe we'll get updates again...

  • @sentinel-beach If you'd like I could do updates for this again. Tbh I didn't think anybody really cared and it gave me an added stress at a time I really didn't need it, but I'm in a better place now so I can pick it up again if you'd like.

  • Sorry folks, I forgot I was going to start this back up again. Here’s your tally for the months of… well, a while:

    Capnbobamous- 13
    Shoulderguy- 65
    bam541- 10
    ffff0- 15
    Phbz- 30
    Sentinel Beach-35
    Scotty- 11
    DIPSET- 6
    brunojoey- 40
    Brandon_Reister- 34
    Nimbat1003- 5
    MiserablePerson- 10
    Hazz3r- 5
    damiendada- 3
    Yoshi- 1
    Sheria- 1
    Exist 2 Inspire- 20
    Tearju Engi- 1
    TokyoSlim- 4

    I don’t wish to bore you all with my life, but suffice to say that for a while I was miraculously busy and not necessarily in the best place emotionally, so I decided to put this thing down because to be frank, it was stressing me out. But, things have slowed down a bit so I feel comfortable managing it again. Sorry to make you wait. Hope you all have been well. I’ll see you next month, for real this time.

  • Will someone want to do this for next year?
    Also, don't claim spots if you're not gonna update your lists.

  • I did 20 this year. 8 more comparing to last but still not good enough.

  • I finished 42 games this year. 16 of them were 2022 games, that's a good amount, I feel.

  • Mine had 4 games from 2022. %20. :/ This year it will be different hopefully.

  • Finished 41 games in 2022. Old and new, big and small. Solid year.

    This year I want to play less and dedicate more time on working on my game.

  • I've finished only 16 new games this year, replayed 2 and finished 2 DLC. I've also put 1142 hours into Apex Legends, which probably explains why my numbers are relatively low.

  • only beat 7 games this year but considering that included the entire xenoblade chronicles trilogy and all up im at about 500-600 hours across thouse 7 thats not too bad

  • Hey everybody, the year is over so here is your final tally:

    Capnbobamous- 17
    Shoulderguy- 86
    bam541- 10
    ffff0- 16
    Phbz- 41
    Axel- 38
    Sentinel Beach- 42
    Scotty- 20
    DIPSET- 11
    brunojoey- 40
    Brandon_Reister- 45
    Nimbat1003- 7
    MiserablePerson- 11
    Hazz3r- 5
    damiendada- 3
    Yoshi- 1
    Sheria- 1
    Exist 2 Inspire- 26
    Tearju Engi- 1
    TokyoSlim- 4

    Hard to believe the year is already over. A lot happened, lots of twists and turns, but at the end of the day it was a pretty good year for games so I guess that’s something. I’m gonna be open and honest with y’all and say that I would love it if somebody else took this list over for this year. I’m simply not on the forum enough anymore. I meant it when I said that I was gonna start this up again, but I go on the forum so infrequently nowadays that it wasn’t really on my radar and I forgot again, and that’s not fair to all of you. If nobody else takes it over I’ll open up another one next week, but yeah if somebody else is willing, by all means do so.

    And that’s all I have for you. I hope the year treated you all well, and if nobody else makes a post then I’ll see you all next week.

  • I can take over for this year.