The EZA Forum Hall of Greats (January 2022)

  • Response to @Capnbobamous about narrative reason for jumping between different timelines.

    The game not just offers a narrative reason for such gameplay – the narrative is the reason why Virtue's Last Reward should be played this way and not any other way. I would even say that taking this story to other medium (a book or a movie) will ruin it, because of how essential the gameplay is as a narrative tool. And it’s not like you need to reach the credits to see it – the main character starts questioning how he can possibly know something that never happened as soon as you start applying knowledge from other timelines. This makes pretty obvious that such structure is not just a gimmick, but yet another narrative puzzle, waiting to be solved.

  • @capnbobamous said in The EZA Forum Hall of Greats (January 2022):

    Question for @Oscillator

    I hold this game close to my heart, but there is a blemish that I think is worth discussing. You've mentioned it already but I feel I have to bring it up: the leveling system is deeply flawed. If you choose an easy skill as one of your main ones, like Acrobatics, you will level up far too fast and the enemies will scale too early, thus making the game insanely difficult. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the game is easier if you choose never to level up at all. Do you agree with my complaints, and if so how negatively does it affect the experience?

    I can't speak to this very in-depth, as I've only ever played Oblivion with a single save file/character, and the build I used felt decently balanced. The class I used was Barbarian, with major skills of Armorer, Athletics, Blade, Block, Blunt, Hand to Hand, and Light Armor.

    As they are central to combat, Armorer and Blade leveled up the quickest, along with Athletics, which is just walking. I utilized the others less, including barely touching Hand to Hand. My main level increased at a comfortable pace until my most used skills maxed out, slowing main levelling to a crawl.

    I had three constantly used major skills, so having just one like in your example wouldn't cause what I would personally consider to be rapid levelling. edit - upon research, it seems Acrobatics is easily manipulated (read: cheesed) to level quickly, so having it as a major skill CAN induce rapid main levelling, IF you want it to - at least in my experience, bending/breaking the game like this has to be done intentionally. Another example is full invisibility, which requires 5 expensive enchantments not available right at the start or dangled right in front of the player.

    If I'd chosen, say, the Crusader class, which also has Armorer/Blade/Athletics major skills along with Heavy Armor, which I used much more than Light Armor, and Restoration, which is very commonly used, I would've levelled much faster for longer.

    However, I suspect I wouldn't have minded, and may have actually preferred that. While enemies scale with your level, so does loot and store stock, meaning you're given the chance to be as equipped as the enemies you're facing. I think I would've personally enjoyed unlocking cooler enemies and equipment faster.

    What critics like least about Oblivion's levelling system is levelling in unison with enemies, meaning without heavy buffs like fortifying spells, potions, and enchantments that are time consuming to gather, you not only never get to an all-powerful state where you can mush even the toughest enemies, but minor enemies also become tougher. This was intentional by the developers to keep the gameplay consistent over time, and I personally thought it was a good mechanic.

    That said, Skyrim's more traditional levelling system, where if you encounter a super tough enemy, you can eventually come back to it later and breeze through it without needing complex buffs, IS more satisfying.

  • @capnbobamous Answering Regarding the Dark Aeons. Also, apologies for the length because I wanted to list every example of how to avoid/get by each Dark Aeon.

    Absolutey. The Dark Aeons are the PRIMARY reason why I nominated the PS2 North American version (as they are in the PS2 International version, which all future ports are based off of), and as such, because they are not present, doesn't require you to go through extra hoops nonexistent in the PS2 version.

    Dark Aeons are, well, the dark version of every Aeon you acquire in the game. They have the same exact design except they are shaded with a black hue and some slight, for lack of a better descriptor, filigree on their bodies. These Aeons are EXPONENTIALLY more powerful, not just than your Aeons, but your entire party in general.

    I'll bring up each as examples that also answers your intrusive question.

    I'll circle back to Dark Valefor, which I've mentioned earlier. Valefor is the first Aeon you get because Yuna automatically starts with it when the party is mostly formed in Besaid. Now, Dark Valefor is the EASIEST of the Dark Aeons, but it's base regular attack does 999,999 damage. And unless you have equipment with the "Break HP Limit" skill, your max HP you can earn is 9,999. Also, unless you have someone with the "First Strike" ability (Like Auron does on his Ultimate Weapon Masamune), EVERY Dark Aeon gets to attack first, potentially wiping you out before you can get a turn. So, this means you have to grind a LOT, not only to get the materials necessary to get the "Break HP Limit" skill for EVERY character (which uses 30 of something called Wings to Discovery EACH, and it's a VERY rare item), but you also need to grind to get stronger so you can actually even HURT them. Or, you can summon Yojimbo (which you need to recruit in the first place in an optional quest to begin with), and pay him a LOT of gil AND he needs to have a full Overdrive so he can use Zanmato, which is the ONLY guarantee to one hit kill EVERY enemy. Yes, that includes EVERY Dark Aeon, and the game's hardest fight available ONLY when every Dark Aeon is defeated: Penance.

    Now, listed below is every Dark Aeon and where they're located. To be clear, technically they are all optional, HOWEVER, if you want to take part in a good deal of the side-quests and regular endgame stuff, you'll need to encounter a couple:

    • Dark Valefor: Besaid Village entrance. Besaid has items to help unlock Overdrives for both Auron and Valefor, Blitzball players to recruit, and a short scene talking to Valefor's Fayth with items in their chamber. Recommended: Yojimbo's Zanmato
    • Dark Ifrit: The pit between Sanubia and Home. Only attacks when you talk to the character that stands out in the desert, and honestly, you can never revisit Home, so there's no reason to go to this exact point UNLESS you're wanting to fight. Recommended: Avoid. You can chase Cactuars and Hunt Monsters without having to interact with the Yevonite.
    • Dark Ixion: Yevon soldier standing next to a tower in the Thunder Plains. Recommended: Avoid by jogging by on the opposite side of the trail. You can dodge lightning, hunt monsters, and find Kimahri's Ultimate Weapon, The Spirit Lance, without having to interact with him.
    • Dark Shiva: Attempting to re-enter Macalania Temple. Recommended: If you want to speak with Shiva's Fayth, obtain the items, and if by chance you didn't find the Temple's secret item in the Cloister of Trials for acquiring Anima, then use Yojimbo's Zanmato. If you already grabbed the item on the first visit and you don't care about the extra scene/items, then Avoid.
    • Dark Bahamut: The area you fight Yunalesca. Recommended: Avoid. The moment you defeat Yunalesca, you can pick up Tidus's Sun Crest. Doing so right then and there nullifies any reason to come back. If you don't pick it up, then good luck trying to fully power Tidus's Ultimate Weapon, Caladblog, because you'll have to fight him for it.
    • Dark Yojimbo: The path in his quest area as you're leaving once you have recruited him. Recommended: Avoid by using the Teleporter. The Cavern of the Stolen Fayth by itself is filled with challenging fights and items, but it's doable, even when you can visit it as early as possible during the main story (though you might not have enough gil at this point to recruit Yojimbo UNLESS you want to grind out battles to raise your funds). Once you recruit Yojimbo (which actually requires you to fight the regular Aeon to begin with), IF you decide to walk back through the cave and NOT use the teleporter right at the end, then Dark Yojimbo is unavoidable, and could wipe you out in one attack, erasing all you've done since your previous save.
    • Dark Anima: Redoing the Trials of Gagazet at the top of Mt. Gagazet. Recommended: Avoid. Unless you want to fight, Dark Anima, Dark Bahamut, and Dark Ifrit are the easiest to avoid/ignore. If you captured all the monsters possible, and found the Saturn Crest hidden between some pillars after fighting Seymour when you first climb Gagazet, then there's no reason to ever revisit the mountain at all.
    • Dark Magus Sisters: Stationed right outside Mushroom Rock Road. Recommend: Avoid by WALKING SLOWLY facing the wall away from them. Firstly, they are represented by not one but three NPCs, and if you jog (which is the game's default speed), they'll IMMEDIATELY accost and chase you. You can try and run the length of MRR, but they're too fast and wipe you out. Since they're RIGHT at the entrance from the Mi'ihen Highroad, hold down the walk button while walking against the cliff to the left to get into MRR so you can find another item for Auron's overdrive, hunt monsters for the Monster Arena, and find any items you may have bypassed during your first visit (Particularly the Al Bhed Primer towards the end to help you translate the Al Bhed language).

    SO: In the PS2 NA version, you can come and go into Besaid and Mushroom Rock Road as you please, traverse the Thunder Plains without being jumped by a Superboss, redo the Gagazet Trials (if you want, but there's no real need to) and revisit Macalania Temple and the combat arena you fought Yunalesca, all without worry, massive amounts of grinding (both in terms of time and amount of battles), and less risk of leaving a sour taste.

    Again, sorry for how long this was.

  • @Capnbobamous

    When I see any video of The Sims, it seems like such a chill time, with all kinds of fun things going on. The only time I've actually played it was a 2003 version titled "The Sims" on the original Xbox. I was really looking forward to it, but the very beginning gave me such a sour experience that I've never felt an urge to try any version again.

    I've loved other lighthearted simulation games such as SimCity 2000 and Rollercoaster Tycoon 3. A key reason is that they're easy to get into and slowly ramp up in difficulty. However, my lone Sims experience was like running into a brick wall at the starting line.

    I was presented with a couple of Sims in a mostly empty house. Either I wasn't given enough of a budget to buy more stuff or more stuff wasn't made available at that point, but the only thing I was able to add to the house was an espresso machine. Maybe the excessive coffee drinking caused this, but only thing my Sims felt interested in doing was going to the bathroom. And they wouldn't do it automatically. I had to keep an extremely close eye on them, because if I waited to click on them for even a moment, they'd pee on the floor and start crying. And if they both had to go at the same time, because there was only one bathroom, only one would get to go and the other would make a puddle. I tried this opening section over and over, never finding a way to improve the results, and thusly had no interest in trying the next stage.

    Was this a fault of playing it with a controller? Or an overall bad port? Or was I missing something obvious that would've greatly improved my experience? Particularly in the original PC version, what SHOULD the early progression look like ideally?

  • Response to @oscillator's question:

    After some brief research the Xbox version of The Sims is certainly not indicative of the original game's quality, and on PC I can't say I've ever encountered a scenario like the one you describe. Definitely seems like a port issue.

    Early-game progression is pretty simple in The Sims. You make your family and put them in one of the game's inexpensive houses/lots, as you don't start with a lot of cash (though you start with enough that you don't have to live off of coffee), and from there it's kinda on you to decide what it is you want to do. If you're interested in making money so that you can upgrade your house and buy better items, you have to get a job, for which there are a multitude of options such as hacker or politician. There are also more unique ways to make money, such as painting and selling art, churning butter, sculpting gnomes and gargoyles, and so-on.

    I would be remiss if I didn't mention the most popular way to make money, that classic word that all Sims fans know: Rosebud. Rosebud is the famous money cheat that you can use by typing it into the game's console, and that's often the way players make money. It's by no means a necessity, and perhaps you would have more fun if you raised funds yourself, but it's a quick and easy way to eliminate money-trouble.

    However, money does not have to be the end-goal, it's really on you to decide what you want to do, how you want to progress. Maybe you're more interested in developing your charisma skill so that you can go on to become a famous celebrity. Perhaps your sim really likes sports and you spend your time pursuing that. Maybe you're a hopeless romantic and want to woo the neighborhood sims. It all rests on you. The game's progression is tied to your desires. It's truly up to you how to proceed.

  • Alright folks, Cross Examination is over and it is now time to DM me your votes! As a reminder, here are the rules you need to follow:

    1. Only those who brought a game can vote.
    2. You must choose your top 3 picks, with your first place game getting three points, second place getting two, and third place getting one.
    3. You may not vote for your own game.

    I encourage you to look back at all of the presentations and questions/responses before you cast your votes. I have updated the aggregation in the original post to help make that easier. I will start to reveal the winners after I have received all of the votes. Also, for the sake of transparency, I have already voted in order to avoid having your picks influence me.

    Thank you all so much for participating, it truly wouldn't have been possible without you. I'll see you when I have your winners. Good luck!

  • Has anybody thought about mentioning the new Hall of Greats nominees and winners in Ben's Community Showcase?

  • @jdincinerator I'm not at the tier so anyone here is free to go ahead.

    I'll have the winners for you in a few hours.

  • I'm not able to this month as my submission is already written and packed. If no one else does, I'll combine this and the GOTY countdown currently ongoing for the next one.

  • Okay folks, I have received all of the votes and will now reveal the winners of our second Hall of Greats. Last time I separated it into multiple posts, but this time I'll just do it in one. Before I start I just want to thank you all very much for participating. I had a good time and I hope you did too, and I feel comfortable speaking for everyone when I say all of the presentations were very well done. I'm also happy to announce we have no banned games this time around, as every game got at least one vote.

    Without further ado, here are the games going from least to most points:


    #7: Final Fantasy X -- 1 point

    Submitted by @Brannox


    #6: Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver -- 3 points

    Submitted by @brunojoey


    #4: Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward -- 4 points

    Submitted by @ffff0


    #4: Bully -- 4 points

    Submitted by @JDINCINERATOR

    Okay, now under normal circumstances I would reveal the first place winner, then the second place winner, just as the Allies do it. However, these are not normal circumstances, and in fact we have a TIE for first place, meaning that the two games that will enter the Hall of Greats have the same number of points. Therefore, our third place game is:


    #3: The Sims -- 8 points

    Submitted by @capnbobamous

    And thus the two games that are tied for first place, and are our third and fourth inductees into the Hall of Greats are:


    #1: Super Mario World -- 11 points

    Submitted by @Shoulderguy


    #1: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion -- 11 points

    Submitted by @Oscillator

    And there you have it folks, The Hall of Greats for January 2022 is officially over! So what did we think, how did it go? I feel like it went just as smoothly as last time, but if you have a differing opinion I'd love to hear it. If you have any ideas about changes you think should be made, let me know. Otherwise that's it! Feel free to discuss your picks and thoughts on our inductees. The next Hall of Greats is scheduled for May, and I'll see you there.

  • I really enjoy the Hall of Greats concept and @Capnbobamous for coming up with the idea and hosting it. The only ding is that we've got to wait a few months for the next one! As for the inductees both of them were very well deserved. I thought Super Mario World would make it in and I thought either Bully or Oblivion would make it as well and Oblivion got the better. I am surprised The Sims got so many points but the video accompanying it was definitely worthy of praise. Anyway here are my personal rankings each nominee minus my own of course:

    #6-Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver
    I think for a first try @brunojoey should be commended for giving a spirited effort and he picked a game that certainly deserves to be considered for the community Hall of Greats. However, I am not keen on giving enhanced versions of games the nod as I feel the original versions were the groundbreaking ones and Heart Gold/Soul Silver seem like refinements to me.

    #5-The Sims
    I really enjoyed the video @Capnbobamous provided and I do think The Sims is a very interesting choice for the Hall of Greats. Yet I am not somebody who sees The Sims as a huge great franchise-probably because many of the entries have been sub-par or expansion packs. The original game is definitely groundbreaking but I'm not sure if it could stand up today and with the advances made in the franchise since I think it risked being outshone.

    #4-Final Fantasy X
    @Brannox did a wonderful job of explaining why Final Fantasy X deserves to sit alongside Final Fantasy VII in the Hall of Greats. I guess the only reason I didn't give the point to Final Fantasy X is because there's already a Final Fantasy game in the HoG and I think it was too early for another one to enter.

    #3-The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    Once again Oscillator gave a fabulous presentation which has since compelled me to download Oblivion via Xbox One backwards compatibility. I must admit I couldn't get into Oblivion and didn't give it the chance but now I want to give it another shot.

    #2-Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward
    Though @ffff0 narrowly missed my vote for Apex Legends, this time his presentation for Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward won me over. I think that a game such as Virtue's Last Reward was going to be overlooked and underappreciated given its niche, but the juicy premise and the game's intricacies seem so compelling that I felt like I had to give the game a couple of points. Sometimes the best nominees are those that you think wouldn't even become a nominee.

    #1-Super Mario World
    I felt my top pick was as effortless as a Super Mario platformer. @Shoulderguy expressed his true love for Super Mario World and soundly wrote up a presentation that coherently captured the rhythm of a 2D Super Mario game. Perhaps it was an easy pick but classics are considered such for a reason and Super Mario World deserved to be a top pick. Also what the heck is a Hall of Greats without a Mario game?

  • Youtube Video

    alt text

    My #1 pick was for Super Mario World. I've never played it, but I've seen (and heard) enough of it to be able to tell that it's the most refined and definitive 2D platformer. It's oozing with polish and childlike charm, and it has some of Koji Kondo's best work.

    My #2 was The Sims. I haven't properly played it, but the concept and aesthetics are super innovative. The structure is a bit limited for my taste, though - I prefer building cities and theme parks to households. ^_^

    And I gave the lone point to FFX. The only other entry I was considering was HeartGold/SoulSilver, but I ended up deciding that the redone art and music lost too much of the charm from the original.

    I have almost no interest in JRPGs, but I have even less interest in Rockstar games and visual novels. If nothing else (for me), FFX does have a ton of content and high production values.

    Solid presentations from everyone. :-)

  • WOOHOO!!! NOT BANNED!! All I was realistically hoping for really. ^.^

    Anyway, I feel this went a little smoother than the first one, and I think that's because it was a little more streamlined during the cross-examination phase. Also, and this may be false perception, it felt like there was more time in between posts, regardless of participant, during cross-examination, and to me it flowed a little better.

    As for my votes, I think cross-examination pulled more weight into how I voted this round as opposed to an equal mix of that and presentation the first iteration did. They are:

    3 points (Top Vote): The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    I really liked making a personal story as a part of the presentation, especially how it highlights the freedom and wonder the game has, though I felt it may have been a detriment for how much of the presentation it was if it wasn't for excellent answers, not just to my questions, but all posed. Nicely done.

    2 points: Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver
    Again, the answers really did enough for me because as I said in one of the questions I posed, the middle portion of the presentation could apply to the originals. Because I have reverence for the source material I really appreciated how the answers best demonstrated in what ways these versions differed to OG Gold & Silver

    1 Point: Super Mario World
    Of my votes, I think the clear cut case of the presentation won me over more so than answers, and I know I JUST said cross-examinations were more impactful for me this round, but that goes to show, for me, presentation alone was neck-and-neck with Oblivion for my favorite, and it doesn't hurt the answers were sound as well.

    And to close, another heartfelt thank you to @Capnbobamous for running our HoG. I'm greatly looking forward to the next one, and I promise, I'm not bringing another Final Fantasy for a WHILE.

  • I’ve been busy this month and couldn’t partake or vote but Oblivion is an all time great and possibly my #1 gaming memories of all time. The game is perfection. Even it’s blemishes are so endearing that it makes the whole experience better.

    The Sims would’ve been my #2 vote. Just a classic and I prefer the original to the sequel tbh.

    Bully would’ve been my #3. It’s an underrated game but it’s also so refined in its game design that it almost goes uncredited for being as unique as it is. There isn’t anything that plays like Bully. Not even GTA.

  • Wow! My top 2 favorite games of all-time got voted in. Now this is a Hall of Greats I can get behind! :)

    My votes:

    1. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - 3 points
      It's my second favorite game of all-time so I didn't need much convincing. And Oscillator made some great points about what makes it so special. Just looking at those pictures makes me want to create another character and start a fresh playthrough.

    2. The Sims - 2 points
      Capnbobamous had my favorite presentation and I also enjoyed The Sims when I played it many years ago. The Sims 2 is still my favorite game of the series but I don't mind giving the first game it's well-deserved respect.

    3. Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver - 1 point
      The original Game Boy Pokémon games are often praised as the best but brunojoey made a great case for HeartGold & SoulSilver. Personally, I love both the newer and older Pokémon games, so I don't have a problem with voting for the remakes.

    4. Bully
      I really enjoyed Bully back in 2006 and it feels like somewhat of a forgotten gem from Rockstar. JDINCINERATOR's presentation convinced me that it's still a great game and I definitely want to replay it again because it's been a long time. It just missed getting one of my votes.

    5. Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward
      I've never played Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward and I don't have much interest in ever playing it. But from ffff0's pentation, it seems like a great experience for anyone who is looking for that type of game.

    6. Final Fantasy X
      From Brannox's presentation and all the snippets of video I've seen from FFX over the years - I think I would have really enjoyed this game. Unfortunately, the performance issues that make me feel motion sick are just too much for me to play through it.

    Thanks to @Capnbobamous for putting this together. I have a few ideas of what to bring next (not another Mario game) and I can't wait to see which games show up at the next Hall of Greats!

  • Surprising results – I was sure Bully will take it. Anyway, here are my votes and my reasoning:

    1. Bully. @JDINCINERATOR did an excellent job of showing not just what is unique about this game, but also why this uniqueness makes it great. Initially I had my doubts, but after watching that trailer, I thought that this seems like fun. And I never consider old games as something you can enjoy today. Congratulations!
    2. The Sims. Absolutely brilliant presentation by @Capnbobamous would easily make this game my #1 vote if it weren’t the game from the series that had so many games and content afterwards. And while several good reasons were provided why first game is better than its follow-ups, I still think that for many people sequels will be a better choice simply because they have more expansions, which is a huge deal for a game about role-playing and expressing yourself.
    3. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I love Oblivion, it’s my favorite game in The Elder Scrolls series. However, I never replayed it since 2000s and I will most likely not enjoy it today. @Oscillator did remind me about several good aspects of this game, however some points were touched only briefly and maybe didn’t sound as strong as they could.
    4. Final Fantasy X. It’s clear that @Brannox lives and breathes this game despite recognizing its flaws, and I respect art that can move someone so much. However, the biggest selling point – combat system – felt like something I can get from numerous tactical strategy games. Yeas, I know that strategy and RPG are very different genres, and yes, game’s story was also praised, but the overall package just felt like a great, but not an outstanding game.
    5. Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver. I have no knowledge of this series and @brunojoey presentation and responses to questions didn’t help me to learn what these games are about. So, I can only place it near the bottom of my list.
    6. Super Mario World. @Shoulderguy didn’t convince me that this game stands out even in its own series, and “just another entry from a franchise” doesn’t belong to Hall of Greats no matter how good or bad the series is.

    As for Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, presenting a game, best aspects of which I didn’t want to spoil, was a tough dance, so I’m very happy with what I’ve got. Especially considering how niched this series and genre is and what titles it was compared to.

  • For my first go around, I am pretty pleased with three votes and not getting banned! Grand presentations and answers all around everyone! Fun to be a part of this for the first time! Will definitely try and think of a game for May!

  • And since everyone else has done it basically and I have forgotten the past four hours, here are my votes!
    3rd Vote (Top): Super Mario World. While I loved Super Mario World last year, I thought @Shoulderguy did a great job at answering questions and doing a great job presenting it how it compared to other Mario games, especially with the controls.
    2nd Vote: The Sims. I loved @Capnbobamous and his presentation! It was awesome! I also appreciated the question about expansions. Did a great job as to why this game alone is great even without expansions. Makes me heavily wanna play it again!
    1st Vote: Bully. @JDINCINERATOR I felt did a great job at explaining how well this game does an open world in a school setting! While helping me understand how it compares to the GTA and Red Dead Redemption games! Made me wanna play it quicker as it is in my backlog!

  • Eight points was way more than I expected to get! I wasn't super confident in my presentation but at some point you just gotta shrug and put it out there. I'm happy to hear it was well-received. My votes:

    1. Oblivion. I've never been happier to lose. Oblivion is perhaps my favorite game ever, love it to death. I thought about bringing it both last time and this time, but I feared I wouldn't be able to do it justice, so I was super happy to see Oscillator bring it. It was a great presentation, and the easiest three points I've ever given.
    2. Virtue's Last Reward. Really respect the pick. I played a bit of 999 and it admittedly didn't really grab me, but ffff0 is very good at explaining a game's quality in a passionate yet succinct way. Just really enjoyed the presentation, and I kind of feel like giving 999 another shot now, a testament to ffff0's writing.
    3. Super Mario World. It's Super Mario World. A very easy pick, perhaps a bit too easy which is why I only gave it one point. It was a great presentation by Shoulderguy, and the game is just a classic. I tend to favor the wildcard picks in my voting, but there are some games that simply deserve to get in, and this is one of them.
    4. Bully. I've played a little bit of Bully and remember enjoying it, but it never really went beyond that simple enjoyment. There's just something about early Rockstar games that rub me the wrong way. JD did a great job explaining what sets it apart from other Rockstar titles, but Bully just isn't a game that screams "Great" to me. Regardless, I do have fond enough memories of it, which is why I debated giving it my one point.
    5. Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver. Pokemon is a series that I have always admired from a distance. I've played a few of them and have had a good time, but never to completion and never to the point that I've felt I really got it. They are fun enough games, but the adoration the series receives is just a little lost on me personally. Regardless, I think bruno did a great job stating his case. I'm sure a Pokemon will get in eventually.
    6. FFX. I don't enjoy turn-based combat and I know this is considered a more controversial Final Fantasy. That's really all it comes down to for me. Last time I voted for FF7, but that game has an undeniable prestige that this game doesn't have, and I think I understand its strengths a little better. I can tell Brannox is really passionate about it, and i thoroughly enjoyed the presentation, but there is already a Final Fantasy in the HoG, and I can't really justify trying to get another, less beloved one in.

  • Okay! I did make a Community Showcase post about the Hall of Greats and thankfully made it just before the deadline. So woo!