The EZA Forum Hall of Greats (January 2022)

  • I’ve been busy this month and couldn’t partake or vote but Oblivion is an all time great and possibly my #1 gaming memories of all time. The game is perfection. Even it’s blemishes are so endearing that it makes the whole experience better.

    The Sims would’ve been my #2 vote. Just a classic and I prefer the original to the sequel tbh.

    Bully would’ve been my #3. It’s an underrated game but it’s also so refined in its game design that it almost goes uncredited for being as unique as it is. There isn’t anything that plays like Bully. Not even GTA.

  • Wow! My top 2 favorite games of all-time got voted in. Now this is a Hall of Greats I can get behind! :)

    My votes:

    1. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - 3 points
      It's my second favorite game of all-time so I didn't need much convincing. And Oscillator made some great points about what makes it so special. Just looking at those pictures makes me want to create another character and start a fresh playthrough.

    2. The Sims - 2 points
      Capnbobamous had my favorite presentation and I also enjoyed The Sims when I played it many years ago. The Sims 2 is still my favorite game of the series but I don't mind giving the first game it's well-deserved respect.

    3. Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver - 1 point
      The original Game Boy Pokémon games are often praised as the best but brunojoey made a great case for HeartGold & SoulSilver. Personally, I love both the newer and older Pokémon games, so I don't have a problem with voting for the remakes.

    4. Bully
      I really enjoyed Bully back in 2006 and it feels like somewhat of a forgotten gem from Rockstar. JDINCINERATOR's presentation convinced me that it's still a great game and I definitely want to replay it again because it's been a long time. It just missed getting one of my votes.

    5. Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward
      I've never played Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward and I don't have much interest in ever playing it. But from ffff0's pentation, it seems like a great experience for anyone who is looking for that type of game.

    6. Final Fantasy X
      From Brannox's presentation and all the snippets of video I've seen from FFX over the years - I think I would have really enjoyed this game. Unfortunately, the performance issues that make me feel motion sick are just too much for me to play through it.

    Thanks to @Capnbobamous for putting this together. I have a few ideas of what to bring next (not another Mario game) and I can't wait to see which games show up at the next Hall of Greats!

  • Surprising results – I was sure Bully will take it. Anyway, here are my votes and my reasoning:

    1. Bully. @JDINCINERATOR did an excellent job of showing not just what is unique about this game, but also why this uniqueness makes it great. Initially I had my doubts, but after watching that trailer, I thought that this seems like fun. And I never consider old games as something you can enjoy today. Congratulations!
    2. The Sims. Absolutely brilliant presentation by @Capnbobamous would easily make this game my #1 vote if it weren’t the game from the series that had so many games and content afterwards. And while several good reasons were provided why first game is better than its follow-ups, I still think that for many people sequels will be a better choice simply because they have more expansions, which is a huge deal for a game about role-playing and expressing yourself.
    3. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I love Oblivion, it’s my favorite game in The Elder Scrolls series. However, I never replayed it since 2000s and I will most likely not enjoy it today. @Oscillator did remind me about several good aspects of this game, however some points were touched only briefly and maybe didn’t sound as strong as they could.
    4. Final Fantasy X. It’s clear that @Brannox lives and breathes this game despite recognizing its flaws, and I respect art that can move someone so much. However, the biggest selling point – combat system – felt like something I can get from numerous tactical strategy games. Yeas, I know that strategy and RPG are very different genres, and yes, game’s story was also praised, but the overall package just felt like a great, but not an outstanding game.
    5. Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver. I have no knowledge of this series and @brunojoey presentation and responses to questions didn’t help me to learn what these games are about. So, I can only place it near the bottom of my list.
    6. Super Mario World. @Shoulderguy didn’t convince me that this game stands out even in its own series, and “just another entry from a franchise” doesn’t belong to Hall of Greats no matter how good or bad the series is.

    As for Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, presenting a game, best aspects of which I didn’t want to spoil, was a tough dance, so I’m very happy with what I’ve got. Especially considering how niched this series and genre is and what titles it was compared to.

  • For my first go around, I am pretty pleased with three votes and not getting banned! Grand presentations and answers all around everyone! Fun to be a part of this for the first time! Will definitely try and think of a game for May!

  • And since everyone else has done it basically and I have forgotten the past four hours, here are my votes!
    3rd Vote (Top): Super Mario World. While I loved Super Mario World last year, I thought @Shoulderguy did a great job at answering questions and doing a great job presenting it how it compared to other Mario games, especially with the controls.
    2nd Vote: The Sims. I loved @Capnbobamous and his presentation! It was awesome! I also appreciated the question about expansions. Did a great job as to why this game alone is great even without expansions. Makes me heavily wanna play it again!
    1st Vote: Bully. @JDINCINERATOR I felt did a great job at explaining how well this game does an open world in a school setting! While helping me understand how it compares to the GTA and Red Dead Redemption games! Made me wanna play it quicker as it is in my backlog!

  • Eight points was way more than I expected to get! I wasn't super confident in my presentation but at some point you just gotta shrug and put it out there. I'm happy to hear it was well-received. My votes:

    1. Oblivion. I've never been happier to lose. Oblivion is perhaps my favorite game ever, love it to death. I thought about bringing it both last time and this time, but I feared I wouldn't be able to do it justice, so I was super happy to see Oscillator bring it. It was a great presentation, and the easiest three points I've ever given.
    2. Virtue's Last Reward. Really respect the pick. I played a bit of 999 and it admittedly didn't really grab me, but ffff0 is very good at explaining a game's quality in a passionate yet succinct way. Just really enjoyed the presentation, and I kind of feel like giving 999 another shot now, a testament to ffff0's writing.
    3. Super Mario World. It's Super Mario World. A very easy pick, perhaps a bit too easy which is why I only gave it one point. It was a great presentation by Shoulderguy, and the game is just a classic. I tend to favor the wildcard picks in my voting, but there are some games that simply deserve to get in, and this is one of them.
    4. Bully. I've played a little bit of Bully and remember enjoying it, but it never really went beyond that simple enjoyment. There's just something about early Rockstar games that rub me the wrong way. JD did a great job explaining what sets it apart from other Rockstar titles, but Bully just isn't a game that screams "Great" to me. Regardless, I do have fond enough memories of it, which is why I debated giving it my one point.
    5. Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver. Pokemon is a series that I have always admired from a distance. I've played a few of them and have had a good time, but never to completion and never to the point that I've felt I really got it. They are fun enough games, but the adoration the series receives is just a little lost on me personally. Regardless, I think bruno did a great job stating his case. I'm sure a Pokemon will get in eventually.
    6. FFX. I don't enjoy turn-based combat and I know this is considered a more controversial Final Fantasy. That's really all it comes down to for me. Last time I voted for FF7, but that game has an undeniable prestige that this game doesn't have, and I think I understand its strengths a little better. I can tell Brannox is really passionate about it, and i thoroughly enjoyed the presentation, but there is already a Final Fantasy in the HoG, and I can't really justify trying to get another, less beloved one in.

  • Okay! I did make a Community Showcase post about the Hall of Greats and thankfully made it just before the deadline. So woo!

  • @brunojoey Do you have the timestamp for your Community Showcase post as it's available on YouTube now?

  • here's bruno's post on the community showcase
    Youtube Video – [1:02:16..]

  • Yeah! Sorry @JDINCINERATOR just got caught up again!

  • Heya folks, just wanted to send out a reminder that I am planning on doing another HoG next month, so if you're interested now is as good a time as any to start thinking about it. Getting the word out a little bit early, but I want to make sure nobody is blindsided by it.

  • @capnbobamous I think I've got my next game locked and loaded.

  • I'm (always) set, so just put out the call when you're ready for us to submit!