Divide And Conker's Bad Fur Day

  • In 2001 a certain Banjo-Kazooie aping platformer came to light on the N64. This game was gratuitously vulgar, filled with obscenities like grotesque imagery and foul language whilst cap doffing to several successful films and film franchises.

    Notable for its spectacularly large and crude boss battles including a boiler with a pair of testicles and a gargantuan pile of excrement with a talent for opera singing, this alternative to classic Banjo Kazooie made its mark-before pissing all over it in a drunken stupor.

    Conker's Bad Fur Day is one of my favorite N64 games because I played it during my childhood and I admired how ballsy it was compared to the other games I was playing at the time.

    Though it wears its inspiration on its frizzly coat, Conker's Bad Fur Day revels in its own particular brand of guffaws. You will engage in such mischief as trying to pollenate a sunflower to open its leaves to reveal a pair of watermelon-sized breasts and goading a cow to drink prune juice, knotting up her digestion until she uncontrollably excretes it in a scene as stomach churning to look at as it is hilarious as all heck.

    No reservations are made, Conker is doesn't hold back from its potty humour and incessant vulgarities, but the game explodes with variety and sets you on a wild ride that you won't forget and you will be compelled to see what batshit new scenarios and boss battles wait for you around the corner.

    I know a few of the Allies don't like Conker's Bad Fur Day for reasons I don't completely understand, but to me it was a laugh riot and a true classic on the N64.

    I can see that it uses the Banjo Kazooie template without a sidekick character to knock about with, but in many ways it's a badass game that does its best to show players something unforgettable every time.

    Sometimes videogames need to let their hair down and wave it around and Conker does this exceptionally well as it keeps farting and hiccupping in front of you.

    You're pulled into the unpredictable time and again with levels taking place in all manner of settings that you won't know what's to come next.

    Many games set you on predictable paths with predictable levels but Conker's Bad Fur Day embraces so many cool and whacky ideas it's truly one of the exemplars of the N64 and should be acknowledged in such a way.