Guess these video game movies Rotten Tomatoes scores 2022

  • Historically video game movies have not faired well with critics or fans, but some recent movies have shown that there is some hope. Here's a list of Rotten Tomatoes scores for previous video game movies:

    There are currently three video game movies with scheduled release dates for 2022 and I'll add any movies to the list that later get announced for this year. How well do you think these movies will score on Rotten Tomatoes? Specifically the critic score but feel free to also predict the audience score.

    Movies and Release Dates:

    Uncharted - February 11, 2022
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - April 8, 2022
    Untitled Mario film - December 21, 2022

    Trailers and announcements:

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    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • People seem to like that first Sonic movie. I'm not even the biggest Sonic fan but the trailer for Sonic 2 looks more interesting than the first movie.

    Uncharted: 54%
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2: 71%
    Untitled Mario film: 34%

  • Uncharted: 62%
    Sonic: 67%
    Mario: 38%

    I'm weirdly optimistic for the Uncharted movie, but it's not gonna be anything above a decent movie. I have not watched Sonic 1 but the trailer for 2 is pretty cool. The Mario film is gonna be a fun mess.

  • I think Mario will be have the highest score.

  • Uncharted - 49%

    I saw the theatrical trailer in the theatre and it actually looked better than anticipated. Antonio Banadas might be a charming x-factor villain. Chloe is pretty easy on the eyes. But it also has that kinda cheapness look about it too. Kinda like how people said Matrix 4 looks like a TV show.

    Sonic - 55%

    I have no strong opinions about this one. People liked the original. I doubt the sequel will up the ante. New script, new day. I think critics will warm up about 10% here.

    Mario - 59%

    Nintendo's endless iteration on the Mario series can't save this one. I like some of the cast, but Chris Pratt is just a WTF for me. I think a 3D Mario movie will have a lot of visual appeal and the aesthetic / art direction already has a lifetime of video games to reference. So I think this movie has more working in it's favour.


    In the end, I think all of these movies will be dogshit or slightly better than dogshit.

  • My thoughts for all 3 right now
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