The 2022 Trinity Trouble

  • Anticipating games you're most excited for coming up in the year ahead is a lovely thing no doubt. We gamers crave to play the biggest new releases and we want them as soon as possible.

    Three of the most anticipated games of this year generally speaking are Elden Ring, the Breath of the Wild Sequel and the possibility of Final Fantasy XVI showing up.

    Now I've got no problems with gamers who love these three huge prospects, I'm really glad you guys are hyped up and I wish I could be the same way as you, instead of whipping this article up giving you my perspective on why this trinity of games is troublesome to me-anyway let's get into the heart of the matter.

    The reason why I think Elden Ring, Breath of the Wild's sequel and Final Fantasy XVI is troublesome to me, is that I feel like 2022 is boiling down to these three games alone. Yes this is my perspective and I'm being a picky Peter, but I'll be brutally honest-none of these games seem like they'll do anything to break away from the established mold-not that they need to.

    This trinity reflects what I think is comfort food gaming, games in franchises people absolutely love and want more of. I know that's like a lot of games out there, but I get the sense gamers are thinking these three will be vying for GOTY and yet if they aren't going to break away from the established should they even be contenders?

    Maybe I'm aiming my rhetoric bile at franchises I can't get behind as well as many can, but the common practice of favoring the familiar leads me conclusions that gamers aren't so much interested in innovation but more of what they loved in the first place-which is exactly what I do as well at times but I do prefer thinking beyond the pale.

    Again this is my problem nobody else's, I don't mean to rain on parades I simply feel like three huge games are defining what's ahead for this year. I do wish you all the pleasure in both anticipating and playing these games and I'd like to enjoy them as much as you guys do, I'm merely speaking out of skepticism and picking something to get antsy about.

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