Whats your opinion on the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

  • I was having an argument with my brother as to whether the Marvel movies can be considered ' real ' films. I said that they are more than just mindless action and can have good character arcs , emotional moments etc. He believe that they are empty films just are just shit out every year to rob us of our money. He thinks that they are just big explosions with no substance. Whats your opinion on the Marvel cinema hd?

  • i used to like watching them all up until avengers endgame but kinda got bored of them after that.

    the only ones i watch now are the spiderman movies and no way home's convinced me to watch the doctor strange film when it comes out too.

    i haven't bothered watching black widow, wandavision or hawkeye though

  • End of the day it is an arbitrary label either way, and that's coming from someone who doesn't watch the majority of them.

  • The Cheez Whiz of Hollywood. Utterly devoid of substance, doesn't even taste that good, but it's a guilty pleasure that people keep buying. Same with Transformers.

    I also personally don't like how seriously people take superheroes. The idea is fun when it's lighthearted schlock, but I stopped watching superhero movies when they started taking themselves seriously (The Dark Knight).

  • @oscillator said in Whats your opinion on the Marvel Cinematic Universe?:

    The idea is fun when it's lighthearted schlock, but I stopped watching superhero movies when they started taking themselves seriously (The Dark Knight).

    there's your problem. you watched a DC film. Marvel movies are are alot more light hearted than that.

  • ^ I haven't watched any superhero movies since Spiderman 3. When I say "lighthearted schlock", I mean like 70's Superman, 90's Batman - REAL camp.

  • Marvel films serve their purpose and befitting escapism to get lost in for a few hours. Children are inspired by superheroes and film lovers enjoy the spectacle and epic high-octane thrills they provide. They're accessible above all else. I do love several superhero films but personally I do think the formulas they adopt run dry. Guardians of the Galaxy seems to be a notable exception because those films are ballsy and at times hilarious and I sometimes get the sense superhero films can be a bit too serious which can contradict their comic-like elements. Another issue I tend to have with superhero films is many of them are safe. Like they're conventional and they're afraid to be different and they don't tend to transcend the genre.

    Much like football (or soccer) superhero films are simple and effective forms of entertainment, but they are rarely given truly inventive ideas to truly stand out and they're loaded with cliches. People generally want entertainment they can relate to rather than entertainment to escape the drudgeries of real life. Then you wonder why there isn't a superhero film where the main character is a toothbrush-not relatable I guess?

  • Greatest movie franchise ever made.

  • They are real films. To me it's ridiculous to say otherwise.

    I just don't like them. I find them boring from all perspectives. Boring action, boring plotlines, bad acting, characters with motivations and complications that are entirely uninteresting to me.

    In the MCU, I've seen: Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Avengers, and The Avengers Civil War. I strongly disliked all of them and outwardly feel like Iron Man 1-2 are two of the worst big budget mainstream movies I've ever seen in my entire life. I still feel like they are made with effort, care, and enough conflict to be considered worthwhile films to the right crowd.

    Like, Civil War vs something like The Hobbit 3 and it's night and day. MCU is much much better, yet, the source material of The Hobbit is much more influential to literature overall. So I would definitely argue that MCU puts their best foot forward compared to other franchises.

  • It's an achievement - just one I have no interesting in following or caring about despite thinking a lot of the Marvel properties are cool. I liked the original Iron-Man when I saw it, unaware it was the first step into the MCU, and never had any real interest going forward even when Nick Fury shows up at the end. The Incredible Hulk didn't really look interesting, and I didn't like Iron-Man 2 whenever I saw it. I had no interest in Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, or Marvel's The Avengers. It was around the leadup to Age of Ultron that I finally watched both Captain America films and Iron-Man 3 and didn't like any of them. After hearing how much praise was given in particular to The Winter Soldier, it seemed pretty apparent I wasn't jiving with what they were doing. I randomly saw Guardians of the Galaxy and enjoyed it, but never saw the sequel and have seen nothing else but a lot of trailers and clips from other films.

    It's hard not to be a little cynical toward it from the outside - the fervor for what's next is crazy, and its just non stop. I'm not sure an entire universe should hinge on post credit teases. It seems harsh to critique them for all feeling the same, but that's how they appear. Its like watching the doughnuts on the conveyer belt getting glazed at Krispy Kreme when you see the marketing. There's basically two character types, and they both just quip slightly differently which is off putting for however many characters there seem to be now. All this to say, for them to pull it off and have as many people entrenched is remarkable - just look at the state of DC's movies in comparison from a point of continuity... or how the same parent company has butchered Star Wars.

    I can't say I won't watch any going forward, but I like Spider-Man and haven't watched any of his three solo movies yet so I don't know what it will take to drag me back in, I've watched the formula and I've had my fill - but I am genuinely curious to see how long it can go on because people seem to eat it up.

  • @miserableperson some of the films by themselves aren't that great. the incredible hulk was actually meant to be the worst one and most people call it complete garbage. so much so that they even changed the actor for the hulk.

    the hulk's appearences are much better in the avengers films.

    i think with most of the marvel films you either enjoy them or you don't. my favourite ones were the tom holland spiderman films, black panther, Thor Ragnarok, and ant man.

    i think the big appeal for most people is seeing all these famous comic book characters not only have their own modern day movies, but see them make all of the films connect through the avengers films and some how manage to make about 20 years worth of films all connect to each other and make sense for the most part. it's also about the nostalgia of all these comic book characters come togethher and interact with each in interesting/fun ways.

    such as Hulk interacting with Thor in Thor Ragnarok, and Iron Man and Doctor Strange interacting with Spiderman in the tom holland spiderman films where iron man and doctor strange are like father figure type mentors for spiderman

  • The landscape of Hollywood right now is without a doubt oversaturated with super hero films. This kinda sucks because any other genre of film has less room to shine.
    That being said, I don't have any issue with the MCU in general. The films are fun, if a little formulaic. What separates them from any other "film" is the fact that the MCU is essentially a big budget television series for movie theatres. For better or worse, if you're in, you're in. It makes FOMO a very real thing for their audience and I think Disney knows that.

  • Marvel is awesome.