• If you like taking photos of cute dogs taking part in leisurely activities and wearing adorable outfits, then maybe you should check this one out. Can't help but think the Allies should give this one a go too because I know they love dogs and snapping photos in games.

  • Seemed like prime streamer bait. Is there any depth to it beyond that? The flat 70 range on MC isn't very convincing. When you have great photo games these days like Umurangi Generation, Toem, and New Pokemon Snap, I kind of don't see the point. There's another I'm forgetting too.

    Edit: I was thinking of Beasts of Maravilla Island which apparently is reviewing very poorly, so maybe not that one actually.

  • @mbun I don't think Pupperazzi is great but the vibes and accessibility are quite welcoming. I don't really like that you have to access menus to use simple commands but otherwise it's ok. I thought you'd say Bugsnax would be a great photography game but that one's quite divisive.