The Gory GOTY Grievances

  • We all love GOTY season we gamers. We love to herald our favorite games from a year of gaming that's flown by and we do our best to champion our favorites and want them to be heard en masse. I for one revel in GOTY season because I like looking back on the year in gaming and I am pretty amped for when Easy Allies present their early on the following year along with their deliberations.

    The issue with the entire concept of a GOTY is that if somebody picks one you don't like people start flinging their shit at each other and all kinds of arguments and disputes are raged into view. He like Resident Evil Village, but she like Metroid Dread, but he likes Returnal, but she likes Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. We all have our personal picks that mean something to us-and that's the thing it's "personal", when gamers make their picks public on social negative backlash will ensue in some form-unless just like Easy Allies and their faithful-there's an element of love and respect.

    This is why I love and value Easy Allies above all other videogame publications/websites out there-they are about the joys of playing games and sharing their passions with us without judgment or any BS that insights anger and contempt. Deep down as a gamer I believe in love and respect and it defines who I think I am as a person, and it really is one of the most beautiful traits on this planet.

    As far as the 2021 Easy Allies community's GOTY lineup is concerned, I feel it is representative of the big guns that came out in 2021. As stated Resident Evil Village, Metroid Dread, Returnal and Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker seems to have a bigger slice of that GOTY pie than the likes of a Psychonauts 2, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart or It Takes Two.

    Maybe it speaks to me as to who I am but I don't necessarily gravitate towards the games that I feel everyone's going to pick as undisputed GOTY.

    I don't get why Village is so fantastic when it doesn't do a whole lot outside of reminding us of previous Resident Evil games save for Lady Dimitrescu because she's a big vampire lady with big boobies and a hat.

    Returnal is slick and I really do get its appeal but honestly I do get the sense people love it because it's a hard game that I suck at.

    Metroid Dread seems like the people's choice this year and among the popular picks it appears like the most worthy to me, because it came out of nowhere when it was announce, it was released and gamers loved it and wanted more of it by the end-and that's a recipe for GOTY if there ever was one.

    Endwalker is perhaps the one I have the biggest issues with regarding being considered a GOTY. It's an expansion for one and Endwalker should be enshrined in its own category.

    But I think the bigger theme as to why I don't want to see it as a GOTY is quite the unwanted nagging one in that I feel Final Fantasy gets way too much love from the Allies and the community as it is. I know and I respect the Allies have their favourite franchises like Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda and Souls games-but sometimes I get the feeling these franchises define the Allies to a point where everything else isn't as special and won't get as much of a look in.

    Then again their 2020 GOTY did got to Half Life: Alyx not Final Fantasy VII Remake-so I'm glad I was wrong there and I don't want or like these feelings I get but I thought I'd share them here anyway.

    I do sense Endwalker could be the Easy Allies GOTY, but I'll say that if it does get those honors then it'll encourage me to buy it so perhaps my misgivings about it can be assuaged were it to win the Allies' GOTY.

    If Endwalker wins the community's GOTY that's alright and cool of course and maybe all I should do is shut up, play Endwalker and see whether it deserves to be championed rather than feeling apprehensive about it.

    To be honest I wouldn't have picked any of the games the Allies selected as GOTY since they came onto the scene in 2016, but I wholly agree that generally Breath of the Wild and God of War deserved them that year even though I personally wouldn't have selected them- I preferred Super Mario Odyssey from 2017 and RDR 2 from 2018.

    As for 2019's EZA GOTY Sekiro, I thought it was pretty cool from what I played but again big tough difficult games mire me in trepidation-my pick was Resident Evil 2 with A Plague Tale: Innocence just behind.

    With their 2020 pick Half Life Alyx, I don't own Oculus or a gaming PC so that would be out of contention and my personal pick is Huntdown-a game that came out of nowhere and swooped me up, Don really knows some awesome games and this one is diamond encrusted. The Last of Us 2 could've pinched it but towards the end it got too carried away with outpost clearing.

    Ultimately I crave Easy Allies GOTYs when they roll around each year and the huge discussions about it and which ever game wins will have deserved it even though I may not pick that game myself. Oh and Far Cry 6 isn't in the run of nominees so I should be pouring skittles onto my face in celebration.

  • I tell you what if Easy Allies give Endwalker the GOTY I'll get Final Fantasy XIV and all the expansions.