Games That You Forgot Came Out

  • There are certain games out there that when you browse them on the storefront you think "oh yeah I totally forgot that came out", which really is a troublesome indication that the game you're looking at was so forgettable. I just saw Twin Mirror (Dontnod's failed narrative adventure title set in West Virginia) on the storefront and it filled me with feelings of meh. What games have you come across where you get a sudden pang of remembrance after you've totally forgotten they existed in the first place?

  • I completely forgot that Twin Mirror came out

  • I remember I was taking a break from my essay writing and surfing internet for new games. It was when Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord popped up. In 2012 Taleworlds announced that the game was in development. I almost forgot how much I used to play Warband. While reading about the updates, I also came across multiple bad reviews. But, my experience was incredible.

  • Returnal.

  • Not the spirit of your question entirely but I recall back when Skyward Sword released, not one single person I know played it or talked about it.

    One day I go to my buddies house and he bought it and I told him I completely forgot the game existed. It looked like absolute crap in both resolution and art direction. He played it but it left my mind again until Brad streamed it a few years ago.

    Again, it was boring to watch and ugly to look at. I honestly keep forgetting about it.