Easy Allies Podcast -SEASON 7 - Score Tracker (Updates every Sunday)

  • This Thread focuses 100% on the Scores and weekly bets from the Easy Allies Podcast, with details and a Score Board


    EPISODE #303 Jan 28th 2022

    Quote of the Week: ---
    BET: Rugby 22 launches on January 27th. How many "Balls" will be on the back of the box?

    Answer: 5 // Winning Bet: Brandon Jones, 5


    EPISODE #304 Feb 4th 2022

    Quote of the Week: As high-res as possible, so we can zoom in on the balls! -Brandon Jones
    BET: Life is Strange Remastered Collection launches February 1st. At the time of recording the next Podcast, how many reviews will it have on Steam?

    Answer: 310 // Winning Bet: Michael Damiani, 200


    EPISODE #305 Feb 11th 2022

    Quote of the Week: THE TOOOOOOOWWWWNNN DUUUUUDEE!!! OH MY GOD! -Michael Huber
    BET: Apex Legends Season 12 launches February 8th. While recording the next Podcast episode, how many people will Watch Apex Legends on Twitch.tv?

    Answer: 99,000 // Winning Bet: Daniel Bloodworth, 162,500


    EPISODE #306 Feb 18th 2022

    Quote of the Week: Michael Keaton is one of my favorite people in the world. I just find him naturally enchanting! -Ben Moore
    BET: Total War: WARHAMMER III launches on February 17th. During the recording of the next Podcast, where will the game rank on Google Trends?

    Answer: 54 // Winning Bet: Michael Huber, 55


    EPISODE #307 Feb 25th 2022

    Quote of the Week: WHAT? We're Marvel too tho! Why aren't we hitting those numbers? -Bradley Ellis
    BET: *Elden Ring' launches Februrary 25th. In the top 10 most recent reviews on OpenCritic.com, how many times will we see any form of the word "punish"?

    Answer: 7 // Winning Bet: Isla Hinck, 12


    EPISODE #308 Mar 4th 2022

    Quote of the Week: Out of the Shadows, Amazon Luna has come! -Daniel Bloodworth
    BET: Gran Turismo 7 launches on March 4th. This time next week, how expensive will the most expensive car in the "used car dealership" be in-game?

    Answer: 398,200 // Winning Bet: Daniel Bloodworth, 379,682


    EPISODE #309 Mar 11th 2022

    Quote of the Week: Cowabunga out of nowhere! -Michael Huber
    BET: Chocobo GP launches March 10th. While playing a Splitscreen "Series" race both players will intentionally lose. Out of the remaining 6 AI Racers, where will "Vivi" place?

    Answer: 4th // Winning Bet: Isla Hinck, 4th


    EPISODE #310 Mar 18th 2022

    Quote of the Week: 'gasp'... my fucking GOTY! -Michael Huber
    BET: Tunic launches March 16th. From the start of a new game, at least how many stair steps do you need to take until you get the Sword?

    Answer: 258 // Winning Bet: Michael Damiani, 333


    EPISODE #311 Mar 25th 2022

    Quote of the Week: I want there to be warnings on game boxes now where it's like "WARNING! You can fall off the edge in this game! -Ben Moore
    BET: Kirby and the Forgotten Land launches March 25th. In the top 10 reviews on OpenCritic.com, how many times will we find the word "Mouthful"?

    Answer: between 39 and 53 // Winning Bet: Daniel Bloodworth, 27


    EPISODE #312 Apr 1st 2022

    Quote of the Week: Has a VideoGame ever helped to sell me on a product? YOU BET YOUR ASS! -Bradley Ellis
    BET: Weird West releases March 31st. We will make Brad boot his save state, and enter a combat area. What will be the value of the 3rd equipable item he finds on an enemy corpse?

    Answer: $100 // Winning Bet: Isla Hinck, $67


    EPISODE #313 Apr 8th 2022

    Quote of the Week: YEAAHHH!!! That is my good one... whatever it is called again... ... YEAH!!! -Bradley Ellis
    BET: Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition releases April 7th. At this point next week, how many viewers will it have on Twitch.tv? (Original version and Re-release numbers will be combined)

    Answer: 3,400 // Winning Bet: Isla Hinck, 4,000


    EPISODE #314 Apr 15th 2022

    Quote of the Week: Oh yeah, Third parties? Yeah, you can put it on there for free... we're not doing that though! -Daniel Bloodworth
    BET: The Back 4 Blood: Tunnels of Terror DLC launches April 12th. We will start a Solo game on the new "No Hope" difficulty on a new Map. Running through the map without using any weapons, how long will we survive?

    Answer: 43sec // Winning Bet: Isla Hinck, 42sec


    EPISODE #315 Apr 22nd 2022

    Quote of the Week: Feels good! Doing the different sounds, getting the wins... I'm a free agent on these bets teams! -Brandon Jones
    BET: Glover is getting re-released on Steam. At this time next week, on Piko Interactive's Twitter page (@Pikointeractive), how many likes will the most recent Glover related tweet have?

    Answer: 12 (LOL) // Winning Bet: Brandon Jones, 101


    EPISODE #316 Apr 29th 2022

    Quote of the Week: People who are watching for a long time, keep watching! Lot of fun stuff coming from Easy Allies. -Brandon Jones
    BET: The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe releases April 27th. What will be the length of the Credits?

    Answer: 48sec // Winning Bet: Michael Damiani, 2min


    EPISODE #317 May 6th 2022

    Quote of the Week: Very cool!!! Hello fellow kids!.... god damnit... -Ben Moore
    BET: Trek to Yomi releases May 5th. From the start of the game, until the jump forward in time, how many individual birds will we see?

    Answer: 87 // Winning Bet: Isla Hinck, 72


    EPISODE #318 May 13th 2022

    Quote of the Week: Vending machine! You can buy things from the vending machine! -Michael Huber
    BET: Salt and Sacrifice releases on May 10th. In the top 10 reviews on OpenCritic.com, how many times will we find the word "loot"?

    Answer: 4 // Winning Bet: Michael Huber, 5


    EPISODE #319 May 19th 2022

    Quote of the Week: That's not Family Friendly! Have you seen what you do to little kids in that game? -Michael Damiani
    BET: Dolmen launches May 20th. How many enemies will the player/players strike in the launch trailer of the game?

    Answer: 0, Zero, Nada, Zilch... Null // Winning Bet: Michael Damiani, 2


    EPISODE #320 May 16th 2022

    Quote of the Week: If Norman Reedus blew up my car or something... I couldn't be mad at him... "ah it's alright Norman" -Bradley Ellis
    BET: Roller Champions will launch on May 25th. On the PSN Store on PS5, how big will the Download Size be?

    Answer: 7.29GB // Winning Bet: Isla Hink, 2.6GB


    EPISODE #321 June 3rd 2022

    Quote of the Week: Dude, the impact! THE FREAKING IMPACT!!! -Michael Huber
    BET: Diablo Immortal comes out June 2nd. This time next week, in the game's Google Play store page, what will be the difference between the number of 5 Star reviews and the number of 1 Star reviews? And which will be more?

    Answer: 144,408 / 5 Stars is higher // Winning Bet: Daniel Bloodworth, 22,221 / 1 Stars is Higher


    EPISODE #322 June 10th 2022

    Quote of the Week: GET REKT! -Michael Huber
    BET: Summer Game Fest starts next week. How many "Shadow Drops" will occur during the main Start-off show?

    Answer: 0 // Winning Bet: Michael Huber, 2


    EPISODE #323 June 17th 2022

    Quote of the Week: And Nintendo just still being a weird old Monkey Paw -Isla Hinck
    BET: On June 13th the May NPD Reports will be published. In the top 20, where will Evil Dead: The Game rank?

    Answer: #4 // Winning Bet: Daniel Bloodworth, #7


    EPISODE #324 June 24th 2022

    Quote of the Week: They can chew a bone and have white poop because of it -Daniel Bloodworth
    BET: Sonic Origins launches June 23rd. On the official Sonic The Hedgehog twitter account, how many retweets will the most recent posted image tweet have?

    Answer: 3419 // Winning Bet: Daniel Bloodworth, 3123


    EPISODE #325 July 1st 2022

    Quote of the Week: -
    BET: Cuphead - The Delicious Last Course releases June 30th. Starting the first Boss battle and letting go of the controller, how long will it take before we die?

    Answer: --- // Winning Bet: ---


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