To Open World or Not To Open World

  • Here are a list of videogame franchises that are linear and pick which ones you'd think would best suit an open-world format-or add your own:
    -The Last of Us
    -Splinter Cell
    -God of War
    -Resident Evil
    -The Evil Within
    -Donkey Kong
    -Ratchet & Clank
    -Tomb Raider
    -Devil May Cry

  • -Uncharted 2/5
    -The Last of Us 2/5
    -Splinter Cell 1/5
    -God of War 2/5
    -Resident Evil 2/5
    -The Evil Within 2/5
    -Donkey Kong 3/5
    -Kirby 3/5
    -Ratchet & Clank 4/5
    -Tomb Raider 2/5
    -Devil May Cry 0/5
    -Bioshock 1/5

    Only one I could really see is Ratchet. I think woud a nice change in format. Maybe an exteded version of what they did in A Crack in Time.

  • Kinda tricky. I think any game can be a good fit.

    Both Uncharted and Tomb Raider could benefit from being open world. More emphasis on exploration less in boring on-rails action.

  • Uncharted and TLOU had small open world sections and it suit them pretty well already, but I can't see them doing it for the whole game without hurting the story elements, so I'm gonna say no for them.

    Personally I would love to see an DMC open world game. I think there's something untapped there. Dante having to ride his motorcycle to get around, meeting colorful side characters throughout the world, doing side gigs to get some cash, and so on. Maybe it would have a No More Heroes sort of vibe.

    An open world R&C would be awesome too. Insomniac are already experienced in that genre, and they also know how to make awesome traversal mechanics. The jet boots in R&C are so fun to use in the bigger levels. Add in a colorful open world (or worlds, since they're planet hopping), fun side objectives and tricky secrets placements, you got yourself a workable foundation for a open world game.