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  • I thought I had played zero games from 2021, but it turns out I have played more than zero! 4 more, in fact! I have 2 other games from the year I will try to play before the deadline so I can make as honest a vote as is possible.

  • Nier Replicant is taking way longer than expected and I am going on vacation this week so I unfortunately won't be able to play R&C, Hitman 3, nor Returnal before the deadline. I guess I'll just have to rank which games I did play.

    Overall, I really don't feel super strongly about anything beyond #1 or #2. My HM's fall under the fine category for me. I know I missed a few heavy hitters but I somehow doubt I'd rank the ones I missed as earth shattering GOTY's or anything like that.

    It isn't eligible but I'd probably put Ready or Not in the Top 3 if I were allowed to. I think I single handedly had some of the most fun playing that in 2021. And the tactical gameplay is fundamentally fun both online and offline. Just a really well made game overall.

    I think I prefer years where there are 1-2 Great games as opposed to many good/fine ones.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I was thinking I only had 4 but actually have 8 games I played from 2021.

    I will send my list this this week.

  • Week 2 update: We had one new voter bringing us to 9 total lists. The 22nd is the last day to vote, so please vote if you can!

  • I've put my list in but quite shocked that I only just managed an eight.
    What used to be a hard decision between 40 odd games a year has now whittled down to this and it's not like I've had a decreased interest in video games either. Looking forward to the list though.

  • @sheria You played everything you wanted to play?

  • @neocweeny said in Vote for the EZA Community GOTY 2021:

    @sheria You played everything you wanted to play?

    There's definitely less than back in the day but no, there's still games from 2021 I would like to pick up like Hitman 3, Returnal, Life is Strange and Scarlet Nexus.
    Oh, Far Cry 6 too but I just bought it about an hour ago ^^

  • Just submitted my votes. I was going to play Unpacking right before this but my laptop broke and I can't play it until it's fixed. There's a good chance of that game making into my top 8 so it's a bummer, but I got a lot of games already anyways.

  • Last update and reminder: I've received 14 lists, and 46 different games have received votes. The votes are close and a number of different games are in the running for the top spot.

    The 22nd is the last day to vote and update your lists!

    Reminder for some people who haven't sent me a list yet: @Capnbobamous @E_Zed_Eh_Intern @Oscillator @Bigdude1 @DemonPirate @brunojoey @Nimbat1003 @Axel

  • I waited until the last minute to squeeze in a couple more games, haven't finished them yet but based on what I played so far I don't think they'd crack my list anyway.

    I have 3 HMs sorted out, but I'm really struggling with ordering my top 5, I loved them all for very different reasons, they're all number 1 in my heart!

    I'll make sure to send the list by the end of the day.

  • I honestly haven’t played enough games that came out this year

  • Banned

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  • I tried to get some time in with Cotton Reboot and Persona 5 Strikers but it wasn't nearly enough. I'm sure they wouldn't have been in my top 2 either way.

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