What is it that people love so much about Marvel films?

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    So I'm not a Marvel person, I have enjoyed a few of the films most notable Infinity war, Doctor Strange, and the first Iron Man. But outside of a few marvel films feel to me as flavourless, and in many times rather terrible. This could be for personal preference, I personally prefer dramas. Some of my all time favorite films are the likes of Blade Runner (both original and 2049), Ex Machina, and Amelie. I also do enjoy action flicks as long as they have a voice, like Starship Troopers with its antiwar message and so on. With this background I applinked would really appreciate if you guys can tell me what it is you enjoy about the MCU

  • There's a lot of people who like good movies and enjoy Marvel too.

    To me that's a mystery. Can't say I watched them all, but what I did I find it OK, often less than that. When Infinity War was out and social media was filled with people saying it was the best movie ever, I watched it really hoping it to be amazing and it was a really underwhelming experience. It has a cool ending but that's it. I swear I'm not a boring dude but seeing adults in super hero costumes, while delivering corny drama lines and bad jokes just doesn't work for me. I don't get it.

    Last one I watched was Thor. Cate Blanchett's performance in that movie is abyssal. I can't blame her, she's probably in a green room hanging from a ceiling while talking to a mop. That's actually the worst part of this super hero thing, seeing great actors failing miserably. But I bet the money is good.

    But no one is forcing me to watch. I just don't care and watch one from time to time. Dr Strange was cool.

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