Believe The Huber Hype

  • Michael Huber is easily one of the most enthusiastic and joyful gamers I've seen anywhere. His passion can level skyscrapers and if injected into a human body it could rival Brock Lesnar in a beast-off. The point of this piece is if you haven't paid attention to his videogame recommendations-get on it.

    Back in 2020 Huber decided to commit an entire episode to this delightful little indie title called Wintermoor Tactics Club. This role playing strategy adventure title is cosy beyond belief, the perfect Christmas game or a game of choice if you just want to snuggle up.

    Set in the hallowed grounds of Wintermoor Academy, you and your squad of friends enter a snowball tournament where the losers must disband their club. Snowball fights are where the strategy RPG elements come in, as you and your opposition take it in turns to attack and you must wipeout the opposition to win each game.

    A bit Persona and a bit Bully-Wintermoor Tactics Club has some truly great ideas and it's a very well-meaning game, in that it's not about malice or trying to be the best although you have to be in order to win the tournament-it's simply a friendly and endearing curio that more gamers should totally check out.

    Another game Huber has championed passionately is F.I.S.T.: Forged in Shadow Torch, a Metroidvania where you play as an anthropomorphic creature who lugs around a giant metal fist he can bash enemies with. The feedback from using that fist is exceptional and it's a mightily satisfying and accessible game to boot. In the most recent Huber Syndrome Huber stated he enjoyed this more than Metroid Dread-that's seriously saying something.

    I wish Huber would recommend more hidden gems because he's got a keen eye for some truly special ones. Same with Don Casanova as he introduced me to the majesty of Huntdown. I promise these games are totally worth your investment and I back Huber 100%. In Huber I trust and you should too!

  • I'm definitely planning to pick up F.I.S.T. the next time I get the metroidvania itch.