EASYALLIES Package Stolen

  • I bought a shirt and a mousepad from the store and had been waiting for everything to show up. My neighbor knocked on my door and held up some shipping bag saying her dog found it in the street. Someone had ripped open my package and had taken the shirt, but left the mousepad. Just put me in a really sour mood today. I will go buy another shirt but it still rubs me the wrong way people can be assholes like that.

  • It weirds me out that someone would even steal a shirt promoting something like that. Hopefully they'll at least wear it, then you just inadvertently bought EZA some bonus advertising. Sorry to hear that though. Hope you get your next one.

    It was PJ I bet.

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    Fucking jank ass mail system, man.
    Ordered a Logitech 710 from Amazon a few months back. Get a note on my door saying I can pick it up at the mail office down the street. Get there only to find that they gave my package to somebody who was not me. They basically said it wasn't their problem.
    Contacted Amazon and they sent me another free of charge, even though it wasn't their problem.

  • @El-Shmiablo
    Really? WTF.

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    @DMCMaster Yeah. Fuck Canada Post right in the ear.
    Also, to keep this EZA related, back when GT had a points system, I actually managed to get enough to buy something. Got Folklore for PS3. Was pretty neat.

  • @El-Shmiablo
    Damn that really sucks.
    Worst ive had was when I tried to import Phantasy Star Nova, and its tracking info stopped somewhere in Wyoming. Waited a few days thinking it was there to change hands or something, but after 5 days I got in contact with the seller. Got a full refund, a replacement copy sent with expedited shipping, and a really long wordy apology from the seller (like 7 pages of text)
    3 days later got my replacement, and then 2 days after that I got a second copy oddly sent from Wyoming.

  • I went through a bad mail phase also about a year ago.. lost a lightsaber in the mail. The guy I got it from sent a new one no questions asked.. really lucky there.

  • It's never happened to me, but I'm always paranoid about someone stealing my packages, or breaking into them to steal stuff. I know it's a pretty common problem sadly.

  • @Hero-of-Lime
    I feel the same way when I order something big

  • Suspects: neighbor and especially his dog.

  • As I used to work at local post office, I myself took pride to deliver all packages as undamaged and safely as possible, and to the right people. And I did get praise for it more than few times. And if package was already damaged, I told the recipient that it was already damaged, check the contents that everything is fine, otherwise contact the customer service for refunds etc. But because I served customers first, and tried my best to serve them, and so worthy, I was fired. Because screw customers actually wanting their mail on time.

  • @Ivanhoe said in EASYALLIES Package Stolen:

    Suspects: neighbor and especially his dog.

    The dog is a Sophie fan

  • Off topic, but anyone else see all the spambot threads? Guess it was only a matter of time till they showed up