Nintendo Direct this week

  • @mbun between 1 and 2 they have been hinting at more a futuristic sequel

  • XC3 has a pretty solid art direction and the fidelity is there, running nicely on the Switch. I'm convinced Game Freak is borderline talentless at this point.

    I probably won't ever play XC3 unless I suddenly get a desire to play JRPGs again (which I've drifted away from), but I'm glad it looks like it stepped back from the cringe weebiness of XC2. I didn't see any anime titty swords (yet).

  • easy allies reaction

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  • @dipset said:

    cringe weebiness of XC2. I didn't see any anime titty swords

    Ah yes, all these anime titty swords.

    0_1644540049735_anime titty swords.png

    Wait... It is almost like there's actually alot of variety with something for everyone, but some people are hung up on breasts existing.

  • @mbun suuuuper weird how defensive you’re getting

  • @e_zed_eh_intern it’s kinda become a meme that the game really doesn’t deserve. Resetera was probably close to banning discussion of the game.

  • 0_1644586787284_diddy kart.jpg

  • @mbun

    That game was difficult for a grown man to take seriously. I’ll leave it at that.

  • Everything will soon be Kirby...

  • I found Xenoblade 2 to be fantastic in just about every area; it's story and character design definitely included. No issues taking it seriously here.

    On topic though I'm over the moon to see Xenoblade 3, Klonoa and Chrono Cross were rather disappointing though. Here's just the right time for new entries in both but all we get again is games we already have, just rehashed.

  • @dipset a "grown man/woman" can play whatever they want, it doesn't matter what everyone else think.

  • @dipset that just tells me that you didn't get very far into the game did you?

  • lmao love Jon Cartwright

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  • @sheria
    I'll take the Klona collection if you won't only ever got to play the 2nd fromrenting it at Blockbuster a single time.

  • @dipset I'll give you that there's a small handful of cringe cutscenes, all of them near the very beginning of the game, like the Nia Wanted Poster one and the infamous Blushy Crushy, but honestly it is still much easier for me to tolerate than literally ANY Tales or Disgaea game, and I never hear those catch the same crap that Xenoblade 2 is always bogged down by. Once you get past the beginning though, I think the story and characters are good. Well except Malos, but he's so bad he's good territory, and they do eventually justify it.

    I'll admit though, that there's a part near the end of the game where they have no clue what to do and resort to nonsense anime bullshit for a short segment for no reason that really could be completely cut from the game and improve it. The part where you fight your allies. It is just kind of there for no reason, but the story gets back on track after it.

    @Sheria At least with Klonoa, 2 is very hard to play these days, because they've never rereleased it, so hopefully it sells well and leads to a new one, but I'm at least glad it exists so way more people can access Klonoa 2.

  • @dmcmaster said in Nintendo Direct this week:

    I'll take the Klona collection if you won't only ever got to play the 2nd fromrenting it at Blockbuster a single time.

    I think a lot of people will enjoy the collection, I simply get the impression that it's becoming increasingly convenient to re-release older titles that a lot of newer gamers may have not played as an alternative to making a brand new one.

    I'm sure this is fine for a number of people, but it's disappointing to people like myself that have exhausted the old games and are left pining for a sequel. It's true that it might help revitalise interest for a sequel but I really don't want to support that as some sort of necessity or common practice just to get a sequel these days.

  • @sheria Yeah I just think companies are too afraid to launch straight into sequels of niche games that didn't even sell all that well when they first came out, without gauging interesting first with a rerelease of the old games, which is lower budget and lower effort so lower risk. Also they've built up that positive sentiment over time, so they're fairly confident people will like the final product too instead of potentially ending up with a Yooka Laylee situation.

  • It's never gonna happen