OlliOlli Rules

  • Let me admit for a second that I forget about OlliOlli. These budget-friendly skateboard shredding games slip my mind despite know that when I remember them I believe they are amazingly cool and moreish.

    The first entry released in 2014, a simplistic side-scrolling skateboarding game with a pixelated aesthetic complementing how basic it is. At the same time, OlliOlli boasted an infectiously gratifying skateboarding experience, combining stick flicks and holds to perform moves and a well-timed X-button push to land successfully or otherwise slip off your board in a gnarly and sickening fashion. At first it can be tricky to get the timing down, but once you’ve managed to land it you will want to go again and again, then you will want to learn newer more complex tricks and your indulgence in OlliOlli will become a burgeoning love affair with the skateboard.

    Part of the appeal of OlliOlli is racking up insane combos, knowing when to Ollie up and grind the rails, when to time the perfect landing and to chase the most rad high scores by mixing up your tricks and accelerating those score multipliers.

    Levels contain urban areas with rails and staircases, junkyards that block your way with metallic trash you’ll have to bounce over, the port contains sailboats floating on sparkling waterfronts, the base contains military vehicles and trains and lastly Neon City finishes the quintet of stages with a pulsing electric hue in a Tokyo-like metropolis.

    The basicness of OlliOlli’s levels lends itself as an introductory taste to what games we’ll see in the future-a whistle-stop tour of the potential that would come.

    Indeed, the original OlliOlli needed to be dressed up so its attractive and seductive qualities could flourish, but the ingredients for something special was echoed through the rhythmic and fluid combo-chasing, grinding, manualling and indeed ollieing.

    Welcome To Olliwood was the personality injection needed to give OlliOlli some zest and character. Arriving in March 2015, Welcome To Olliwood turned the hut of its predecessor into a house-it’s bigger, better and ballsier.

    Manuals and special tricks were added to OlliOlli’s Tricktionary repertoire, levels popped with greater vibrancy, ramping up the excitability factor including carnival and western themed stages that beckon you to burn up those skateboard ball bearings, making you pay attention to your speed and trick timings for the sake of precision and score maximisation.

    In hindsight, Welcome To Olliwood put OlliOlli on the map as a terrifically twitchy side-scrolling skateboarding adventure. Not enough can be said about how nimble and accessibly nuanced this sequel was at defining the pleasure of arcade-style shredding, in a word it simply felt RAD.

    Now fast-forward almost seven years down the line, OlliOlli World has arrived to once again redefining itself by amplifying the fundamentals and giving us the extreme animated planet of Randlandia to tour across, along with a series-first bent towards character customisation and featuring actual characters who complement you on your skating prowess.

    Skate ramps and a properly diverse map full of exciting locations for you to showoff your skateboarding skills are only a couple of examples showcasing the seismic leap on display here.

    OlliOlli World is transformative, showing that OlliOlli is an evolutionary skateboarding series and it’s exciting watching how each entry one-ups its predecessor.

    Some may feel there’s nothing special about a side-scrolling skateboarding videogame, but try saying that with a straight face after you’ve chained together unique combinations of ollies, pop-shuvits, no-complies, reverts and zip through levels so fast that you react before you can think.

    If you haven’t played an OlliOlli game before just grab all three and bare witness to how damn cool and rad these games are. The arcade thrills are so insatiable you really can’t avoid its allure, trust me if you love skateboarding, videogames and don’t mind a side-scroller-you will adore the OlliOlli series.