Nintendo Switch Sports

  • so have any other Easy allies peoples tried out Nintendo Switch Sports yet?

    Youtube Video

    i forgot it was on and then i managed to play it during Session 3 earlier today. it's actually so much fun. the motion controls feel alot more refined than what they were on the Wii and the improved motion controls also help the sports feel much more strategic than they ever did on the Wii, especially in Chambara.

    got to play Tennis, Bowling and Chambara. Chambara was definitely my favourite of the 3 game types.

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  • @mbun i didnĂ˝ share screenshots or videos from the play test. they can't stop people from talking about it completely though.

    what are we gonna do? provide story spoilers for a multiplayer game with no story lmao

  • What complex and intricate lore could Switch Sports have? Beyond Matt ruling over the Sports complex with a iron fist