Elden Ring Ding

  • Is it wrong to define Elden Ring as simply open-world Dark Souls?

  • Not wrong. I’d say it’s more “Open World Souls-like” as opposed to Dark Souls specifically.

    The combat and movement is really a mix of all From Soft Souls games. The tone is very different from Dark Souls. There seems to be a sense of optimism among NPCs and not everyone is out to kill you. It’s definitely more in-line with High Fantasy than Dark Fantasy or Cosmic Horror.

    All in all, it’s a From Soft Souls game in an open world. It just has a very different vibe than Dark Souls does.

  • @dipset Can you elaborate on the different vibe?

  • DkS1 and the series on the whole has an oppressive atmosphere. The tranquility you find at Firelink Shrine might be the only place where enemies and NPCs aren’t hostile or have malicious intent.

    Levels are full of dirt, blood, and are all round old rotten decrepit and derelict. You play as an undead, you fight undead enemies, creatures that are just gross and decrepit.

    In Elden Ring, there is a more traditional approach to fantasy. You aren’t undead, the world still has life in it, many NPCs are friendly and feel friendly too. There are archetypes like knights of the round table kinda thing. The world is glowing and bright but still hostile.

    Not all enemies are monsters or monstrosities. For example, some are animals like the Cave Bears. It’s more like Skyrim high fantasy with that sweet Miyazaki twist. Because that stand out From Software art style is in the game, but it’s more like something you find as you progress as opposed to starting in this dark oppressive world.

  • I agree with Dipset with regards to the setting and general atmosphere, the combat and general control/movement however I find almost indistinguishable from Dark Souls III, not that that's a bad thing mind. Obviously they've added a few new mechanics in there which are unique to Elden Ring, having pretty much cleared the entire first area now though I must say that there's been no new learning curve here for me and I think that would go for anyone who is experienced with Dark Souls.